Looking for the best birthday wishes for friend that you can use to make your friend’s birthday extra special? Here are some good happy birthday wishes for friend will make them feel special on their big day. True friends are hard to find, but you will be considered lucky if you find one. So make sure that you let them know how much you care for them. Your friend’s birthday is one of the best times to express your love and care. For good birthday messages for friend, take a look at our collection of friend birthday wishes below.

Birthday Wishes For Friends

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

A good birthday wishes for friend is sincere and shows love and appreciation. Acknowledging your friends on their birthday using those happy birthday wishes for friends can be a thing to do to strengthen your friendship. Below are samples of birthday wishes for a friend that you can send to them on their special day.

  • To my dearest friend, Wishing you sun shine in the rain, laughter in the storms and strength in times of weakness. May everyday of your life be worth celebrating. Happy birthday!
  • Dear friend, May today mark the beginning of a chapter full of wisdom, love, prosperity and good health. Happy birthday dear friend.

  • To my friend, may your dreams come to pass and may success follow your life for eternity to come. Happy birthday!
  • On your birthday, I wish you happiness, success and good health. Stay as awesome as you are. Happy birthday, my friend.
  • It is a comforting feeling to know that I have a FRIEND like you. I feel blessed and pray that the heavens may look down on you with all good tidings. Happy birthday!

  • Thank you for never leaving my side …..When you got us into trouble! Happiest birthday to my best friend
  • Thanks for never changing who you are and for being everything I ever dreamed for in a friend. Happy birthday!

  • Thank you for complimenting my craziness and making my life so fun! Happiest birthday to the greatest friend ever!
  • True friends like you are like wine. They only get better with age and as we celebrate your birthday this year, I want to celebrate a great friend who has brought happiness to my life. Happiest birthday!
  • Searching for a truth and loyal friends is one of the hardest things to do, That’s why I am feeling so lucky to have you. Happy birthday my dear friend!


Best Birthday Wishes for Friend

In this section, you will find best birthday wishes for a friend that might be what you’re looking for. Be it a wording for a birthday gift card or verses for a birthday card, these birthday messages for friends will definitely save you time in thinking of perfect set of words for birthday wishes.

  • There are no sufficient words that I can say how thankful I am that you have been part of my life. So on this special day of yours, I would like to say thank you and very happy birthday to you my friend! Have a wonderful birthday!
  • Happy birthday my friend, more birthdays to come, And I hope that you will stay as you are right now.
  • I hope you are surrounded by the laughter of loved ones, and happiness to take you through the rest of your life. Have a blast! Happy birthday!
  • Hope that you find favor in the eyes of the Almighty today and forever. Happiest birthday to you my dearest friend.
  • Thank you for being a great friend. Happy birthday!

  • I am so lucky to have a friend like you in my life! I don’t know what I would do without you. Wishing you a birthday that is the best ever!
  • For your special day, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you so much. You are always there for me when I need you, and I can’t thank you enough for it! Happy birthday my dearest friend!
  • Only a true friend would remember to wish you a happy birthday, but forget to mention your age. Happy birthday, my friend.
  • I love being able to celebrate your birthday with you and can’t wait to celebrate many more. Have the most wonderful birthday, my dear friend.
  • Hope all your birthday wishes come true. I love you my friend. Happy Birthday.




Birthday Messages for Friend

Make your friend smile and express your warmest birthday greetings with these birthday messages for friend. You can either send these as sms or via messaging apps like Instant Messages or messenger. You can even post these birthday wishes for friend on their social media accounts.

  • I will always be grateful for your friendship. Have the most wonderful birthday.
  • Thanks for giving me great memories that will last a lifetime. Happy birthday friend.
  • Thank you for selflessly listening to all my problems and helping me find a solution. Hope you have a great birthday!
  • I just want to know how special you are to me and that I was thinking about you on your special day!
  • Best wishes to you on your birthday, my best friend! No words can express my appreciation having you with me life. Thank you.
  • You make my life so much easier to get through with your positive attitude and your wicked sense of humor. I hope that you are as happy on your birthday as you make me.

