thank you messages for bossThese thank you messages for boss can express your gratitude and appreciation to your employer that serves as your mentor. These appreciation messages can be used to thank you cards and gratitude cards. Sharing these thank you messages for boss via SMS or thru media sites like facebook is welcome.


My gratitude is overflowing; you served as an inspiration to us, your employees. I hope the streak of your success will last long.


Your leadership is one-of-a-kind. You developed us into disciplined workers. Thank you, boss!


Thank you boss for entrusting me this position. I’ll make sure you will never regret your decision.


You pushed me to be more efficient and disciplined, and I deeply appreciate it. Thank you for everything, sir!


Thank you for making me feel like I am a friend that like I am an employee. You are great in dealing with your workers. Thank you, sir!


Thank you boss for bringing out the best of my talent and skills. I am thanking God that I met someone like you.


My working place is like a typhoon in its formation: low pressure area. Thank you boss for being so nice to us!


My family’s condition is stable because I am so committed to my work because I am working for the most amazing boss in the world! Thank you.


I was able to maximize the utilization of my skills because of you! Thank you boss.


Thank you sir for hearing me out whenever I have something to suggest. I am so happy that in my little ways, I was able to contribute even a little to attain the goals of this company.


I was a nobody, until I worked with you, now I am a somebody. Thank you boss for giving me confidence.


I learned a lot from you, and forever it will be treasured. Thank you boss! I hope more employees will learn from you.


In my vocabulary, work used to mean “hard”. But when you become my boss, it now means “fun”. Thank you!


Thank you boss for being such a nice and wonderful friend to all of us!



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