Merry Christmas Messages, Greetings and Christmas Wishes


Christmas Messages


Christmas Messages

Looking for Christmas Card Messages and Christmas Greetings. Christmas is the biggest festival for mankind. Every year December billions of people celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ as Christmas. Jesus Christ is the most influential person ever lived in this world. His life has changed the way of life in this world and they way people think about life. Nations conducted war on his teachings and millions of people sacrificed their life to protect his principles. As normal Christmas has become the biggest festival of this world with millions people celebrating it with Christmas carols, Christmas party and Exchanging Christmas messages each other.With the right merry Christmas wishes, you will be able to express your heartwarming holiday greetings for family and loved ones. It’s never too early to think about Christmas! Even though there are still a couple of weeks to go before Christmas, you can start finding the right and perfect messages for your loved ones, whether it will be used for Christmas gift notes or as Christmas card messages.

Merry Christmas Wishes 2016

Christmas is the gift of God
Glory has taken flush on Christmas day
to save us from our sins
Let us celebrate Christmas with pray and praise

Merry Christmas to you
Christmas is the message to us from God
that he is always love us and ready to forgive
Merry Christmas to you

Christmas is the blessing for us
Let us celebrate our blessing with prayer,
dance, dinner and party,
Merry Christmas to you

On these great season of Xmas
May the glow of prosperity, joy, happiness and success !!
illuminate your life like a Xmas Tree
Wishing you a Merry Xmas and Prosperous New Year




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My best wishes for a Christmas
That is filled with fun, Joy and proseprity
Merry Christmas!!!


Man will live for ever
Because of Christmas
Let us celebrate the day
With party and dance
Merry Xmas

Let us rejoice and enjoy
As the lord has born to save us
from our sins
Merry Christmas to you

May your life be colorful
magnificent,shimmering and Joyful,
As the magic of Christmas spreads on you
Merry Christmas sweet heart

Nations may rise and fall,
Kings may rule and fade,
But Christmas will stay for ever
Because it is the birthday of son of God
Merry Christmas and seasons greetings.

Christmas messages for cards, Christmas greetings messages

Essence of Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ,  considered as the son of God by christians. So it is the celebration of the birthday of the son of God, Jesus Christ. Want to say Merry Christmas to your loved ones and stumbled for words?? Here is some

Celebrate the Christmas with family and friends,
sing and dance with them and rejoice
because that is the magic Christmas
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Magic of Christmas remind us,
The God will never leave us in despere,
He is always mercy, kind and will sacrifice
To save us from our sins
So let us pray and sing for god
Wishing you a religious Christmas

May the spirit of Christmas
And the echo of the carols
And the lights of Christmas Tree
Bring happiness and Joy
into your life and home
Wishing you a spirited Christmas

It is the season of party and fun
It is the season of prayer and celebration
It is the season of happiness and peace
Merry Xmas and Prosperous New Year


Christmas Wishes Messages, Christmas Wishes For Friends

If you are looking for some Christmas messages as wishes, please go through the below where I have written 10 selected wishes

Christmas is like a thunderstorm
That comes every year to remind us
The love of God and his willingness
to save us from our sins
Merry Christmas to you

Joy and peace fills in the hearts of those
who believes in the miracle of Christmas
Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with
Happiness, fun and Joy

May the sweet magic of Christmas
Not only fills in your heart and soul
But also spreads to your dears and nears
Wishing you a Christmas filled with fun and joy
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christian Christmas Card Wording Ideas

When I write this greeting card
I am dreaming a white Christmas
Which fills in your heart and soul
with love and happiness.
Merry Christmas and seasons greetings

I am wishing you that the magic of Christmas
Guide you through you way out of 
Every challenges, you face in your life
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

May the sweet magic of Christmas
Fills your heart with love and affection
That spreads to those whom you love
Happy Christmas and New year
It is the festival of Christmas today
It is again the Day of X mas
Time to dress up and enjoy
Let us welcome the Santa
Happy Christmas and New Year


Christmas messages for family, cute Christmas messages

May the magic of Christmas
Bring wealth and prosperity to your home
like a Christmas that brings merry and fun to the season
Merry Christmas and Happy New year

It is the occasion to pray to the God
It is the occasion to thank the God
Let us celebrate the Christmas
the birthday of our savior with prayer
To bless us all and to get rid of sorrows
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

On this great occasion of Christmas and New Year
I am having great pleasure to wish you
A Merry Christmas filled with fun
and a Happy Prosperous New Year

Christmas Greeting Messages, Christmas Greetings Phrases

Here are a few good examples of christmas greetings and wishes that you can be used as merry Christmas Messages as Christmas card greetings messages.

merry-christmas-wishesFor this Christmas, I give you all the love in my heart
And wish you all the happiness in the world.
It’s Season’s Greetings time.
Love, peace, happiness…
Wealth would be nice as well.

