Birthday Wishes For Mother

It’s your mom’s birthday and you’re looking for good wordings to say Happy Birthday Mom? Don’t worry, you’ve come at the right place. A birthday gift plus the sweetest happy birthday wishes for mother can be a perfect present for her big day! A heartfelt mom birthday wishes can make her feel loved, cared for and appreciated. So, no need to search further. We have here a collection of birthday messages for your mom that will surely make her birthday extra special. Feel free to choose below.

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom

  1. Dear Mom, You are the sweetest mom in the world
    Happy Birthday Mom!
  2. Mom as the birthdays are coming,
    You are becoming younger
    Sweet birthday Mom
  3. Mom I so lucky to have a mother
    like you. You are my best friend
    Happy birthday sweet and kind mom
  4. Mom happy birthday to you,
    But still you have to cook for me
    (You are my close friend)
  5. Mom oh sweet mom
    Is your age is increasing or decreasing
    on each birthday???
    Sweet Birthday wishes from this daughter
  6. You are my shining star
    who has helped me grow
    and always present for proper guidance throughout.
    Happy birthday wishes Mother.
  7. You are the best friend I ever had.
    You are more than just a mother to me
    and an ultimate teacher
    and a sweet person.
    Happy birthday.
  8. You have been my inspiration
    my entire life as you taught us
    how to play different roles in life
    and be so cool also.
    Happy birthday Mother.
  9. Wishing you a special day
    free from worries and care
    that you always have for us.
    Today is your day to be us.
    Happy birthday mother.


Birthday Wishes for Mom, Birthday Wishes Messages for Mom

I wish more strength and power to you all the time,
I hope God will always be with you, like you to your children.
Happy Birthday Ma!

Thanks you very much to all the things that you offer to us,
I am very proud to be your child,
I wish nothing but all the best for you.
Have a nice birthday to my beloved mother.

I would never be able to get through my day
without knowing that there is someone out there
in the world that loves me as much as you do.
On your birthday, I want you to know that
I love you so much too.

I am so lucky that you are my Mom.
You are one of a kind!

Happy birthday, Mom!
Thanks for always being there to support me with all my decisions,
even if you didn’t agree.

Birthday Card Messages for Mom

Looking to send happy birthday messages to your mom, then look the below collection birthday greetings and birthday messages for mom. You can select your favorite birthday message from the below collection of birthday message for mom

Happy birthday to the best Mom in the world.Mom,
you are absolutely irreplaceable!
Hope you have a great birthday.

Mom, happy 25th birthday for the ____ year in a row!
You don’t look a day over 16!

After having to deal with taking care of me all of your life,
you deserve to have the best birthday ever!

Mom, I hope that your birthday is just as amazing as you are.”

I work so hard every day to be as great as you are.
Thanks for making the bar so high, Mom!

You are the only person that has always given me a shoulder to cry on,
a joke to laugh at, and a piece of advice to frown at!
I am old enough now to give that to you! Happy birthday, Mom.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Mom

Mom, you are my best friend and greatest confidante.
I couldn’t be any happier to have you as my mother!
Happy Birthday!

Just for your birthday when people say we look like sisters,
I will let you bask in the compliment for a little while before I freak out!

I wasn’t always the easiest to handle,
but somehow you always made me feel
loved! Back at you for your birthday!

Mom, you make me feel like I have always had someone in my corner.
Thanks and happy birthday.”

Happy birthday, Mom! I can’t even begin to describe
how special you have always made me feel.

Best Birthday Messages for Your Mom

Birthday Messages for Your Mom

Wishing you a healthy body to further take care of me and Daddy.
I love you Mommy. Happy Birthday!

You’ve been busy with household chores Mom.
I hope you got time to go to Salon. Happy Birthday!

You gave us the most thoughtful service every day.
Today, I hope you let someone do some service for you instead.
Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday!
Wishing for a best day for the best mom in the world!

Leave your responsibilities for now;
Please have time for yourself even just today.
Have fun on your birthday!

Mom, thank you for everything.
You’ve been so loving and supportive.
On your special day, I want to greet you.
Happy Happy Birthday, Mom!

