Love poems are one of the greatest way of expressing your emotions and feelings towards someone or something. Featuring the concept of love, these poems can be romantic, sad, inspirational or heartfelt. Depending on your mood or emotion, you should be able to create your own love poems for your boyfriend, husband, or fiance’. All you need is a bit of inspiration and let your creativity juice flows… But not all can make their own poem about love. That’s why I created these poems on love for you.

With these love poems for him, you can now tell your man how much you love and cherish him. This collection of love poems for him contains words that will surely make his heart long for you more. You can choose any of these poems about love to write on a birthday card, love card, anniversary card or wedding card. Sharing these love poems for boyfriend, husband and special someone via email, sms, facebook, etc is welcome!


In You

Love Poems For Him 1 – [snip msg]In You

In billions of people, you are the man I’ll give my life to;
In the extent of your heart, is the place I would fall into.
In the corner of your mind, is the place I would go through;
In the love that we feel, the only thing I can’t construe.

In the haven of your arms, there’s where I want to be;
In the iris of your eye, I’ll be the only girl you’ll see.
In the deepness of your sight, please look through beyond my beauty;
In the blindness by the light, may I be your light to see?

~ 365greetings[/snip]


Man Sent from Heaven

Love Poems For Him 2 – [snip msg]Man Sent From Heaven

The angel pushed you down here from the clouds;
It could’ve hurt so bad; the thump could be so loud.
Good thing I was able to catch you right on time;
Everything in my life has gone so right on rhyme.

I thank God every night for I am loved by a man;
Who looks beyond my flaws, loyal despite the span.
Everything seems right and going with the plan;
Even in my darkest, he never left and ran.

~ 365greetings[/snip]

Love Poems For Him 3 – The Man in My Dreams

It was all vague when I first saw you,
For it was a dream that I was caught up into;
We laughed a bit and we sure had fun,
I woke up and you were gone.

Then we met again in another dream,
It can never be as strange as it may seem,
I saw your face and we danced under the sun,
I woke up and again you were gone.

But as I walked amidst a sea of faces,
I glanced a visage of a young man’s traces;
The hair, eyes, and brows were all proverbial,
It was a mere sarcasm of reality’s denial.

I took a peek at your face each day,
But you never asked for my name in any way;
We never said hello but you waved goodbye,
It was the first and last time I saw your lips draw a smile.

And all my cynical doubts faded in the scene,
When our eyes met, I felt something within;
I could be wrong but then I felt so right,
It was the same face I saw in my dreams for two nights.

Then I came to believe that dreams do come true,
I was destined for sure to meet you;
But it was pointless for that to linger in my mind,
For in dreams and in reality, you have never been mine.

Love Poems For Him 4 – A Walk With You

I used to call you my knight in shining armor,
For you have rescued my weeping heart in bitter fervor;
My hero in the darkest hours of my loneliness,
And broke the shackles of my melancholic distress.

I’ve been walking this road for several years,
Passed the curves in the shadow of my fears;
Then you held my hand as I took a step,
And together we danced for a blissful leap.

You held me in your arms like there’s no tomorrow,
Your smiles have been the antidote of my sorrows;
No longer afraid to surpass a crossroad’s uncertainties,
You taught me to drop off my insecurities.

There must’ve been someone else better for you,
But you define “ME” as the best one for “You”;
No longer “I” but “We” is the promise we formulated,
A perpetual journey together is what we have created.

I look behind not with bitter regrets,
For my feet landed me to your memoirs I dare not forget;
We have reached this far with this love so true,
I’d be glad to walk an extra mile with you.

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