Choosing the best birthday wishes for son is as important as choosing the best gift to give to him on his special day. More than just gift, sweet birthday messages and greetings are what most of us would treasure and remember. The words that express your love and care for your son will forever be cherished in their hearts. So, as your treasured SON celebrate one of the most important events on his life, be sure to warm his heart with heartfelt birthday wishes and messages. If you’re looking for inspiration, you might want to refer to our samples below.

Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy Birthday Son

If you want to wish your son a Happy Birthday but unsure what to say, no need to worry. We have a few list of birthday wishes for your son that you can choose from. Just scroll down and see our samples:

  • When you were born, we were blessed. Happy Birthday Son!
  • Now we are proud parents of a great young man. Watching your growth in age and charecter was a great joy to us. Happy Birthday Son
  • Happy Birthday Son! May you have very great year ahead with lot of best things on your way!!
  • As you turn another year older, May God give you his choicest blessings. You are the best gift god has given to us, like baby jesus to Mary and Joseph. Happy Birthday My dear Boy. We are praying for you.
  • We are very proud of you, what you have become now! Wishing you one more year of great fun and happiness. Happy Birthday my son
  • You are not only a great son, bu as you become old, you have become a great friend for me. Happy Birthday my dear Son
  • You are a valuable tresure to a parent, and I am proud to be your dad. I am wishing you a very great birthday and year full of happiness and peace
  • You are a tresure in my life and having a son like is the best gift in our life. Let us celebrate your birthday. happy Birthday my dear son
  • As every year pass by, I feel older, and may be I am getting older. But I am sure you are making me feel old. Happy Birthday
  • When you were a baby, it was real fun. Now you have grown up and become a great gentle man. Wishing you an awsome Birthday!!!!

Birthday Wishes For Son

Birthday Wishes for Son

  • I feel so blessed to have you as my son.
    On your birthday, I would like to wish you the best.
    May you be successful on your pursuit to happiness.
    Happy Birthday!
  • You are one of the most beautiful things that ever happen to me.
    For that, I thank God for giving me a wonderful child.
    Happy Birthday to you, my son!
  • I may have scolded you many times,
    I may appear strict and cold to you at times,
    But keep in mind that I’m only like this because I Love you.
    And I want only the best for you.
    Happy Birthday, kiddo!
  • Every time I look at you, I’m reminded how life can be so beautiful,
    How God blessed and loved me so much.
    For He gave such a wonderful and handsome child to me.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for inspiring me to work harder each day. Happy birthday son!
  • Today is the big day of the person who has made me feel so blessed and lucky to have him as my child.


Birthday Messages for Son

These birthday messages for your son are good to be partnered with gifts you think he’ll love. You can write these in a gift tag or in a birthday card.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son

You trained me to be the parent that I am now.
I will always be grateful to you. Let us celebrate your day!

Your birthday marks the special day in my life when I had you as my child.
It has opened a special chance for me to share my life with you.

Being a parent is hard but you made it really easy for me.
I am so glad that you grew up to be such a nice boy. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! This day always reminds me of that special emotion I felt the first time I saw you on your actual birthday.

I am so happy to see you grow each day with me.
Now that you are ___, I cannot help myself from feeling sad that very soon
you will also start building your own family.

I may sometimes yell at you, or may always be busy to attend to your needs. But, here in my heart, I always regret being unfair to you at times. I am sorry. Your birthday reminds me that you are my life. I love you!

Best Birthday Wishes for Your Son


May this greeting excite you for your special day and that may you realize how colorful the world is with you in it. Enjoy your birthday!

I’m so thankful for that one screaming baby who was born on this day some years ago because that baby grew up to be one of the best and most awesome son on this earth! Happy birthday and have an awesome time on your special day.

Happy Birthday to one special child of God.
Who never fail to surprise and inspire others.
We love you from the moon and back.

Another year older but never really wiser. Here’s to more wild days and crazy adventures, my dear son. Happy birthday!

I thank God that He’s always there to guide you,
In everything you do and dream of doing,
Ask for His assistance and guidance.
Enjoy your birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad


You’re getting older; it’s time to get serious.
Nah, I’m just kidding.
Happy Birthday!

Another year had passed; another birthday has given to you.
Potato. I ran out of words to rhyme so I just want to say Happy Birthday to you!

You are by far the cleverest and mischievous person I know.
That’s why I’m able to understand you, because I am, too.
Happy birthday to the greatest buddy in town!

Past is over. You have to forget it.
Your present, too.
Happy Birthday!

I could not wish anything for you because I believe you already have the best of both worlds.
But I’m praying you’ll be happy always. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom


In life, we will always meet new people.
But you’ll always my eye’s apple.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! I wish you all the happiness in the world, because believe me, out of all the people on earth, you deserve it.

Words are not enough to express how glad I am that you are celebrating another year of your life. I wish that you are happy on this day because you make me happy just by being my son. Don’t you ever change—unless it’s for the better! Happy, happy birthday! More to come!

Birthday Messages for Son

To my dearest son: I know you wish the best for me, but will you stop celebrating your birthday? It makes me feel old! Just kidding. Have a happy birthday today and I wish you more birthdays to celebrate in the coming days of your life.

It’s a good day to celebrate your day.
I wish nothing but all the good fortunes may come in your way.
Happy Birthday.

Religious Birthday Wishes For Son


Wishing you a happy birthday my dear sweet son. Thank you for giving me the chance to experience motherhood.

May all your dreams come true and may happiness be your portion. Happy birthday my son, I love you!

No matter how old you grow, never forget that you will forever remain my baby boy. You are my greatest pride in life. Happy birthday!

Rare luck falls on people once in a million years, but never in my life did I ever think that I would be amongst those you get the honor until I had you. You are an angel, a priceless blessing my son. Happy birthday!

You are an amazing son, every parent’s dream come true. Have a fantastic birthday dear!

Life is what you make it my son. Remember all that we taught you and always stay true to yourself. Happy birthday!

My greatest happiness is that when I look at you, I see part of me in you. And every single day I grow proud of you. Happy birthday son!

Top Birthday Wishes Quotes for Son


Our little boy is all grown up now: face life with courage and positivity in all you do. Remember you can always come home to us. Best birthday!

When life gets hard and you need someone to say it is going to be okay; just run home to me and I will be waiting to give you a big hug. Because you will always be my little boy. Have a fabulous birthday!

Thank you for making motherhood the best experience of my life! Have a memorable birthday dear!

Dear son, we just want to wish you the best in life. And to remind you that our love for you will never fade away. Happiest birthday!

Because of you, I am the happiest human being in the world. Thank you for all the happiness you have brought to me. Have a great birthday my son!

My beloved son, you have made me proud and happy all these years. May your future bring to you success and prosperity all the days of your life. Wishing you a marvellous birthday!

Thank you for bringing us laughter, smiles and happiness. Have a fun filled birthday!

Happy birthday my son! May your day bring you good health, success, fun and everything nice. Wishing you only the best now and for the rest of time.


Our section of birthday wishes for son are open for those who want to share their own birthday greetings and messages for their son’s birthday. Feel free to comment and post your own greetings below. Those birthday messages and comments will be posted on Facebook.


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