Birthday Wishes For Mom From Daughter

Birthday Wishes For Mom From Daughter

My Sweety, I have only one true friend in my life
That is you my dear Mom
Happy Birthday to you

My true friend, My guide, My well wisher,
As a Daughter I am more than lucky
To get a Mom like you.
Happy birthday to you Mom

Hi Mom, It is your birthday.
As a Kid I can not conduct birthday party
So better You conduct the party.
I want to eat the birthday Cake
Happy Birthday to a sweetest Mom

Are you my Mom?
Are you my Guide?
Are you my well wisher?
Are my true friend?
Yes you are
I am the luckiest girl
to have a mom like you

Birthday Wishes for Mom from Son

Hi Mom you are my friend.
Happy Birthday to you

Mom a man can have only one true women friend,
whom he can trust hundred percent.
That is his mom.
Happy birthday to you

Because of you, I grew up as a better man
Thank you for your loving care and support
Happy Birthday mom!

To the first woman I love,
Happy birthday.
I wish you nothing but the best!

No one can ever replace you in my heart
You will always be the best part of me.
Happy Birthday my dear mother!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom for Facebook

Happy Birthday to Mom.
You are the sweetest mom in the world

Hi Mom, Today is your Happy Birthday
I am very lucky to have a Mom like you
Sweet Birthday Wishes to You

I am Lucky because I have a Mom like you
Happy Birthday to you.
(And you are lucky to have a Son/daughter like me)

Mom when I was a child you celebrated my birthday
Now as an Adult I will celebrate your birthday
Happy Birthday to you my sweet Mom

Birthday Card Messages For Mom, Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

Mom is going to have a birthday? Greet her and share your birthday wishes for her here! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Happy Birthday!

Mom, I loved you yesterday, I love you tomorrow and everyday.
You were there for me on my first day of school, to hold my hand and give me courage to go.
You listened to me when I needed to talk, you talked to me when I needed to listen.
You let me grow and learn from my own mistakes.
You never left my side when I was feeling down, I knew you would be there to pick me up.
I wish there was a way I could repay all the things you have done for me, but there’s nothing great enough to repay the greatest mother of all.
– Anonymous

If I have forgotten, I’m thanking you now
You taught me right from wrong….
I hope you know how much you’re loved and appreciated
I hope you, instinctively, knew all along. – Anonymous

Mother, you’re the best in town
Nay the County, indeed, the Nation.
Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday
To my Number 1 relation. – Anonymous

When it comes to Mothers
There are lots of them about
But you’re the very very best
Of that, there is no doubt
Happy Birthday Momsie. – Anonymous

It is because of you my mother,
That I breathe my life every second.
It is because of your love my mother,
I know how to love my life.
Mother, thanks for being there,
Because without you, there would have been no me nor my humble existence!
– Anonymous

Happy Birthday Poems for Mom

You have guided me how to raw this life,
You have shown me the tricks and traps,
You have protected me from the darkness
Oh mom you are my guide and savior.

You have taught me the blessings of the god,
For whom I pray every day for you.
You have teach me the art of living,
For that I am blessed for you

You have shown me how strict a mother can be
Without that I won’t be here,
You have shown me how good friend a mother can be
For that I am rejoiced again and again

Happy birthday to you mom
Wishing you a birthday that,
That brings the smile and happiness,
That is filled with fun and party
That rejoices all our family and friends
That is what my birthday wish for you
On this birthday of my sweet mom

Happy Birthday Mother Poem

Happy birthday sweet mom it is you daughter,
You were feeding me cake on my birthday
To wish you a birthday with fun and party,
let me feed you a special Cake for you

A birthday cake made out of love,
Cooked in my heart with passion,
Will serve you with happiness
To wish my mom a happy birthday

As you use to conduct my birthday party,
Let me conduct your birthday party,
Filled with fun, love and dance
To mark your birthday my sweet,

Happy Birthday my sweet mom
let it be full of fun and celebration
Filled with joy and happiness,
That is what my birthday wish for you
On this birthday my sweet mom

Birthday Wishes for Mother: We often fall short of words when we have to express our feelings for our mother. Mother is no less than a God and therefore, it is very important that you make her feel special on her birthday. Aside from the gift that you have prepared for her, you can make her birthday a little bit more special by uttering heartfelt birthday wishes for her. Here are some really unique and heart touching birthday wishes for mother. You can send these birthday wishes to your mother and make her feel special on her special day.

Birthday Wishes For Mother

To the God’s greatest creation,
wishing the very best of birthday wishes.
I am what I am today because of you mother.
Happy Birthday Mummy!

This is the best day for me
as it is the birthday of my creator.
You are equivalent to God to me.
Good wishes for you on your birthday.


