In this collection of poems about life, you can enjoy the poetic way of expressing your emotions. These poems about life can be used as encouraging words for friends, family and loved ones when they are feeling depress on their life. You can also use these life poems in a card, flower notes, or gift tags for special someone.


Path to Success

Poems about Life #1: [snip msg]Path to Success

The path to success is never ever that easy;
There are stops along the way, where you’ll almost go crazy.
But when you are with God, there’s nothing you can’t carry;
Then just walk along, ‘till you see the end clearly.

The path to success is never ever that ugly;
All you just need to do is to appreciate its beauty.
Even the problems, when we’re through will make us mighty;
Until suddenly we’re strong and solid and sturdy.

By: 365greetings[/snip]

The Roller Coaster Life

Poems about Life #2: [snip msg]The Roller Coaster Life

We are just in a whole crazy, perplexing roller coaster ride;
When we have problems, we are at the downside.
But sure, the time will come when with the sky we’ll collide;
Where the good feelings came and the pain will all subside.

So when the time comes you are going to fall;
You should always know that He’s the one to call.
Eventually, you’ll soar up; the wheels will start to roll;
‘Till you reach the peak, and you’ll be standing tall.

By: 365greetings[/snip]



Not Perfect

Poems about Life #3:  [snip msg]Not Perfect

Don’t let the vague darkness give blindness in your eyes;
Let your heart illuminates both the beauty and the lies.
You won’t last in this life not reading between the lines;
And getting conquered with pain, with all those hurtful cries.

This life ain’t perfect, in mind, a thought to keep;
There are times you’ll have no choice but to pray wind your hands leaped.
Be prepared for surprises for events may quickly flip;
Or else you’ll lost your grip and far away you’ll slip.

By: 365greetings[/snip]

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