So you want to greet your family and loved ones a Happy Easter in a form of Easter greetings cards? Then you must be looking for appropriate easter greeting card messages and easter wishes messages that will make them feel the spirit of Easter. Then this collection of Easter messages and Easter sms greetings can be your source. Feel free to spread the word and share these messages for easter.

Collection of Easter Greeting Card Messages

Chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs are symbols of new life.
Be excited to celebrate this day because we are living a new life that is clean from sins.
Be a new Christian.
Happy Easter!

Fresh air, beautiful sun.
All the smiles are happy to see.
Today is Easter, what a day to celebrate!
Jesus Christ is alive and forever He’ll be.
Happy Easter to all!

Be glad and enjoy this day’s celebration of new life.
God is good. He will not allow us to drown into our sins.
Be good to Him because He is our Salvation.
Happy Easter!

What more is ideal than to celebrate this day with prayers of glory and thanks.
We have been saved and a promise of new life is given.
Just be responsible not to hurt Christ again with our sins.
Happy Easter!

Jesus Christ will not forget all of us.
We have left a mark on his palm.
A sign that He saved us.
Love Him more!
Happy Easter!

Embrace this day because this is God’s way of telling us that He is alive.
Jesus has been reunited with His Father once again.
Make way and be reunited with Him as well.
Happy Easter!

Be Glad!
For God has risen and will come in time!
Happy Easter!


Easter Greetings Messages

Easter is here! Still don’t know what to write on your Easter greetings cards or what to post on your facebook or twitter profiles? Spread the spirit of Easter with these Easter greetings messages and Easter wishes messages. These religious Easter wishes can be used as Easter sms messages and Easter card messages. Feel free to use and share.

Feel how God works in your life.
He once again showered you with a blessing of being born again.
Happy Easter!

God is wonderful! He shared Jesus to us.
May we also learn to share our blessing to others.
Happy Easter!

Jump with glee because Jesus Christ defeated death.
Let us also learn to defeat the temptations that lead us to sin.
Have a blessed Easter!

Every scar in Jesus’ body represents our sins,
The cross He carried became so heavy because of the sins of the world.
Let us make it easier for Christ by avoiding sins that will hurt Him.
Let us be grateful for His undying love for us! Happy Easter!

God love us so much that He gave His own life for our sake.
Rejoice and be glad for God has risen for us.
Happy Easter!

May the spirit of Easter fill your heart with complete joy and peace.
Happy Easter to you and to your family.

This Easter, cast all of your burdens to God for He shall sustain you.
He will be there for you, just keep believing.
Happy Easter to you!

May you have a blessed and meaningful Easter.

Easter Messages for Cards, Easter Card Greetings

Want to make a personalized Easter greeting card? Make use of the following Easter messages and easter wishes messages to add more thought to it. You can use these Easter greetings wishes for your greetings cards and ecards. Feel free to send these easter messages as easter sms greetings and easter facebook status as well.


Easter eggs here and there,
Hoping bunny everywhere.
Can you be my egg and bunny today?
Happy Easter!

Sunny day, blooming flowers
What a beautiful day of Easter!
God has proved His power,
To let you and I live longer!
Happy Easter!

Jesus Christ lived among us,
Has died for us.
He has risen for us,
And what is it that we can give Christ?
Nothing but prayers and trust!
Happy Easter!

Hop around and be full of joy,
This day is a day to enjoy,
The new life we’re given today
So that each day will be a blessed day!
Happy Easter!

Love God for He loves you so.
His son Has died to save your soul.
Be thankful. Glorify Him, too.
Offer yourself to be of service to all.
Happy Easter!

More Heartwarming Easter Card Wordings, Easter Card Messages

What to write in Easter Card, Easter card wishes messages


Share the blessing of this day,
Smile and celebrate
A new life was given,
Take time to renew and be a good man.
Happy Easter!

Be happy because you are loved.
Celebrate because you are saved.
Jesus Christ lived
To be our Light and Guide.
Happy Easter!

Open your heart to Christ in the same way that He opened the tomb when He has risen. So that the blessing of hope can enter into your life. Happy Easter!

The stone in the tomb was a hindrance to see the real thing that happened to Jesus Christ. If you want to know the truth and experience His love, learn to remove the stone that blocks the way for you to see the Light of God as well. Happy Easter!

Rejoice and be glad!
Today is the day for us to live again.
We too have died because of our sins. Jesus’ life cleansed us
and today we share a new life with Him. Happy Easter!

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Embrace this day with a smile.
Appreciate the good deed of the Lord!

Cheer up! Feel God’s healing power.
He has shared His Son for you so that you will be saved.
Happy Easter!


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