All the luxuries of life
cannot mach the comfort
that I get when I rest my head on your lap.
Its a worldly feeling.
Happy birthday mother.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother

If it weren’t for this day,
even I wouldn’t have been born.
So wishing my Mom a very happy birthday.

Its only because of you
that I am able to see this
beautiful world and walk.
Happy birthday Mom.

You were the best gift to me by God.
Happy birthday Mum.

May your day be
full of sweet and nice surprises.
Happy birthday Mother.

Birthday Wishes Messages for Your Mother

You are special and you are kind,
your love elsewhere is very hard to find.
Wishing you a very Happy birthday mum.

God sent us an angel
even before we were born.
And I am blessed to have you as my angel.
Happy birthday.
Thank you for everything.

You are so caring and kind,
I am blessed to have you mine.
Happy birthday mother.

I cannot imagine a
perfect person as much as you.
You have blend me with all the
worldly blessings and good guidance.
Happy birthday mother.

As you embark upon next year
of your splendid life,
I would like you to know
how much you mean to me
and there’s no deed
ever as comparable to what you have done for me.
Happy Birthday Mumma!

Birthday Greetings for Mother, Birthday Messages for Mother

Mother you are the best.
There’s no celebrity
and God for me except you.
Love you mom.
Happy birthday.

You have made my life extraordinary.
You are special.
Happy birthday wishes to dearest Mom.

You have been such a support
as a mother, wife, sister, daughter.
You are my role model
and I will always love you forever.
Happy birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes for Mother, Happy Birthday Greetings for Mother

Hope you fill us with more love
in the coming years
and we feel blessed in your presence.
Happy birthday from your entire family.

Moms like you are very rare
to find as you are so sweet
caring and kind.
Happy birthday to one such loving mother.

You mean the world to us mom.
Happy birthday.

A mother always thinks about
her family first then about herself.
You put all your priorities behind.
We can never be more thankful
for the life you gave us.
Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes Quotes for Your Mother

I hope you have a wonderful day
and a year ahead full of surprises
and sweet and cheerful memories.
Happy birthday.

Do you remember
I used to say how beautiful
and kind you are.
I still do and your love
and warmth has grown more over the years.
Thanks for this life mother, happy birthday.

The best part of having you
as my mother was not to have faced
any difficult situation ever alone.
You were always by my side.
Happy birthday Mother.

Mothers are the best teachers in the world
and it couldn’t be truer.
Thanks for the lovely guidance Mother.
Stay blessed.
Happy birthday.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Mother, Birthday Wishes for mother-in-law

Who needs gardens and playgrounds
when I have you as my jolly time buddy.
You are more than a friend too.
Happy birthday mother.

My respect for you
is no less than your love for me.
Blessed to have you as my mother.

You gave birth to me,
nurtured me,
cared for me,
fought for me,
scolded me for my misdeeds,
taught me ways of life
but more importantly you loved me unconditionally.
Happy Birthday Mumma!

Happy wishes to a lovely
and most affectionate mother on Earth.
Happy birthday to the most beautiful lady.

Happy Birthday Messages for Mother

You will always be
my first love no matter what.
Love you Mother.
Happy birthday.

Your arms were always open
whenever I needed a hug.
Your lap gave comfort
whenever I was in distress.
You are the best Mom in the world.
Happy birthday.

There has never been
nor there will be anything stronger
than the bond between a mother and her child.
Happy birthday to one such mother.

Be as special as you are.
It is your day
and I am so happy to have wished you so early.
Happy birthday.

Birthday Card Messages for Mother, Birthday Wishes for Card for Mother

Birthday Card Messages for Mother

If you were not my mother
I would have been so jealous of your children.
You are truly special.
Happy birthday Mum.

You are always on your toes
for all of us and
today is the special day
to make you feel special
and be at your service for
everything that you have done for us.
Happy Birthday Mom!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have loved you since
the day I could see.
I have never witnessed
anything more beautiful than a mother’s love.
I love you mommy!
Happy Birthday 🙂

So these were beautiful birthday wishes for mother. You can send these wishes by writing them on greeting cards or you can sms these wishes on your mother’s phone. And yes, don’t forget to buy a beautiful present/gift for your mom to give on her birthday. You can buy something which she loves and adores like her favorite gadget, cosmetic, book, a photo-frame with a beautiful picture of you and your mom or anything that touches your mom’s heart and make her feel special.

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