  • I love celebrating your birthday with you and not having to spend a lot on the present. Your present is really the shirt that I borrowed from you years ago! Enjoy!
  • Every year you have a birthday is another year I get to celebrate the fact that you are a wonderful friend.
  • As much as you have had to put up with me and my craziness this year, you deserve the best birthday ever. Here is to hoping that your birthday is as awesome as you are a friend.
  • Allow me to wish a wonderful and full of happiness day for you, As my token of appreciation for all the things you’ve done to me my friend. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend

A little humor in your birthday wishes for a friend wouldn’t hurt, rather it might put a smile in their faces. If you don’t like some serious sentiments in your birthday card, you may wanna try these funny birthday messages for friends. Just make sure that the funny birthday wishes for friend would not offend.


  • I’m actually grasping for words to make this message stand out, but I did not do so for I know you’re appreciative personality absorbs even the simplest thing on earth. Happy Birthday dearest friend!
  • You have 24 hours to celebrate. But let me steal a minute of your time to greet you. Happy Wonderful Birthday!
  • Warm greetings to the one who’s reading this. Happy Birthday to the one I truly miss!
  • I can tolerate your negativities. But I can’t tolerate a day without greeting you today.
  • Happy Birthday! I may be dead next year so let’s go out and celebrate today.
  • I thank big time to my strong memory for remembering the exact date of your birthday. Kidding! I know you’ll have Alzheimer’s first.
  • Thumbs up for another year of a big bang!
  • Birthdays are supposed to knock you down at the end of the day. So I hope you were able to talk with your boss on your expected absence tomorrow. Happy birthday!
  • Share your God’s grace today for a change. Happy Birthday!
  • The wines and beers miss you already. Why keep us waiting?

Special Birthday Wishes for Friend

We all have this special friend that we want to make happy and feel loved. As they celebrate their birthday, be sure to drop a special birthday wishes for them. Here are some good birthday wishes for friends that you can get some inspiration from.

Birthday Wishes For Friends

  • I wish that you’ll find real friends in the future, Just as real as me. Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing you a good career first before a good “family”! Remember, “There’s always a time for everything and season for every activity in Heaven.” Happy Birthday!
  • Now that we’re apart, I hope that you’ll find someone nearer to you whom you can laugh and cry with, Because I am not there to be with you. Take a lot of care. Happy Birthday, still!

  • Remember those days when we’re happy? I hope you feel the same way today. Enjoy your day my dearest friend. Happy birthday!
  • A friend like you is hard to find, I hope God will give you a friend by your side. Even though I’m miles away, I am wishing you Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the most supporting, most giving, most passionate and most beautiful/handsome friend in the whole universe. Enjoy your day BFF!
  • We promise to stay together forever and I say even until hangover. I love you best friend. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Card Messages for Friend

Want to express your heartiest birthday greetings to your friend on his/her birthday? Then feel free to use these happy birthday wishes for friends and birthday card messages for a friend. These friend’s birthday wishes are perfect to be sent together with your special gift. Good luck!


  • This is best time for me to tell how much I thankful to have a friend like you, Wishing you the best birthday that is deserve for you. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday friend! I hope that you will enjoy this day, I wish a good health for you and your family.
  • You’ve seen every version of me and still stick around. You’re either insane, superhuman or simply God sent and I love you so much and wish you a happy birthday.
  • There’s very few people as awesome as you. Beautiful. Brilliant, Bold and the best of all friends. You deserve every good thing life can offer and I wish you a splendid Birthday.

Birthday Messages For Friends

  • We spent a week fighting and now I know how it feels to lose a part of me. I’m never taking you for granted anymore. Happy Birthday BFF!
  • You’ve shown me how to live life like a rock star. Thanks for being my inspiration. Happy birthday.
  • You’re the only person who sees the real me and doesn’t cringe at the ugly picture and also the only person who can take on all my baggage with a smile, that’s pretty impressive. I may not say it often enough but thank you and happy Birthday.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

It’s your best friend’s birthday! Since they are dear to us, we have to make sure that our birthday wishes for friends are also extra special. Here are some happy birthday messages for friend that you can use for your birthday greeting cards and birthday ecards. You can also post these friend birthday wishes to their Facebook and twitter account by just hitting the right buttons.

Birthday Wishes For A Friend

  • You are my best friend and I am blessed to have a Good Friend like you. Happy birthday Dear.
  • Birthday is a routine function But Best Friends birthday is only once That is your birthday. Happy Birthday to you.
  • I must be lucky to have a Friend like you. I must be really lucky to have you as best friend Happy birthday to you my dear Friend.
  • Friends are our asset, and if asset is not good They are ruined. I am lucky to have a friend like you As you the best asset I have. Happy birthday Special Friend.
  • This birthday message is written by an humble person who was lucky to have not only your friendship, But also considered as best friend. Happy birthday to my dearest friend.

