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A comprehensive collection of vishu messages, vishu greetings and vishu wishes is here. We include different Vishu sayings and quotes to our list. For your comfort, we also listed out Vishu sms and vishu text messages. For locals and Malayalees, we use vishu Malayalam wishes and vishu Malayalam greetings. These are wishes for Vishu that are written in local languages. Feel free to use these greetings for Vishu and share. Happy Vishu!

Vishu SMS

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Vishu is here! Even though you’re far away from home, or miles away from your family and friends, you can still greet [...]

Vishu Wishes Greetings and Vishu Messages

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Wishing you a Happy vishu
കണ്ണനെ കണി കണ്ടുണരുന്ന ഒരു വിഷുപ്പുലരി
ആശംസിക്കുന്നു ഞാൻ
Vishu is the new year for Kerala and it falls on April 14th. Not only in Kerala but also lot of other parts in south east asia, and sri lanka people celebrate April 14th of 15th as the new year.