Significance of Christmas

Christmas is the most famous festival in the world. Almost all of the world celebrate the Christmas with christmas carols and party. Essence of Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the most influential person ever lived in this world. His birth has changed the way of the life in this word. Millions of people loved him as brother or savior how has died himself for save them. People imagined or wished his presence in any important functions in their home. Millions of people sacrificed their life to save his teaching and spread his values. People divided even time on his birth as before Christ and Christs year. As normal Christmas is grown as the biggest festival of the world

Christmas Poems

With Christmas poems, be it short or inspirational, you will be able to express the essence of giving and loving during the Christmas season. In this collection of Christmas poems, we include some short poems about Christmas and Christmas poems for kids. These Christmas poems can be used as Christmas card messages in your Christmas gift notes and flower notes. Enjoy and happy holiday!


Homeless: Not Hopeless

Christmas Poem #1: [snip msg]Homeless: Not Hopeless

The most joyful days of the year are during Christmas season;
To feel so sad and blue, there is no concrete reason.
For you maybe, but the homeless people should be;
But the savior gives them hope, so they will still be happy.

For this coming Christmas, I do really want nothing;
I just thank God; I have home and a gold ring,
And pray for the homeless, for a better life;
May the hope in their hearts, will bring them out of strife.[/snip]


Ain’t About You

Christmas Poem #2:[snip msg]Ain’t About You

Christmas ain’t about the money, ain’t about a toy;
Ain’t about the things that would pervade you with joy,
It’s all about the love generated by our Savior;
Dying for our sins is sure a great favor.

So don’t you long for gifts, can you hear me say?
For the clear reason that, it is not even your day,
The spirit of giving would still be there to stay;
Along materialistic, you could give through other way.[/snip]


Happy Birthday, Christ!

Christmas Poem #3: [snip msg]Happy Birthday, Christ!

The center of my life, my every night and day;
Who circulates the love, to Him I hardly pray,
The strength when I stand tall, the light in every ray;
We should all rejoice for He celebrates His birthday.

The redeemer of my soul, my savoir Jesus Christ;
Who makes me brave at all, and blows away my fright.
Thank you for this year for serving as my guide;
I will let you linger, in my heart and soul and mind.[/snip]

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