Retirement Wishes, Messages and Happy Retirement Greetings

Retirement is something which everybody has to face in their life. Please find these retirement wishes which will be helpful to you, if you are looking for wordings for wishing someone on their retirement or looking for gift for your coworker while he is retiring. Retirement is a emotional function which we need to attend in our official life.

These retirement wishes are written to inspire and say thank you for all the work he has done

You are wonderful, your spirit and
energy will always guide us to move forward
Happy retirement

You are vision shown us the way
And we will always follow your path
Happy retirement

Now as you retire, we are missing
our great colleague who use to entertain us
while working to take away our pressure
Happy retirement to you

As you retiring from your work,
I wish you a happy life with fun and happiness
Happy Retirement

Retirements are the door to start great things
Now onward you are the boss
Take it as a new beginning and find new endevours
Happy retirement

You are the greatest Boss I have seen
Wishing you Happy Retirement.

Your footprints will stay here
Happy retirements

Hi no more Mondays for you, Happy retirement

Dear ————— it’s been a pleasure working with you
and the way you treated as your colleagues makes us feel happy.
Have a happy retirement


Retirement Wishes

Happy Retirement Wishes, Best Retirement Wishes

Happy retirement wishes section contains wishes to greet the retiring people and make them feel happy. You need not strain yourself in searching for retirement wishes for coworker; we take the responsibility to do it for you. Below you can find such an expressive happy retirement messages which you will find the exact replica of your mind words and help to over come your stumble on how to say good bye to you colleague.



We are grateful to salute you for your dedicationof work
towards our company and we all wish you
to have a great future ahead after your retirement!

I am happy all these days spent with you
and it is now time to depart.
I am going to miss you so much in my works.
I hope you enjoy your retirement and
you will keep yourself busy, engaged
and happy with your family and friends.

I wish your retirement to give you full satisfaction
and all your future expectations be fulfilled.
Happy retirement!

We request you to accept our warm congratulations on your retirement.
You have been such an inspiration to each one of us
and we all would like to follow you.
We all enjoyed working with you
and wish to continue our relationship even after your retirement.

Words may fail to express our feels on your retirement
but we would like to say only one thing that
we all going to miss a wonderful person in our work.
Have a happy retirement days ahead!

I wish all fun and happiness to be with you after
you retire from here and I am sure you will be
a contented person in your retirement days!

Best of luck on your retirement!
May all your dreams after retirement become true!

I am thankful that I had a wonderful opportunity to work with you;
you have always been a good companion to support me in my works.
I hope we will continue our relationship after you retire too
Have happy days after your retirement!

Here we are to wish you happy retirement!
With warmest wishes and gratitude to our wonderful boss!

This will be the special day for each one of us
as we are going to miss someone who has a great inspiration
and a mentor. Special day for a special person,
have a happy retirement period!

We want to take this opportunity to wish
you good luck in all the endeavors you are going to face
in your future! Happy retirement!


Retirement Wishes for a Friend, Best Wishes for your Friend Retirement

Thanks for the wonderful 22 years of management service you have rendered to this company. This company is very much thankful to your service as it has seen its growth only because of your dedication, sincerity and efforts taken towards the work. Wish you happy days after your retirement!

I wish you to have great adventure during your retirement.
Enjoy the adventure that awaits you!

We will not forget you for the dedicated works
you have done so far for this place!
We miss you too! Have a great retirement!

Retirement Wishes Quotes, Retirement Messages Quotes

Co-worker or boss who ever retiring the occasion has to be definitely celebrated with happiness to make them feel they mean so much to you. Wishing a heartfelt retirement is more important in retirement celebration. Retirement wishes quotes article contains retirement wishes with quotes to salute the retirees. Retirement taken by any one does not mean that they going to quit or end up there but it mean they are going to take a long break from their works. Below you find retirement wishes quotes with which you can quote it to the retirees on the occasion of their retirement.

“We appreciate ———————- dedication and contributions to the success of the company over the years. We wish him every success in his retirement.”

“We wish ——————- all the best in their retirement endeavors and we thank them for all the contributions and the years of service he has made towards the company.”

“This day we take the opportunity to say we will miss you as you go on the way of yours, so good bye to you my dear colleague, friend and mentor, the future is waiting for you.”

