Short Love Poems

Love can also be expressed using short poems. Here are some of the best short love poems that you can write on your love card or ecards to send for your special someone. Make him/her feel more loved and appreciated with these romantic short love poems. You may also share these short loves poems to your loved ones and life partner on facebook or via email on love season like Valentine’s Day, anniversary or wedding day!


Sunset at the Shore

Short Love Poem 1 – [snip msg] Sunset at the Shore

In the place where the water meets the sky;
Is the love that surrounds us as every time goes by.
Even in joyfulness, even in times we cry;
Our love will never stop but will keep on rolling by.

In the place where the seashore meets the bay;
Is the love that abounds us through the heat of every ray.
The sun may go down but at the end of the day;
The flaring shades of love will always have to stay.

~  365greetings [/snip]



Short Love Poem 2 – [snip msg]Mystery

The blaze of sunshine touches my face;
As I woke up with your thoughts I can’t erase.
And then outside the window, the view I start to gaze;
Tryin’ to solve the mystery as complex as a maze.

I don’t know what I feel— I think I’m falling;
Hanging at the edge with hopes someone is catching.
My heart is to fragile, don’t want to see it breaking;
I hope you feel the same, or else I will be crying.

~ 365greetings [/snip]