Love Messages for Boyfriend

Boys have their funny bone, too! Tickle their emotions with these Love Messages for Boyfriend that will make them love you more! You can also write these love wordings in your Valentine’s Day cards and love cards. Make them feel your love by sending these as love SMS messages or love text messages.

Love Wishes for Boyfriend

Love Messages for Boyfriend

  1. I can’t help but smile when I look at you.
  2. I feel butterflies here in my stomach whenever I am beside you.
  3. No words can explain how much you mean to me.
  4. I love you because you are you.
  5. Thank you for choosing me to be your girl.
  6. You are the brightest star in my eyes.
  7. I love the feel of your strong muscles whenever you hug me.
  8. I love the tender kisses that we share.

I cannot imagine myself to be with another man.Love Messages for BoyfriendYou are my one and only love.

I never loved anybody as much as I love you.

To love you is the first thing I want to do today, to hug you is the second.

Your romantic personality makes me fall in love with you more.

I feel like a princess when I am with you.

Looking at you is enough for me to say that I really love you.
Love Wishes for Boyfriend
I love to hear your voice. It makes me feel that you are near me.

When you hold my hands I feel that I am truly yours.

I love you more than words could ever say.

Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend

Love Greetings for Boyfriend
If I am passive sometimes, I am sorry. I just do not know how to be sweet to you. Can you teach me?

Every day with you is Valentine. I do not have to wait for Feb.14 just to let you feel special.

You are the reason why I am glowing with happiness.

Life is happy with someone as loving as you!

You always make me feel beautiful.

I love you because God gave you to me.
Love text for Boyfriend
You are like a vitamin that removes my stress and makes me energetic.

24 hours is not enough when we are together. I want to be with you longer.

I love it when I make you smile.

Your presence is enough to rock my world.

You are mine, and I am yours. I love you, I love you!

love messages for him

Here are some samples of love messages for him that you can use for your cards or as love text messages. Feel free to post these messages of love for your boyfriend, husband or special someone on their facebook walls or twitter profiles.

I love you for letting me use your sweater whenever I feel cold.
But hugging me would do.
Lots of loving sweetheart.

Those frightening feeling in times
I thought I was going to fall transforms
into a gleeful feeling of love when you’re there to catch me.
Thank you and I love you.

The man that you are is the man that I need:
no pretentions, no lies, just you. I love you.

Do you know how much happiness I feel
when I am studded with problems and
you’ll sit next to me and talk with me?
You always lighten up my burdens.
I love you.

I consider your shoulder as my sanctuary.
No harm can touch me when I lean on there.
I love you.
Thank you for serving as my thoughtful guide when I feel deeply lost.
I love you!

Ladies are hard to understand,
yet you understand me.
Your friends must be so proud of you!
Good night!

I instantly smile when I think of how much you work hard and tell me it’s for our future.
I love you!

You’re the firm wall that hinders all the hazards that might attack me.
You are such a strong and brave man, that’s why I love you.

Time after time I am establishing an idea on my mind that
you are the man I am going to spend my life with.
I love you!

When you pose hideous and wacky faces on photos,
others might find it awful, but I find it so cute.
Love you!

You talk to me like we are best friends.
We quarrel like a husband and wife.
We play silly games like kids, and you protect me like I am your sibling.
Could this relationship get any better?
I want to stay this way forever.

Love Text Messages for Him

Looking for romantic love text messages for him? Look no more. Here we provide some of the sweet and most inspirational love messages for husband, for boyfriend or for special someone. These love SMs messages for him are packed with lovely wordings that will surely make him love you more, or notice you if he still doesn’t.

Even if I’m the wrong one and never admitted it, you’re still the one offering your apology. Thanks. Love you!

I love it that you show to other people that you are confident to have me. I love you!

You are my shelter that keeps me safe from the storm. That’s how much I need you. I love you!

You are the only guy who left me wandering with my mouth open. You’re that astonishing! I love you!

Cupid must be so wise for shooting me with his arrow while looking at your gorgeous and handsome face. I love you!

You are the healthy food when I am already starving to death. You are that important to me. I love you!

You are like the scented blow of air that I breathe, because I’ll be lifeless if you’ll be gone. Don’t leave me. I know you won’t. I love you!

You like an umbrella: you are always there to protect me, rain or shine. I love you!
I am not a perfect and not the most beautiful girl. But your love just made feel complete, perfect and beautiful. Thank you.

I always feel wonderful when I am with you. I wish to be holding hands with you always and face tomorrow together. I Love you.

Roses are red, violets are blue. When I am with you, there is no more feeling blue. You just made my life complete. You just made me happier. And I hope we stay this way. I Love you!

I feel so special when I am with you. Thank you for being such a wonderful boyfriend to me. I will always love you.