good luck image with quotesSomeone is leaving you for long time. You want to do something very special to make the last moment memorable. You wanna  do something that will be saved in their heart for long time. Or you want to wish something for his or her success. What can you say which can inspire your desire one and stimulate for win. The better thing is to use good luck quotes in that situation.

There are some magic in good luck quotes included by the famous people of our previous time. They have organized all these good luck quotes with their experience. Those sentences in good luck quotes are magic.

“You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.”

― Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men



“You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don’t help.”

― Bill Watterson



“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

― Dalai Lama XIV



“Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson



“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”

― Thomas Jefferson



“Scientists have calculated that the chances of something so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one.

But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.”

― Terry Pratchett, Mort



“Nanny Ogg looked under her bed in case there was a man there. Well, you never knew your luck.”

― Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies


 Funny good luck quotes

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“Oh, I am fortune’s fool!”

― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet



“Risk means ‘shit happens’ or ‘good luck”

― Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident



“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.”

― Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy



“Luck has a way of evaporating when you lean on it.”

― Brandon Mull, Keys to the Demon Prison



“Sean reaches between us and slides a thin bracelet of red ribbons over my free hand. Lifting my arm, he presses his lips against the inside of my wrist. I’m utterly still; I feel my pulse tap several times against his lips, and then he releases my hand.

“For luck,” he says. He takes Dove’s lead from me.

“Sean,” I say, and he turns. I take his chin and kiss his lips, hard. I’m reminded, all of a sudden, of that first day on the beach, when I pulled his head from the water.

“For luck,” I say to his startled face.”

― Maggie Stiefvater, The Scorpio Races

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“Here’s the thing about luck…you don’t know if it’s good or bad until you have some perspective.”

― Alice Hoffman, Local Girls



“I want to create moonglasses, and then write a song called, “I Wear My Moonglasses at Noon.” Hopefully, with a little lunar luck, my track will also feature Corey Hart.”

― Jarod Kintz, There are Two Typos of People in This World: Those Who Can Edit and Those Who Can’t



“And then, as if written by the hand of a bad novelist, an incredible thing happened.”

― Jonathan Stroud, The Amulet of Samarkand


Good luck quotes for exams

It is very important to have confident in the examination hall. Say something very special to your desire one who is going attend exam. Use good luck quotes for exams.

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“In Madeleine’s face was a stupidity Mitchell had never seen before. It was the stupidity of all normal people. It was the stupidity of the fortunate and the beautiful, of everybody who got what they wanted in life and so remained unremarkable.”

― Jeffrey Eugenides, The Marriage Plot



“Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known. ”

― Garrison Keillor, Lake Wobegon U.S.A.



“Life is not easy. We all have problems-even tragedies-to deal with, and luck has nothing to do with it. Bad luck is only the superstitious excuse for those who don’t have the wit to deal with the problems of life. ”

― Joan Lowery Nixon, In The Face of Danger



“Luck?” Drizzt replied. “Perhaps. But more often, I dare to say, luck is simply the advantage a true warrior gains in excuting the correct course of action.”

― R.A. Salvatore, The Halfling’s Gem



“Nearly’ only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades.”

― Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book



“Love is like a unicorn with a rainbow for a horn. What I mean is it’s rare, and you’re lucky if you see it once, or at the most twice, in a given week.

― Jarod Kintz, At even one penny, this book would be overpriced. In fact, free is too expensive, because you’d still waste time by reading it.



“Most young women do not welcome promiscuous advances. (Either that, or my luck’s terrible.)”

― Groucho Marx, Memoirs Of A Mangy Lover


Good bye good luck quotes

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“Ability is of little account without opportunity.”

― Napoleon Bonaparte



“What’s so funny? (Astrid)

I’m just thinking, here I am a slave who touched a star who then made him a demigod. I have to be the luckiest bastard who ever lived. (Zarek)”

― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dance with the Devil



“But Gemma, you could change the world.”

“That should take far more than my power,” I say.

“True. But change needn’t happen all at once. It can be small gestures.”

“Moments. Do you understand?” He’s looking at me differently now, though I cannot say how. I only know I need to look away…

We pass by the pools, where the mud larks sift. And for only a few seconds, I let the magic loose again.

