Good Night SMS

Before the night ends, make these people feel more special by sending them the sweetest goodnight SMS messages. Below, we listed out some goodnight text messages and goodnight love sms that you can send to your special someone. What are you waiting for? Feel free to send these sms goodnight messages.

Sweet Goodnight SMS

Believe that tomorrow will be great.
Good night.

Even though we’re not together,
I hope the cold wind will remind you of my soothing hugs and kisses for you.
Missing you so bad.

Every night is a gift to rest and refresh.
Don’t waste it. Good night.

May you have a minute to talk with our Lord God,
For He has let you to see another night of your life.
Sweet dreams.

I hope that instead of pillows,
I am the one you’re hugging tonight.
I miss you so much.

Romantic Goodnight SMS Messages

May your dreams take you to another world of new hopes and happiness.
A lovely night to you.

Hoping for a peaceful journey in your sleep.
Dream like there’s no tomorrow.
Hugs and kisses.

Have you set your alarm clock already?
Just a reminder.
Have a good night sleep my friend!

Blowing you the sweetest kiss and love.
I love you so much.
Good night Baby.

Thank you for a lovely day with you.
Hoping tomorrow will be the same too.
I miss you.

sexy good night sms

Hi sweety good night
I will come in your dream
to make you feel sexy
Sweet Dreams

Hey when you sleep and dream
I feel that angels may envy your beauty
Good night Darling

In your dream if you see some body is hugging you
It is none other than me. Because I dream that everyday
Good nigh sweetheart