Romantic Text Messages

Romantic Text Messages

Romantic text messages section contains text messages for romantic lovers whom they want to express and convey their love. We assure you your love relationships becomes strong and deep with our sweet and cute Romantic text messages. Even though we may find many ways to express our love sending romantic text messages to your beloved ones will fetch a strong relationship. If you are not confident enough about your words to express your love, let find you words to show your romantic love through its romantic text messages section.

I am not sending this message to reach your heart;
I am sending this to touch your soul and to remain as your soul mate all through your life…

I love your eyes and the way it looks at me makes me go so craze at you.
The silent language spoken by your eyes makes my life more romantic.
I want to get myself lost in your smiling eyes.

The most embarrassing moment in my life is when you whispered those 3 little words on to my ears “I love you”… That was the day I realized you as my heart beat.
I am nothing without you my dear. Be with me forever.

Love is not a responsibility,
love is not a game,
love is a magic happens in everyone’s life.

I can define love in a single word – love is YOU!

I would never get tired of saying “I love you” to you my dear coz it’s my breath,
I can’t live without my breath. I love you!

I treasure my heart because it has YOU inside it!
My heart overwhelms with joy when I am with you!

“I love you” – the three lettered sweet sentence when it is heard from my dazzling beauty!

Whatever you do is my deed, whatever you speak is my pleasure!
It’s all my great moments in my life when am with you! I like and love you so much my dear!

Darling you are the start and end of my day!
When I wake up in the early morning you are in my first thoughts,
when I go to bed you are on my dreams!

I feel elevated with confident thoughts
when I hear your words to comfort me when I am in my critical situations.
You are my mentor, always be with me to reach fruit of success!

My heart beats listening to the rhythm of your heart!
You are my world and you are the sunshine on my world!

My life becomes meaningful when my day starts with you!
You are my God’s gift and you are my dream!

The petals of a flower won’t be as soft as your lips!
I like to see the twinkling in your eyes when I kiss you!

Silence is the most beautiful language in the romance!
Even when we are so close to each other the silence speaks more than our words!