“We will certainly wish —————- for the outstanding job in our company over the past ———– years. Over the years he has served as the best employee ever. He is retiring from to take over the retiring life with his family and friends.”

“On the occasion of your move to next wonderful chapter of your life, you will be missed, our very best wishes coming your way, our thoughts would be around you, keep in touch with us, we bid farewell not goodbye.”

“We miss your companionship and friendship in the work. We wish you success and happiness in your future endeavors, may that be yours and all that you hoped for!”

“Bid you farewell! May you have bright future filled with happiness and success. Let you have the future of challenges to explore and dreams to aspire to. Our best wishes for you!”

“Let your mind and soul find peace on your retirement. We wish you to have a relaxing and happy days after your retirement!’’


Best Wishes for Retirement, Retirement Best Wishes Messages

Retirement has to be celebrated not to be mourned. It is the best time to wish those who are going to get retired from their day to day daily work of their job. Retirement is a happy period to be enjoyed to its utmost. Happy retirement is the section which contains articles regarding messages and wishes for the retirement persons. You can wish them happy retirement with various messages picked out from here.


We wish you happy retirement for the hard work you have put, for the support you have given us and the help you have rendered us. May all your coming days be filled with many more rewards of joy and fulfillment

Wish you all the joy and happiness a happy retirement can bring to you! Have happy days for your rest of your life!

It is the special time for you to fill your days with enjoyment for the rest of your life. A very special time to look back your days with satisfaction and look ahead for the upcoming days with anticipation.

Congratulations on your well deserved successful retirement and we wish you happiness in the years ahead…

We will always remember you for the days spent with your encouragement and support. We are really going to miss you; we will always keep you in our hearts!

Best wishes for your happy retirement. We really appreciate for the things you have done for us so far with a smiling face!

We congratulate on your retirement! You dedication, your presence, your advices and your encouragement in the works will be definitely missed by us. You have no substitute.

Working without you is going to be a real hard time for us. We are going to miss you so much; anyway we have to handle it on ourselves. Thanks for the wonderful time you have given us during these years.


We wish you to lead your retirement with all good health and happy days! Happy retirement

We wish you to have the best days of your life after this retirement. We miss you!

May all the fun be in your way after your retirement life! Have a happy retirement!

It is now the right time to spend your days with your beautiful family and lovable friends. You are going to fetch all those missed days during your job. Happy retiring!

Retirement Cards Wishes, What to Write in Retirement Card

Retirement is not the time to quit yourself from your job or from your responsibility in your job; it’s just going to be a relaxation period from your hard working time. You have been given ample leisure time to enjoy the rest of your life without any hurry buries and work pressure. The person going to retire from his job, are to be recognized well with retirement wishes. Wishes to make the retired people feel so fulfilled that they have achieved so far from their years of work. You may be looking for retirement wishes or funny retirement quotes, then this article of retirement wishes contains wishes for person who is going to retire from his job.

The time has come for you to spend
the rest of your life with
your lovable family and friends.
All the best for your future

A big episode of professional life
has ended and a new fresh episode
is going to begin in your life from now on.
Cheer up!

We always enjoyed your company
in our works and we really
going to miss you a lot.
Best of luck!

The day has come to given
recognition to all your hard work,
yes we take this opportunity to
wish you good luck for the rest of your life.
Have a happy retirement time

Let peace of mind be yours
in your upcoming days.
It’s not going to be the
end for your works; it is just the
beginning for a new fun in
your life with your friends and family

The time we had spent with
you were really a golden time,
we can’t forget those wonderful time.
We are going to miss you so much.

May all your endeavors come true
and may you have a very good health
throughout your life.
Have a happy retirement period

It is time for you to leave
all your worries and enjoy
the rest of your days with happiness.
Enjoy your retirement.

You are such a devoted worker;
the day has come to give
recognition to your wonderful
dedication towards your work.
Happy retirement day!

Our wishes will be always with you,
we had a wonderful time working with you.
Definitely we are going to miss a good companion.
Happy retiring

We will never forget you and your good companionship
with us in our daily works.
Wish you happy and prosperous life ahead.
Happy retirement time

We always used to admire your friendly behavior,
which has been an inspiration to each one of us.
Thanks for the good time you had with us.

You are the person to do your work with
dedication and utmost interest.
It is very hard to find people like you.
Have a great retirement period.