Retirement quotes and Retirement Sayings

Retirement – the word to convey the person is going to take rest from their daily routine official work. The retirement can happen for anyone it may be your colleague, your boss etc. whoever may be the person, we should take the opportunity to greet them for their fantastic work so far through retirement quotes article. Recognition should be given for the contributions they have given during their work period. Below you can find good retirement quotes, use them to express your affection and your salutation to those who are retiring.

Treat retirement as the beginning of a new life, not the end.

Retirement is the symbol of rest. Retirement means no worries, no tension, and no pressure

A time to enjoy, a time to spend time with your family and a time to be with your friends – all comes with retirement

Freedom is the essence of retirement; you can feel the full freedom once you attain your retirement period.

It’s just a retirement from your work but not from your life!

We can find little joy even in small things we do when we are in the retirement period!

Say good bye to your tiresome works, bid farewell for the pressure, it’s your retirement period enjoy it!

Here on no early wake ups, no ironing, and no hurry breakfasts – retirement is going to give peace and joy!

Good luck and happiness be your side during the retirement life! Happy retirement!

There is still life after retirement. It is an opportunity to fulfill your dream for the rest of the life!

Retirement – a period to have enjoyment in your life! A time to become what you want to, a time to do whatever you want to do and a time to do how you want to do!

Retirement – this is the right time to start the life! Retirement is not a thing to be worried at, it is the feel to be enjoyed!

Retirement sayings

Retirement is a special occasion in one’s life which has to be celebrated with fun. Retirement is an important stage of a life. Here on this article of retirement sayings you can find some beautiful sayings about retirement. Retirement sayings not only contain sayings for retiring people but also an important message center for future retirees.

Retirement – days spent with office colleagues comes to an end and days going to spend with family members have started on this day of retirement

Retirement – It is not quitting from job but it is just resting from works.

God’s greatest gift is retirement for a person, to rest himself from monotonous works and to enter the world of peaceful, happy life with family.

Retirement is a compulsory period that everyone should give themselves, to enjoy the rest of their life.

To say in a funny way retirement is saying good bye to tension and welcoming with a hello to pension.

After retirement there are so many interesting ways to spend your time in your own way. Ways to keep you happy forever.

You are the boss for your retired life, no one to question you. Even your little smile costs so much among your family during your retirement period.

People may forget the things you said during your work, but definitely will never forget how you did things in your own way. They will surely miss you after your retirement.

Wise people always think that real life begins only after retirement.

Retirement is not a period to be lived in sadness after all the hard works. It is a prolonged holiday which has to be enjoyed to its utmost.

Retirement is the time to enjoy nature without any breaks. Feel the cool breeze, hear the birds chirping, and watch the sun rising without any tension in your mind.

Before retirement it is the period where you spent days running behind your boss and higher officials. After retirement it is the period where you spent days running behind happiness along with your family and friends.