“Oi! By all the saints!” a boy cries from the river.

“Gone off the dock?” an old woman calls. The mud larks break into cackles.

“‘S not a rock!” he shouts. He races out of the fog, cradling something in his palm. Curiosity gets the better of the others. They crowd about trying to see. In his palm is a smattering of rubies. “We’re rich mates! It’s a hot bath and a full belly for every one of us!”

Kartik eyes me suspiciously. “That was a strange stroke of good fortune.”

“Yes it was.”

“I don’t suppose that was your doing.”

“I’m not sure I don’t know what you mean,” I say.

And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”

― Libba Bray, The Sweet Far Thing



“Do ya’ feel lucky, punk?”

― Clint Eastwood



“There’s always the same amount of good luck and bad luck in the world. If one person doesn’t get the bad luck, somebody else will have to get it in their place. There’s always the same amount of good and evil, too. We can’t eradicate evil, we can only evict it, force it to move across town. And when evil moves, some good always goes with it. But we can never alter the ratio of good to evil. All we can do is keep things stirred up so neither good nor evil solidifies. That’s when things get scary. Life is like a stew, you have to stir it frequently, or all the scum rises to the top.”

― Tom Robbins



“People always call it luck when you’ve acted more sensibly than they have. ”

― Anne Tyler



“All the luck in the world has to come every year, in every part of every year, or there is not a harvest and then the luck, the bad luck will come and everything we are, all that we can ever be, all the Einsteins and babies and love and hate, all the joy and sadness and sex and wanting and liking and disliking, all the soft summer breezes on cheeks and first snowflakes, all the Van Goghs and Rembrandts and Mozarts and Mahlers and Thomas Jeffersons and Lincolns and Ghandis and Jesus Christs, all the Cleopatras and lovemaking and riches and achievements and progress, all of that, every single damn thing that we are or ever will be is dependent on six inches of topsoil and the fact that the rain comes when it’s needed and does not come when it is not needed; everything, every…single…thing comes with that luck.”

― Gary Paulsen, Clabbered Dirt, Sweet Grass



“And then it occurs to me. They are frightened. In me, they see their own daughters, just as ignorant, just as unmindful of all the truths and hopes they have brought to America. They see daughters who grow impatient when their mothers talk in Chinese, who think they are stupid when they explain things in fractured English. They see that joy and luck do not mean the same to their daughters, that to these closed American-born minds “joy luck” is not a word, it does not exist. They see daughters who will bear grandchildren born without any connecting hope passed from generation to generation.”

― Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club

“What do you think my chances might be of finding a soul mate in the group of you? I’ll be lucky if I can just find someone who’ll be able to stand me for the rest of our lives. What if I’ve already sent her home because I was relying on some sort of spark I didn’t feel? What if she’s waiting to leave me at the first sign of adversity? What if I don’t find anyone at all? What do I do then, America?”

― Kiera Cass, The Selection



“That is life, isn’t it? Fate. Luck. Chance. A long series of what-if’s that lead from one moment to the next, time never pausing for you to catch your breath, to make sense of the cards that have been handed to you. And all you can do is play your cards and hope for the best, because in the end, it all comes back to those three basics.

Fate. Luck. Chance.”

― Kelseyleigh Reber, If I Fall



“Luck always seems like it belongs to someone else.”

― David Levien, City of the Sun



“Wayne’s a little attached to that hat,” Waxillium said. “He thinks it’s lucky.”

Wayne: “It is lucky. I ain’t never died while wearing that hat.”

Marasi frowned. “I … I’m not sure I know how to respond.”

Wax: “That’s a common reaction to Wayne.”

― Brandon Sanderson, The Alloy of Law



“Real love finds you once, if you’re lucky.”

― Ellen Hopkins, Burned



“Sometimes not getting what you want is a brilliant stroke of luck.”

― Lorii Myers, 3 Off the Tee: Make It Happen, A Healthy, Competitive Approach to Achieving Personal Success



“Sometimes a crumb falls

From the tables of joy,

Sometimes a bone

Is flung.


To some people

Love is given,

To others

Only heaven.”

― Langston Hughes



“Luck is the residue of design.”

― John Milton



“When life gets you down, improvise as if crawling was part of the choreography.”

― Iveta Cherneva

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