Wish your friend a happy birthday using these birthday poems for friends. These poems about friendship can be included in their birthday gifts, birthday cards and birthday ecards that you’re planning to give to him/her on his/her birthday. You can even share these birthday poems for friends on their facebook wall on the day of their birthday.


As Today is the Day

Birthday Poem for Friend #1 -[snip msg] As Today is the Day

As today is the day we should party and unwind;
I want to hug you tight, so happy that I find.
I find a friend like you: so sweet, so cool and kind;
I wish we’ll be together, our ties will always bind.

As today is the day we should celebrate your birth;
The day you came to life and live down here on earth.
We want to make you happy, so you could feel your worth;
We wish you all good health, and a lovely life of mirth.

~ 365greetings [/snip]


Another Rough Year

Birthday Poem for a Friend 2 – [snip msg] Another Rough Year

The past year is happy and bright but rough;
But at least you became a person that is tough.
Whenever there is problem, all you have to do is laugh;
And face it with the courage, until it is already weak enough.

Today is your birthday, you survived another year;
And all of us are happy, and if you need us we’ll be here.
We are your loving friends— we’ll kill with fun all of your fear;
So turn up all the lights, let’s stir the vodka and the beer.

~ 365greetings [/snip]

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