I Love You Poems

Don’t know how to say I love you? Then you may want to do it the poetic way. Here are some I love you poems that you can use to express your feelings to your special someone. These I love you poems contain words of love that will make your recipient love you more and feel more special. You may also include these romantic love poems to a love card, Valentine ’s Day card or anniversary card as your message.


Summer Love

I Love You Poem #1: [snip msg]Summer Love

If my love for you is in every grain of sand;
All of the beaches will surely run out of land.
The land to be its shore and the sea will dominate;
With the waves of love that cause my world to rotate.

If my love for you is in every bark of palms;
Trees will be naked under the sun that chants a psalm.
They will be dancing to tune of the soft breeze;
Then I’ll whisper “I love you,” and then you’re filled with bliss.

By 365greeting[/snip]

Love You Like


I Love You Poem #2: [snip msg]Love You Like

I love you like the space that ain’t finite;
Even when things are torn and pieces won’t fit.
I love you like the sand that is countless;
The love I have for you is truly boundless.

I love you like the lovebirds in a cage;
We’ll never be apart in every turn of page.
I love you like the trees love the soil;
I’ll stick with you forever, our love will never spoil.

By 365greeting[/snip]