  • Birthdays like crowded market We have to attend so many every year But Best friends birthday is only once I am glad for me that is your birthday. Happy birthday to you.
  • You are my best friend and when I wish you a birthday wish I am get excited as it my best friends birthday. Happy birthday to you.
  • Your birthday are always amusing to me Because it is my best Friend’s Birthday.
  • When you celebrate birthday I am happy more than my birthday Because Best friend’s birthdays are always special than our own. Happy birthday to you.
  • Birthdays are coming every week as we have to attend lots of them but best friend’s birthday is only once which we will be waiting and I was waiting for your birthday. Happy Birthdaygood-birthday-wishes-for-friend

Birthday Wishes for Friends on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform and probably the best tool to send your birthday wishes for your friend. If you still don’t know what to write on their timeline, these birthday wishes messages for friend on Facebook might help you. Feel free to copy and paste these birthday wishes for friends on their walls or timeline.


  • Happy birthday to you. May you have to most wonderful birthday ever.
  • May your birthday be filled with happiness, joy and love as you celebrate another year. Cherish this and enjoy the day together with your family and friend.
  • Wishing you a day full of blessings and good will. May all you dreams come today!
  • This day is special because it is the day an angel fell from heaven and touched the soil of the earth. This angel is you and I wish you best of birthdays. Have an awesome time!

  • May this be a day of joy and happiness as we together celebrate your birthday we love you, happy birthday!
  • I hope your birthday is getting to be one of the best. May the blessings of god be with you. Happy birthday!
  • This is  the day like no other, the day you were born celebrate it  with joy, happy birthday
  • The stars twinkle at the beauty in your heart. For true beauty is skin deep; you are a blessing to everyone around you. I pray that you have the happiest birthday ever!
  • Happy birthday! May this day mark the beginning of all happiness in your life.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Friends

Inspire your friends on their birthday by sending these warm and inspiring birthday wishes for a friend.


  • You get me, that’s saying a lot because not many people do. You know me, that’s also saying a lot because I barely know myself. I love you bestie! And I wish you a happy birthday.
  • You’ve seen me hit rock bottom and never judged me. You’ve also seen me at my best and still treat me as always. That’s so rare and I know how lucky I am to have a friend like you. Happy Birthday.
  • The reason I jump in feet first and live life so fearlessly is because I know you’ll always be there to have my back. I may not do it as perfect as you but I’ve got your back too. Happy Birthday Girl!
  • I don’t know how you do it because your patience with me could win a world record! Thanks for always being there for me and Happy Birthday!
  • I never say this enough but I love you so much and I’m proud of who you’re becoming. Happy birthday my dear dear!
  • Only love can explain why you’ve put up with me so far. You’re indeed the best friend anyone could ever ask for! Happy Birthday dear.

Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friends

  • I hope that this day is as colorful as you make my life. Happiest birthday, dearest friend!
  • I would rather binge watch movies with you than go through therapy. Let’s stay BFFs forever! And have a great Birthday!
  • There’s only one person I can fight with one minute and then go shopping with the next. Thanks for loving every part of me. I love you and Happy Birthday dear!
  • A day without talking to you feels very wrong, that’s how much you I need you and thank you for never giving up on me happy birthday partner!
  • Hey bestie, I’ll always be here to hold your hand and wipe your tears. You never have to pretend with me, I promise. Happy birthday to the coolest girl I know.

Birthday Wishes for Friend with Picture

Sharing birthday wishes images for friend is also good way to express your birthday greetings for special people in your life. Here, we have a few birthday wishes for friend with picture. Feel free to use them.





Friends are simply precious to most of us. Without them, our life might seem empty, incomplete. They put smile on our face when we are sad and gloomy. They are there to support you and to stand by you. Hence, they deserve to receive something special from you even a simple birthday card with birthday wishes for a friend. We hope that the above collection of birthday wishes for friend was able to help you come up with the best birthday messages for your friend.


Lastly, feel free to use your own wordings in writing friend’s birthday wishes. You know them more than anyone else and you should know what would make them happy. Use our samples of birthday wishes for friend as a guide or inspiration. Feel free to share your own birthday wishes for friend here. Good luck and we hope this post helped. Cheers!


 Birthday Wishes For A Friend

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