Here are some hope messages that you can use to encourage someone’s who seems to lose their battle in life and in the brink of giving up. These hope messages will inspire them to struggle harder and hope for something better. These inspirational messages of hope can be sent as text messages, email or SMS to your friends and dear ones.


[snip msg]Even if they say that you can’t, don’t listen to them; just keep on rolling until you achieve your goals while they are busy bringing you down. [/snip]


[snip msg]If it seems that all of your hope slipped away, you could always turn to the people close to you; they could surely restore your hope. [/snip]


[snip msg]If you are helpless in the middle of loneliness, there is still the ultimate source of hope to guide you, just call Him and He’ll respond. [/snip]


[snip msg]Have faith in yourself. Don’t just let things happen, you should be the one calling the shots. [/snip]


[snip msg]Remember that no matter how complicated the equation may get, there are different methods to get it solved. [/snip]


[snip msg]No matter how hard our life is, don’t lose hope as hope helps us strive for something better. [/snip]


[snip msg]If you feel that the world is against you, don’t be angry; don’t be upset; because this is the time when you will find the people that truly love you. So don’t lose your hope. Time will come as everything will just get better. [/snip]


[snip msg]Having problems? Don’t know how to deal with it? Don’t worry. God gave you that problem as He know you can handle it. It will make you even stronger. [/snip]


[snip msg]Whenever you’re troubled and confused, do nothing. Leave to God as he is your Hope. [/snip]


[snip msg]Always do you best. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you win or you lose. The most important thing is you tried, you experienced and you survived. [/snip]


[snip msg]Having a bad day? Just smile. Though your smile can’t make you feel better, at least it can make someone else feel better. [/snip]


[snip msg]There are times that you feel so alone, you feel so bad. This is the time that you starting to lose hope. What to do? Refill your “hope level” and you’ll feel better. [/snip]


[snip msg]If you have problems, it only means that God knows you have the ability to deal with and solve them. [/snip]


[snip msg]Hope is the tool for a person to strive and to survive. [/snip]


[snip msg]If there’s no one believes that you can do it, tell to yourself “God’s with me, I know I can”.[/snip]

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