Birthday Wishes for Kids

birthday-wishes-kidsKids will always be special to us, especially to parents and guardians. They are the joy and happiness. They play one of the largest role in making this world happy. In return, we have to make sure that kids are happy and filled with joy as well. We have to make them feel loved, cared for and appreciated. Kids birthdays are one of the most special day in their life. This is the perfect time to make them feel happy. Aside from throwing a birthday party and giving them the best birthday gift, expressing your warmest love in a form of birthday wishes will add to their happiness on their special day.

Want to greet your special little one on his birthday? Here are some suggestions on birthday greetings and birthday wishes for kids. Feel free to use in your birthday cards and birthday ecards. You can use these birthday messages for kids along with a suitable birthday Gifts for Kids. You can also post these wonderful birthday greetings on facebook or twitter or you can sent these greetings by email or Sms.

Kids Birthday Wishes, Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids

You always give us joy.
Looking at you every time you smile brightens up our day!
Enjoy your day kiddo!

I always tell you that are an angel sent to me by God.
With the kindness that you showed us,
you proved me right.
Happy Birthday, kiddo!

You are so naughty and mischievous.
There are times I cannot help myself to be mad at you.
But every time I watch you sleep,
I realize that you are still a child
And you needed my understanding the most.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the sweetest child in the world!

Today is the time for balloons, clowns, and games.
We wish that you’ll enjoy celebrating your childhood!

Time flies so fast that another year is added to your age.
I hope to see you grow up to be such an ideal man
That God wanted you to be.
Your family will always be here to support you!
Have a wonderful Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Children, Christian Birthday Wishes for Kids

Inspire your kiddo with some encouraging and soothing birthday wishes for children. Here are some Christian birthday messages that you can include to your birthday gift note or birthday cards. Don’t forget to include your very own birthday wishes.


Being a child is a nice time to enjoy every minute of the day
playing, watching TV, and crying.
Now that it is your birthday,
I hope you will enjoy the party we prepared for you.
Happy Birthday, sweetie.

I always admire your pure heart, contentment, and being forgiving.
I hope that I will learn to be like you so that life will be easier for me.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Happy birthday baby!

It is always a great feeling every time you look at me and smile.
I tend to forget my worries and problems.
Thank you for giving me all the reasons to move on and be strong.
Happy birthday my little one!

I will always be here to guide you all the way.
To hold you in every step of the way.
I will not feel tired of looking after you.
You will always be my little darling.
Happy birthday my child!

You are a proof of how God works in my life.
I can’t imagine how lucky I am
to be given a chance to bear you in my womb.
I feel so complete because of you.
Let us celebrate this day!

Birthday Greetings for Kids, Happy Birthday Greetings for Kids

If you need more inspiration in writing birthday greetings for your little one, here are more samples of birthday messages for children that you can use. Some of these are inspirational and personal so you can always add your own variety of wordings suitable for your kid.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful angel here on earth!
Have a sweetest birthday ever!

I am sorry if sometimes I am hard on you.
Just always remember that whenever I scold you,
it is because I love you so much
that I cannot allow you to be bad.

Your kind-hearted nature is an inspiration
for me to be a better person.
Thanks for shedding light into my life.
Happy birthday!

You are the reason of my survival.
The drive that keeps me going
despite anything that comes my way.
I love you baby!

Papa Bear and Mama Bear
Singing together
To greet you a Happy Birthday
Enjoy your Day!

1st Birthday Wishes for Kids , Happy Birthday For Kids

You’re little one is turning ONE? She/he might not be mature enough to understand words but you can always write your birthday wishes to a card or gift tag and keep it for them to see when they grow up. It’s also a great addition for a scrapbook project that they can later on use.


Little toes and little fingers
Wrapping my loving and caring hand
You brought happiness and joy to my life
I wish you a happy, happy birthday!

Time flies when you’re having fun
Now, I can’t believe you’ve turned ONE.
Happy Birthday, my sweetie.

Smile, have fun
You’re now ONE.
Just enjoy every moment
Of love, joy and merriment
Happy Birthday, child.

I wish God will bless you as you grow up
I wish your nothing but the best
Happy Birthday!

My little angel
It’s your birthday
Have fun and smile
As the party of the year has begun.
Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages for Kids, Kids Birthday Card Messages

Kids appreciate everything that they can get on their special day. Same goes with kids birthday cards. So make sure that you got the best birthday card messages for your child. Here are some ideas for birthday messages.

Times to blow candles
Get ready to open your gifts
Let’s get this party started
Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Life is full of surprises and challenges
On your birthday, my wish is for you to have
The patience, the skills and the courage
To overcome life’s struggles
Happy Birthday!

Growing up is inevitable
I wish you all the best
Happy Birthday, sweetie pie.

You’re one year older, and one year prettier
You’re the sweetest child in the world.
Happy, Happy Birthday!
May you get all the toys and gifts you want for your special day
Wishing you all God’s graces and blessings.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages for Kids, Cute Birthday Messages for Kids


To someone who will always be precious to me
To someone who will be so dear
Happy Birthday, my little angel!

Here’s your gift
Here’s your cake
Here’s your day
A very big day.
Happy, Happy Birthday!

I’ve prepared a big cake
Too big you can’t eat them all
So I invited your friends to share with
Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday!

Hey little man
Get ready and have some fun
For this day is your special day
Enjoy your biggest and happiest birthday!

Warm hugs and kisses for the little angel
Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Messages for Kids, Funny Kids Birthday Wishes

You’re a year older
By now, you should know how to potty yourself
Happy Birthday!

I got my gift wrapped up for you.
I’ll be sending it next year.
You have so many gifts today anyway.
Dude, I wish you a happy birthday!

Happy Burpday!
Ooops…I mean happy birthday!
Thanks for the treat!

It’s another year of commemorating your birth.
In other words, you’re an old person.
Enjoy your birthday!

Snuff all you can with just a single blow!
Have fun!
Happy birthday!