Belated Birthday Wishes Greetings And Belated Birthday Messages

If you missed the birthday of your loved ones and you just remember it the next day, so don’t waste another time and create or maybe pick some sort of belated happy birthday wishes for them. It can be on the form of funny wordings, religious, inspirational and many more.

Birthday is much considerable and significant to a person because this is a special day for us that remind the starting point of our life in this world. Since this is an important event on everyone’s life, we as a friend, son, daughter, etc. to other, are responsible enough to remember and keep in mind the birthdays of important persons to us. This can be our token of appreciation for the time and love that they spend to us. But in case, there are sometimes that you accidentally forget their birthday and you just remember it the next day, it’s not to late to greet them, you can depend on some belated birthday wishes.

Belated birthday wishes usually contains some apologizing wordings from the start, like it just accidentally forget his/her birthday followed by the usual birthday messages. So if you encounter some case like this and you want to avoid those hurt feelings, try this collection of belated birthday wishes and greetings that you can send to them. It can be through SMS, birthday gift tags, birthday cards and the best and suggested way – personally addressing.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Happy belated birthday messages

In sending or addressing late birthday wishes, you should show your sincerity to your mistake for being forgotten or being late to greet them. In order to prevent upset feelings, you should take the blame and responsibility for this. Choose those birthday wishes that are suitable for them and to the situation. Here are some happy belated birthday wishes that you can use.

Don’t be mad at me because I forgot your birthday,
Because this is my way to treat someone special;
I want to be the last to greet you on your special day,
And I want to prolong your birthday celebration,
Belated happy birthday!

I am very disappointed with myself when I forgot your birthday,
I hope that you will not be mad at me,
Belated Happy Birthday!

I’m very thankful that I have a fantastic friend like you,
But will forgive me when I forgot your birthday.
Belated Happy Birthday!

I think I should immediately see a memory-loss-sort-of-doctor.
But before that, can you go with me first and let’s see a movie?

I want to say sorry,
But I remembered that time when you forget mine.
I did not get mad at you.
Are we quits?
Even though I did not greet you on your birthday,
it doesn’t mean that you’re not special anymore.
The essence of this late greeting is not only to compromise,
but to show you that there is no “late” or “early” in doing things for a special person like you.
Belated Happy birthday!

Tell me the magic potion you’re drinking to look young so that I will always remember that you’re still celebrating your birthday.

I won’t be sorry because you know I already do.
Just say to me how can I make it up to you?

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes belated happy birthday greetings

Wishing a person a Happy Birthday on his/her special day sends heartwarming feeling to the celebrant. But what if you forgot his/her special day? Don’t be depressed as you can always greet them – though it would be a belated birthday. Here, we listed out some funny belated birthday wishes and birthday messages that you can use to greet your friends. We also include some happy belated birthday greetings.

You are special. Really.
And being late makes it more special!
Do I even make sense?

I’ll just treat you all day long:
Shopping, tour, salon, spa, food!
What else? Let’s go! I’m serious.
Belated Happy Birthday!
I honestly forget your birthday.
But I honestly will make it up to you.
Can you forgive me?

It wasn’t only your birthday.
I also forgot to brush my teeth, eat on time, and sleep properly.
It was a harsh corporate world.

You remembered I forgot your birthday?
It’s just that, I just want you to think of me even once.
Now if you’ll get mad, I would really be glad,
Because I have proven that I still cross your mind even for a second.
You still care. Thank you.
Mom, I was actually baking something here, can you taste?
(Show her a beautifully-baked cake with “Belated Happy Birthday Mom. I’m sorry.” wordings)
Belated Happy Birthday Mom!

It’s never a sin to forget a birthday.
But it will be one if I did not even greet you when in fact I have remembered it even it’s already too late.

Funny belated birthday wishes

Cliche it may sound, but it’s still “better to be LATE than NEVER”. Blame it on your hectic everyday schedule, partying session you had last night or just the early unlucky aging memory structure you have right now, but a creative mind would always find its way to connect the gaps made from a simple reason of forgetting your loved one’s special event. Just play with words, make it quite witty with a touch of little bit defensive, romantic tone, and you will come up with some funny and unique “BELATED Happy Birthday” messages just like the lists below:

I would like to apologize for forgetting a special birthday of my special friend.
But I would like to apologize more on a special sickness of your most special friend: AGING!

I know.
Do not dare to tell me I’m late,
Because I’m just too early for your birthday next year.
ADVANCE Happy Birthday!

Can you imagine?
I was actually looking from a 2010 calendar!
I’m sooo sorry, and belated Happy Birthday!

I am willing to be your slave for a day or two, just do not curse me for forgetting your birthday my dear.
You are not an exception.
I have been forgetting a hundred birthdays now.

I understand if you would forget mine.
I’m really sorry. But Still, Happy Birthday!

I was actually preparing a very well organized date for you and your long time crush!
Are you still getting to be mad at me now?

Did I forget?
No, I was just sleeping all day yesterday,
and I woke up just a minute after 12 midnight;
exactly one day ago after your birthday.
I did not even bother to greet you that time.
You’re not even awake, right. Uhm, is this counted?
Happy birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend

If you forgot someone’s birthday for example your friend, don’t hesitate to greet them even if it is one or two days after the exact birth. You can use those normal birthday wishes and the same time add some apologizing words to avoid hurt feelings to them. Below are some belted birthday wishes for friends, you can customize it by your own to make it more special and sincere.

I am very sorry for forgetting your birthday,
So from now on, during your birthday, I promise that I will greet you on time.
Belated happy birthday
I think you should thank me for forgetting your birthday, know why?
Because on that way your birthday celebration have been extended.
Belated happy birthday!

Better late than never, they say.
So, I would like to greet you even this is delayed.
Belated happy birthday!

Belated birthday greeting card messages Belated Birthday Card Messages

Here are some belated birthday wishes that are suitable for late birthday greetings to your cousins. Choose the best for them based on their humor, likes, attitude and others. Saying personally is the best way to address belated birthday wishes to make it more sincere and appreciable.

Your birthday yesterday is the best time for me and you to say that I care,
So I’m very sorry if I accidentally forgot that day.
Still, I want to wish all than best for you.
Belated happy birthday Cousin!
May your birthday be the happiest birthday for you,
I regret that I wouldn’t greet you on that day.
So now its time for me to greet you, have prosperous life.
Belated happy birthday cousin!

Oh I’m sorry for not greeting you yesterday cousin,
But always remember you are one of our family’s treasures.
You don’t know how proud we are of you.
I wish you keep it up and that you remain the bright and cheery person that you are.
Belated happy birthday!


It’s never too late to greet a loved one a Happy Birthday. That’s why we listed out some inspiring and humorous belated birthday greetings and wishes for you to use. Let them know that even it’s late, you still remember his/her special day. Feel free to use these happy belated birthday messages and belated birthday wishes. Good Luck!