Flirty Text Messages to Send to a Girl

Looking for flirty text messages to send to a girl? Capture your lady love with these funny and cute flirty messages for her. We include some flirty text messages that you can post to her facebook wall and send via SMS. Feel free to share these flirty messages to your friends.


[snip msg]In this world full of pollution, your lovely face is a breath of fresh air.[/snip]


[snip msg]If girls are music, you are the only beautiful melody that serenades my ears. [/snip]


[snip msg]I was to look out for fishes in the ocean, but what I found is a gorgeous mermaid! [/snip]


[snip msg]I heard Venus is going to retire as the goddess of love and beauty, and Zeus is looking up for someone to fill up the vacancy. The replacement could be you, possibly! [/snip]


[snip msg]I wish I am your hugest teddy bear, the one that you embrace so tight when you sleep at night. [/snip]


[snip msg]With a captivating face like that, I bet your mother must be so beautiful. [/snip]


[snip msg]My memory is almost full of files: all of those are your images. I tried to delete it all but a dialogue box appears and says, “Unable to delete! Too irresistible!” [/snip]


[snip msg]My geometry teacher asked me to define angle, and the first thing that comes to my mind is your body instilled with beautiful angles! [/snip]


[snip msg]It won’t be hard to solve for the equation of curves, if those curves belong to you! [/snip]


[snip msg]Could you be the pendant of my necklace? Because I want to place you close to my heart. [/snip]


[snip msg]Firemen are badly needed in here! A sexy woman set the whole room on fire! [/snip]


[snip msg]Are you an orthopedic doctor? I think my legs are broken; I fell for you so hardly! [/snip]


[snip msg]Hey, police officers. Get this pretty lady arrested! She abducted my innocent heart! [/snip]


[snip msg]When you pass by a garden, every single flower in it blooms; every single bird starts to sing; every single butterflies starts to appear; every single cloud gives way to the sun; every single tree sways to the tune of the wind. [/snip]


[snip msg]Whenever I look at you in the eye, the wind whispers a beautiful melody. [/snip]