Best Birthday Wishes

Best Birthday WishesThe best birthday wishes is the one that makes you smile. You will never go wrong with everything that comes straight from the heart. Browse our collection of best birthday wishes and nice birthday greetings. Feel free to use and share!

Best Birthday Messages

Ready those tons of beer!
Who cares anyway?
You only celebrate once a year!
Let’s cheers for a good life!

I imagine you smiling today.
I do hope it’s not just an imagination anyway.

I’ve got a lot of effort asking my Mom to come on your birthday.
Please do not disappoint me.
I love you so much best friend!

Best Birthday Wishes

I roam around the city looking for the sweetest cake to give to you.
But then I realized I can’t find one anymore because all the sweetness were already in you.
Happy Birthday!

I’ve watched out for both arms of the clock to be exactly aligned on the number 12.
I wanted to be the first, so I’m greeting you now.
You are that special.

It may sound cliché, but believe me when I say that I am the luckiest person on earth for having known a person as good as you. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!
The good life awaits you.
Make this one counted!

You’ve been trying to greet a hundred people before.
It’s time to bring those greetings back to you.
We love you friend.
Happy Birthday!

A bottomless Happy Birthday greeting from the bottom of our bottomless loving hearts!

A bottomless Happy Birthday greeting from the bottom of our bottomless loving hearts!

God loves you so much that He has given you another year to celebrate. What a wonderful Christ we have!


Best happy birthday wishes to Brother

I am blessed to have a
brother like you
Happy birthday My dear Brother

I am so proud to have a
Dear brother like you
who cares about me
Who think about me
And on this birthday
I am feel so happy and joy
To wish you a happy birthday

When I was a child I used to get upset
When mom and Dad gives you
The birthday cake before me
No I want feed you birthday cake
Myself before me
Happy Birthday to You

I used to think that your birthday
is a granted festival for me
And I was so proud of it
But now I can only send
The birthday wishes,
But My heart is always
At your birthday celebration
Happy Birthday To you

As a child I was so proud
To have a brother who protect
Me always, whatever I do
Now I know I am blessed
To get you as my brother
I love you brother
Happy birthday to you!!


Best wishes for birthday, Best birthday Greetings

So, you’re going to give a birthday gift to someone special. However, you might find it hard to find the right words to write on birthday gift tag. If so, here are some samples of birthday card messages and birthday gift tag notes that you can use to express you birthday greetings to the recipient. These birthday gift card messages are made for specific recipient. Enjoy!


Writing my greetings to you in this card is just a piece of cake.
So instead of doing it,
I just made you a real cake.
Isn’t it a wonderful gift? Happy Birthday!

You don’t only deserve this card.
You deserve a well-planned party!
Happy PARTYrrific Birthday!

Do you feel the wind kisses you?
I just whispered a special message for your special day today.
I hope it’s an excellent messenger.

This card travels almost all around the globe just to reach you.
That’s how special your birthday is! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It’s your day again Hon.
We hope you won’t make our house looks like a night club again like you did last year.
Enjoy.. ..But we’ll be home early. ~ From Mom and Dad.

We left you a $500 bill. Enjoy your day Honey! ~From Mom and Dad.
P.S. You’re one year allowance is included. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Once a year, you celebrate.
It’s a big, big day to take!
Happy Birthday!

It may be a stressful job to raise Mom,
but I know that it’s more strenuous to raise a grandson/granddaughter like me.
Thank you for all the support Grandma,
I love you and Happy Birthday!

Superwoman does exist.
It just happened that you don’t wear a funny costume.
A SUPER Happy Birthday Mama! Thank you for everything.

“Angels” do not stay on earth, what are you doing here?

 Milestones Birthday Wishes

There are many people considering birthday milestones as the birthday that needed big celebration and importance. These are the birthdays starting 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 21st, 30th, and many more. Based on those lists of milestone birthdays, there are many of those milestone experiences during childhood. Additionally, birthday milestones are those birthday which usually ages having ”0” or “5” on the second or third digit like 50th, 75th, 100th and many more. On this milestone birthdays, sending and greeting someone is the best thing to do to show that you remember these special days for them it can be through birthday cards or whatever, in fact there are many ways.

There are different forms of birthday wishes and wordings; it depends on the age of the celebrant. These can also be funny, inspirational, romantic, etc. In this article, I provide some birthday wishes suitable for different birthday milestone. You can explore and use it as your greetings.


Best Birthday Wishes for 1st Birthday

Here are some of birthday wishes that are the best for a 1st birthday celebrant. Since 1st year old kid can’t read already, this is for others to read like for their parents.

I would like to congratulate you on surviving the first year in your life.
I wish that you all the beat.
Happy 1st Birthday!

God has a reason why he gives you to us.
I hope that you achieve all your mission and goals in life.
May God always be with you!
Happy 1st Birthday baby!

You’re catching smile and blameless eyes are really addictive.
You can bring more happiness into our life!
Happy 1st Birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes for 5th Birthday

These are sort of sample birthday wishes that you can use as your greetings for someone you know that celebrating their 5th birthday.


For the best child ever for me, I wish nothing but always the best for you!
I hope that you have a great celebration today,
Enjoy this special day of yours
Happy 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th birthday!
I hope that you have a magnificent time on this special day of yours,
Because you are a nice person and you deserves it.
Enjoy this day!

Best Birthday Wishes for 10th Birthday

You can use the list of 10th birthday wishes below as your greetings for your son, friend, brother, sister, or any people you want to greet on their special day.

Life is just starting to roll out for you.
Grab every opportunity that knocks at your door,
And make sure that while you are young, you try to make a difference for yourself and the world.
I wish you all the luck in the world for all your future endeavors.
Happy 10th birthday!

Your age shows your maturity as a person, and although 10 is a very young age,
I know you are better than the number.
May you continue your growth as a wonderful person,
And may your reality be better than your dreams.
Happy 10th birthday!

Best Birthday Wishes for 16th Birthday

Greet people that are important to you on their 16th birthday. Here are some wishes that are suitable for them.

You just reached the epitome of your teenage years.
I wish nothing but great adventures ahead of you and wild and happy days with your loved ones.
Happy 16th birthday!

I hope that on this milestone of your life,
Not only do you get a lot of presents and get greetings from all the people you love,
But I hope you also get an eye-opener that you have your whole life ahead of you.
If you think 16 is old enough, think again.
I wish you gain a sense of responsibility so that you can make the most out of life.
Happy birthday!

Best Birthday Wishes for 60th Birthdays

Here are some of 60th birthday wording that you can write on your birthday cards, send via SMS text message or even say personally.

I wondered why the sun was brightly shining today,
And then I realized, it’s your birthday today!
I wish you continue to become the sunny and positive person you are.
Keep it up!
You’re still having along time journey and you’re definitely on the right track.
Happy 60th birthday!

I didn’t put candles on your cake because I wasn’t sure you had a fire extinguisher.
We can’t risk lighting up so many candles at once!
Happy 60th birthday!

Best Birthday Wishes for 100th Birthday

Acknowledged someone you know on another important milestone birthday for them. You can use some of the samples below in greeting someone you know that celebrating their first 3-digit birthday.

Thank you for being part of your life.
I would like to congratulate you in your almost 1 century of living.
A very happy 100th birthday to you!

Happy 100th Birthday!
I hope that you are always safe, and God will always be with you,
I wish you’ve enjoy this day with joy and happiness in your heart.