This Tamil New Year, you don’t have to go out at the comfort of your home just to buy tamil greetings cards. Why would you if you can convey your tamil new year wishes and tamil new year greetings using your cellphone? Today, you can easily send your tamil new year messages via text messaging. For that, here are some samples of Tamil New Year SMS and Tamil new year text messages. What are you waiting for? Send one now!

SMS Messages for Tamil New Year

Happiness, Prosperity,Peace and Love
That is my wishes to you
Happy Tamil New Year

puthandu is on the way with
Happiness and prosperity
Happy new year

As you celebrate tamil New Year
with happiness and celebration
Do not forget the sharing is the
Best offer to the god and
Do not forget those unforunate
Who is not having nothing to celebrate
Happy New year and Best Wishes

On This New year May Lord Ganesha
Shower his choisest blessings for you and Your family
puthandu Vazhthukal

Happiness may be yours
Prosperity may Hug you
Peace my fall upon you
Love may smile at you
Happy New year

Puthandu Vazhthukal

Another New year is on the way
Let us dance and party with fun
And happiness be yours for ever
Happy New year!!

As the new year comes with happiness
May Lord Ganesh shower his choisest blessings
and wishes for you ever
Happy New Year!!

I may have spent the previous year by…
disturbing you…
bugging you…
irritating you…
I just wanna let you know that
I’ll do the same this year!

Before the celebration starts,
I want to greet you…
Puthandu Vazhtukal!
May you have a lot of fun!

Good health,
Good fortune,
Good life,
These are my wishes for you this tamil New Year.
Puthandu Vazhtukal!

My wish for you this Puthandi,
May you have a healthy body, joyful soul and relaxed mind.
Wishing you a Happy tamil new year!

May you be surrounded by friends and people you love and love you.
Have a happy and prosperous new year!

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