It’s Dussehra! With dussehra sms messages, greeting your relatives, family members and closed friends in this auspicious day is just an sms away. Gone are those days that you have to buy Dussehra greetings cards or create your own dussehra cards. Now, all you need is a cellphone, a load, and a perfect dussehra SMS. Can’t find one? You may one to use one of the samples of Dussehra messages below. We included some inspirational dussehra greetings and happy dussehra sms for your friends.


Collection of Happy Dussehra SMS


[snip msg]Dussehra is here!
The day for light’s victory over darkness,
So I’m wishing you prosperity and happiness,
And life’s contentment and cheerfulness.
Happy Dussehra![/snip]



[snip msg]You’ve received an SMS packed with,
And Blessings.
Have a happy Dussehra![/snip]



[snip msg]I have a special gift for you:
Here it is: an SMS filled with blessings and love.
Enjoy your gift! I’ll be waiting for mine.
Happy Dussehra![/snip]



[snip msg]May the courage of Lord Rama be your inspiration as you conquer your life’s difficulties.
For this courage will help you achieve triumph and success in life.
Happy Dusshera![/snip]



[snip msg]Knock! Knock!
Here’s a greeting for you this Dussehra:
Wishing that you’ll be blessed
And have a prosperous Dussehra![/snip]



[snip msg]May the Lord of Light shower you with lots of blessings and love.
May you be blessed and have prosperous life ahead.
Happy Dussehra![/snip]



[snip msg]This may seem like a simple SMS,
But don’t belittle it as it is filled with heartfelt wishes,
Wishing that Lord Rama may shower you with blessings and happiness.
Happy Dussehra![/snip]

Happy Dussehra SMS

Want to wish your loved and dear ones a Happy Dussehra but can’t find the right words to say it? Worry no more as we’re here to provide you a collection of happy Dussehra SMS messages and Dasara greetings that you can use for your Dusserha cards and printable Dussehra cards. We also include some heartfelt Dussehra wishes and Dussehra love messages for your special someone on this auspicious day. Feel free to share these messages for Dussehra as Dussehra facebook status and Dussehra quotes and sayings.


Collection of Dussehra SMS English


[snip msg]On Dussehra,
As you celebrate triumph of light over darkness,
I wish you happiness and success.
Happy Dussehra![/snip]



[snip msg]Time to celebrate.
Time to rejoice.
For the light defeats darkness,
And we’re brought with prosperity and peace.
Happy dussehra![/snip]



[snip msg]Start this day with heart filled with cheer and delight,
As Dussehra reminds us that darkness will never defeat light.
Happy Dussehra to all![/snip]



[snip msg]May this Dussehra be the new beginning for you…
A time for you to realize your true dreams and ambitions,
Keep Lord Rama’s courage in your heart,
And you’ll surely fulfill your heart desires.
Happy Dussehra![/snip]



[snip msg]Dusserha gives us inspiration,
And reminds us that good will always defeat evil.
Keep the true essence of Dussehra in your heart,
To fulfill your life’s goals and drams.
Happy dussehra![/snip]



[snip msg]Sending you an SMS packed with love and blessings.
Wishing you all the best this Dussehra!
Happy Dussehra![/snip]



[snip msg]To the most wonderful person I’ve known,
Happy Dusserha!
May you fulfill all of your heart desires.[/snip]

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