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Birthday Card Messages

Classical birthday card messages are common even before electronic greetings were born. However, with the modern era we have, it’s always fashionably classy to be original and personalized. Play with your own words and stand out. Here are some samples of happy birthday card messages and birthday card greetings that you can write to your birthday cards and birthday gift cards.

happy birthday card messages

To the woman who carried me for 9 months.. ..took care of me for (insert your age here).. .. and will love me for a lifetime.. Happy Birthday to you Mom. You are greatly appreciated.

To a husband who provides.. To the father who loves us.. A wonderful birthday to you Dad. Thank you so much.

To my dearest friend, I’ve been celebrating with your happiness. I’ve seen enough of your loneliness. And now I just hope that you are doing the “first statement” as your own gift for your birthday. Happiness is just within yourself. You just have to find it.

I only cared about my own birthday before. But now that you’ve come to my life, I already care for “two”. Happy Birthday to the most gorgeous people of all, my Honey..

To the person who was the main reason why I was born in this world.. I love you Mama, Happy Birthday!

Before God take you back, I want my best Grandmother to know that she was loved and appreciated throughout the years of her grandson/granddaughter’s life. Happy Birthday Grandma!

It’s just a simple card, but let me make this more special by transcribing my endearing messages to the most special person of my life.. HAPPT BIRTHDAY!

Someone special is reading this one. I hope this made you smile.

The spaces provided are not enough. Maybe even I see you today, I still won’t get enough of you. I love you Baby. Happy Happy Birthday!

No words in this card will ever be enough to say the things to you. I miss you and Happy Happy Birthday!

What to Write in a Birthday Card

Wondering what to write in a birthday card? You’ve been searching online for the best set of birthday card messages and birthday greetings for cards but you don’t seem to find one? Then this might be the one you’re looking for. Here are some of the best birthday card messages that you can write in your birthday greeting card and will solve your problem of finding what to write in a birthday card??– be it for your family, friend or better half. Feel free to use.

We all know that you do not have any romantic date for this special day.
But can you let us make this one day special for arranging a lovely group date with us, your friends?

That one reason why I was actually looking forward for the coming of this day.. It was you.

Do you know why this day is special? Not only because it’s your birthday,
but the person who actually celebrates it, is a special person like YOU!

I am happy to have you in my life.
But I am way happier because you’ve chosen to celebrate your birthday with me.
I love you so much.

This day will never be a productive day without me
greeting you on your birthday!

I miss you so much.
But there’s no way I will miss this day
to greet my most loved person in the world.

Funny birthday card messages

I may forget the day I was the happiest, and the day I was the saddest, but I will never forget the day when one special person was born.

You were hurt. You were devastated.
But you’re given another chance to live,
to celebrate. Let’s drink to that! Cheers!

The birds outside are chirping.
The butterflies are playing. The sun is brightly shining.
You see? Even the nature celebrates with you!
A pleasant wonderful birthday to you!

I cannot give you the best branded bags,
best pair of shoes, best quality of clothes.
I can only give my sincerest LOVE and that’s priceless.

21st Birthday Card Messages

Now you are 21 , and I wish you all the best for your Birthday

Hey 21!!! Enjoy and welcome to a new world

It is 21. Time to celebrate and party

50th birthday card message

50th Birthday. Enjoy Enjoy and celebrate the party

Now you are 50, Enjoy and party

By annewalker

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