Baby Congratulations Messages

Baby-Congratulations-MessagesThe world of happy family never gets complete without the arrival of a new baby. Congratulations messages for new born baby section contain messages of baby congratulations messages for wishing a family for the arrival of a new member in their family. New born baby is not only a pleasure for the family but also the people connected with them. Below find the congratulations messages for new born baby

 Congratulations messages for new born baby

A big waving of hands from us for the tiny little baby entered into your family. Congratulations!

The nicest thing in one’s life is to welcome a new face into their family.
That has happened in your today congrats for the new mom and dad!

The greatest moment in a parent’s life is when they bring a new life into this world.
We welcome the baby into this Universe! Congrats!

Holding money in your hands is not going to fetch you happiness,
holding your boy’s hand in your arms the most embarrassing moment in your life!
Enjoy the moment to its fullest possible!
Congratulations for becoming a father!

Seeing the cute smile on the kid’s face,
feeling his/her feather likes toes and feet,
is incomparable to any joy in this whole world.

The real proud lies when you lift your little kid
onto your arms and kiss its cheeks,
the proud of becoming a father to a child.

It’s baby girl! Cherish the moment for becoming mom and dad for such a beautiful girl!
Feel proud to have her into your life!

You both have given a new life to this little prince!
Congrats dad and mom! Celebrate this moment!

A new ray of sun has fallen on your life, the ray of a cute little princess; yes it is your new baby girl! Let the ray of sun be there forever. Long live the kid! Congratulations!

Your world has become so full today; it’s all because of the arrival of your little kid. Congratulations cute little baby!

Congratulations to everyone in the family! The role of mom and dad is the wonderful thing in the world. So congratulations mom and dad!

Becoming a mom and dad for a sweet kid is a pleasure moment and seeing the kid growing is the most precious moment! Enjoy the pleasure and precious moments! Congrats!

We are all so happy for you and would like to share the joy of becoming a mom to your little angel! Congratulations mom!

May this joy of receiving the new baby remain in your family forever and let it grow along with the kid’s growth. Congratulations!

Have a wonderful time and we all welcome the new baby’s arrival. We wish you all happiness to overflow in your family because of this arrival! Congrats!