Birthday Wishes For Boss

Saying birthday wishes has no exemption. It can be sent to your friends, family, boss or even to people that you don’t personally know. Among other relationship that we shared, our relationship for our boss is said to be the unique one. Know why? Because even we hate or love them, we don’t have a choice or we can’t ignore them, especially on their birthday. On their birthdays, we usually send them some birthday gift and a birthday wishes, in that way we express our care and respect for them and at the same time can strengthen the relationship between us and our boss.

So if you want to take this opportunity to show your gratitude and respect to your boss, you can send them birthday wishes that are appropriate for them. Here are the lists of birthday wishes for boss that you can use as your greetings for them on their birthday. Along with your special birthday gift, write a short note wishing them a happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Boss, Happy Birthday Messages for Boss

Fun and happiness,
Good health and success.
Cheers, boss! Happy Birthday


It is rare to find a good employer
And at the same time a friend.
I am so glad to be your employee
I wish you all the best. Happy Birthday.

For all the motivation and inspiration,
For all those encouragements and good action.
I thank you, Boss.
I wish you nothing but the best.

You’re a strict and meticulous boss.
But you are more a wonderful friend and a nice host.
Thank you for the learning and teachings.
Be happy and smile always.
It’s your birthday!

I wish that all your plans will come true
And that we could spend a lot of time with you.
For you are a wonderful boss we would gladly work to.
Happy Birthday!

We celebrate the day you were born.
Grab the ice cream and popcorn.
We love you as much as we love your kindness.
Happy Birthday to you, your Highness.

Working for you has a lot of pros.
We get to work at a proper cost
And earn a friend who’s always there to help.
Happy Birthday, boss!

Birthday Quotes for Boss, Happy Birthday Quotes for Boss

Making you happy by doing our best is
One of the most fantastic rewards we could get.
But we won’t possibly do that without your guide and help.
So to you we say, thank you and Happy Birthday!

I am proud to say that I work for you.
You are a good boss and a better friend.
We thank you for the help and training that made us all good in our craft.
Happy Birthday!

Doing hard tasks with a great leader like you is just a piece of cake.
When you’re there, difficult tasks seem to be easy to make.
That’s the power you provide. Happy Birthday!

We may not say this always
But we are glad to be working with you.
You’re nice and always gentle to talk to.
And for that, we salute you!
Happy Birthday to the nicest employer in town.

It has been a pleasure for me for working
To a great and amazing person like you
Happy Birthday!

I want to thank all of the things
That you do for me and for my co-workers,
I hope a wonderful and brilliant birthday for you.
Happy Birthday

May your past years bring you more memorable experiences
And happiness that you may still carry to another journey of your life.
Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Boss, Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Boss


You don’t seem to get old.
And we wonder why.
Oh, I know the answer…
Because you got the nicest and greatest team at work.
Right, boss? Happy Birthday!

This day calls for a celebration.
And we will rock your party
Even though we don’t have any invitation.
We know you and you know us.
We’re just hard-headed as you are.
Smile boss! Happy birthday!

Keep up the good work, even if it is your birthday.
Seriously, get back to work.
Happy Birthday!

Since birthdays always put people in a good mood,
I think I want to ask for that raise again.
Just kidding, unless you want to give it to me.
Then, I am being serious.
Happy Birthday, Boss!

You deserve the best on your birthday.
Glad I am here to represent the best.

Birthday Messages for Boss, Happy Birthday Greetings for Boss

I wish you a happy birthday
And good health for you and for your family.
Have a blessed and great birthday!

It can’t easy to find a perfect, humble and kind boss like you
That are existed in this world;
I am lucky I’ll find one of those.
Happy Birthday!

I would like to thank you for inspiring, supporting and guiding me
For the past years that I’ve work for your business.
I hope our good relationship lasts longer.
Happy Birthday Boss!

The only job you have to do today is to enjoy your birthday,
So let’s get this party started!
Happy Birthday Boss

I hope you have happiness and success
on your birthday and every day after.
You deserve it! Happy Birthday!

Working for/with you has always been a great pleasure.
Have a happy and blessed birthday!

As hard as work, you deserve to have a great birthday!
Happy Birthday to the best boss ever!

Birthday Wishes for your Boss, Birthday Wishes Quotes for Boss


Happy birthday to the hardest working person I know.
May you find success and pursuit to happiness.
Happy Birthday Boss!

I hope that this year will be your best yet
Until next year where I hope it keeps getting better.
As the best and greatest Boss I’ve ever met,
You deserve nothing but the best.
Happy Birthday!

Good luck with all that you do.
I hope that all your birthday wishes and dreams come true.
We’re here to support you all the way.
Happy Birthday!

To me, you are not just a boss;
You are a friend and mentor.
Thank you for being there for me.
Happy Birthday!

It is so nice to work for/with
someone as special as you,
Day in and day out.
Have a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the best boss that a person could ever have.
What would we all do without you?
Happy Birthday!

You make working here so much easier and pleasant!
For the support, guidance and trust – Thank you!
May you have the most wonderful and happiest birthday ever!

On the most special of days,
I just wanted to let you know
that I was thinking about you.
Have a wonderful birthday!

Short Birthday Wishes for Boss, Birthday Wishes SMS for Boss

These birthday wishes for boss is perfectly for your birthday cards and gift tags. Although it is just have short phrases but it has a meaningful thought like the long one.

May your birthday be blessed with more success
and prosperity for your business
and also for your personal life.
Happy birthday!

A very nice experience for me to work for a person like you.
Happy Birthday!

I wish a very happy birthday to the most wonderful boss that I’ve met and work for.
Enjoy your day!

I wish an awesome birthday to an awesome boss like you.
Happy Birthday!

I hope that you have another fruitful and exciting year.
Wishing you all the best.
Happy Birthday, Boss!

How did I get so lucky to be able to work with you?
Best wishes on your birthday!

Inspirational Boss Birthday Wishes, Birthday Messages Wishes for Boss

I hope that you will enjoy this entire special day of yours.
I promise that I will do my best for your company.
Have the most wonderful birthday ever!

Thank you for trust and opportunity that you gave.
I wish nothing but all the best for you!
Happy birthday big boss!

I would like to thank you as my incredible boss
That also serves as my mentor and friend
Who always guide and treat me as an equal.
I hope our fabulous relationship as your worker last longer.
Have a great birthday!

On this special day of yours,
I wish God will give you more blessing
May your business prosper more,
Because you deserve it.
Happy birthday boss!