Magic of Christmas spread in the hearts
Of those who believes in the miracle of God,
And it spreads to dear and nears of them
Wishing a Merry Christmas filled
with fun and Celebration

May the magic of Christmas is with you on Christmas,
To Make your Christmas filled with fun and Dance,
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas is the love of God
Christmas is the Promise of God
Let us Celebrate the Christmas
For the love and promise of the god
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Kings will rise and Fall,
Nations will rule and fade,
The Christmas will stay for ever
Because it the Promise of the God
Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas

On this wonderful Season of Christmas
I wish you happiness, Joy and Fun
That is what my Christmas Wish to you
Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Again the Christmas is coming,
To proclaim the love of God
To give the Promise hope,
That God will be with us always
Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Let us have fun and party
To welcome a wonderful Christmas
Let us Visit our dears nears
To celebrate and warm relationship
Let us offer gifts and presents,
To feel the pleasure of giving,
Wish you a Merry Christmas

May you receive all the love and happiness
You deserve this Christmas.
Merry Christmas!


Christmas Wishes Quotes and Christmas Wishes for Family

It is really joys occasion and I am sure that Beautiful quotes will double up the joy. Feel free to send and share these Christmas messages for cards to your family and friend’s social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Christmas Messages For Son

You know you love your son so much but you cannot express verbally how you feel for them this Christmas season. You may start studying the following Christmas messages and Christmas wordings that can help bring out that voice within you.

You are God’s gift to me.
I am so thankful that I was chosen to take care of you.
I love you my child!
Merry Christmas!

This season,
I want to let you know that
We are the happiest parents in the world.
We are given beautiful and healthy kids.
May you stay as sweet as you are!
Merry Christmas!

Christmas brings new hope for all of us.
I hope and pray that you will be able to fulfill your dreams.
May God bless you always!

Whenever I am with you, I feel proud.
I never imagined that I was able to bring up a son
As good and handsome as you!
Merry Christmas!


Christmas Messages for Kids Christmas Wishes For Kids

Having good kid like you makes parenthood easier for us.
Thank you for being good and happy people.
We wish that all of you may continue to be a blessing to us.
Merry Christmas!

You’ve grown up to be such a beautiful lady.
Your kind heart radiates through your eyes.
Merry Christmas!

Christmas is really a time for families to unite.
It is a time to share all the laughter and cheers.
Without you, this family will not be called a family.
You complete our lives.
Merry Christmas!

The greatest challenge for us is to know
If we have been good parents to you.
We hope so. Merry Christmas to you!

Christmas Wishes for Mother

Mom my sweet cute mom
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Glory has become flesh to save us
Let us praise the lord
Merry Christmas and Happy New year

God has sacrificed his son to save us
And you have sacrificed for us
Merry Christmas to my sweet mom

Christmas Wishes for Grandparents

Now, if you don’t have any idea on what to write in a Christmas card for your grandparent, I’m here to help you. I’ve listed some of the best christmas messages for grant parents that you can write down to your card or gift notes.Our grandparents deserve our love and attention. So why not get out of your shell, and greet them this Christmas with these little Christmas messages that will surely touch their heart. You can also use these Christmas greetings to your Christmas cards and Christmas cards.

You have been the best grandparents to me.
You are there whenever Mom scolds me.
Merry Christmas!
For being my defender and source of my additional allowance, I wish that God will bless you with good health and longer life to share with all of your grandchildren. Merry Christmas!

Thank you for excellently bringing up Mom.
She has been bringing us up excellently too!
Merry Christmas!

I know how Dad became the best Dad.
It is because you taught him how be like one.
Merry Christmas!

Your gray hairs are sign of how long you lived in this world.
They are also sign of how much you learned in this life.
May God continue to bless good people like you! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages and Wishes for Sweetheart

I have a wish for Christmas:
I want you!
Merry Christmas, darling!

Ever since I met you you are my Christmas,
You are my hope and Inspiration,
Merry Christmas Sweetheart

You are my blessings and hope,
You are my love and inspiration
You are my dream and life
Merry Christmas Sweet

With Gods generosity and divine grace,
I feel really lucky
That he have someone so sweet
and adorable like you in my life.
Merry Christmas


Christmas Business Messages, Christmas Card Greetings

Give a Christmas greeting to your boss and your team this Christmas. They are your family and friends, too! Here are some Christmas messages, Christmas SMS messages, Christmas wishes and Christmas wordings you can use to make them feel special too! These business Christmas messages are perfect for corporate Christmas cards to be given to your co-workers and boss.

For being the best team that this company has,
I would like to greet all of you a Merry Christmas!

You have been a big part for the success of our company.
May you continue to be a blessing. Merry Christmas!

Boss, for the inspiration given,
and for all the understandings you have shown,
thank you very much!
May God reward you more.
Merry Christmas!

Our company has grown because of all of our efforts.
May we continue to strive more and earn more.
Merry Christmas!

This day marks the success of our company.
Today we will share with you the blessings
we received because of the efforts you have given.

May we work harder so that we can bring home more pennies for our family to enjoy.
Merry Christmas!



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