Christmas is here and you still don’t know what Christmas gift to give to your dad? We’re here to help you. We will give some Christmas gift ideas for dad that will hopefully help you pick the best choices. Depending on your dad’s wants and interests, you should probably get the best pick.

Christmas gifts for dad can be in different forms. Whether is it in a form of wrapped Christmas gifts, fancy Christmas gift basket, or expensive Christmas hamper, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the gift should be something your dad would love to use. So here are some top Christmas gift ideas for dad you may consider:

Christmas Gifts for Dad

  • Facial moisturizer – Help dad to feel clean and fresh with a facial moisturizer! Transform the oily, rough and dry face to a well-moisturized, soft and smooth skin. If dad worries about the possible harsh effect, assure him that it has a mild touch and is non-irritating.
  • Wine and Cheese Hamper – Does your dad a wine lover? Shop for a gourmet wine and partner it with some cheese. Arrange them beautifully in a Christmas hamper and you’re good to go.Wine-Cheese_-Hamperimage credit:
  • Trendy Underwear – Underwear made out of high quality cotton provides a comfortable feeling. Part of money spent on each pair of this underwear will go to a charity, so it is a double purpose purchase.
  • Watch – Busy dads always want to keep track of time, but still get in with the latest fashion. This classy and toughly-built watch will be perfect, anytime and anywhere; even if dad goes diving up to 100 ft. deep.
  • First series of Rake – This Australian TV series tackling about the adventures of the clever but mishap-friendly barrister Cleaver Greene, is a must-seen. If your dad doesn’t know about it yet, well, Christmas is the time.
  • Funny T-shirts – Do you think dads always sound authoritative? They sure do, but it doesn’t suggest the absence of sense of humor. Tickle your dad ‘til he brings out his soft side with t-shirts with comical statements printed on it. This is one of the funny Christmas gifts you can give to him
  • Coffee Mugs – If your dad loves coffee, a mug can be a good option as Christmas gift. You can make it personalized by including your Christmas message on it like “The Best Dad”, or “Handsome Dad”.
  • Car Kit – This is perfect for a dad who’s always on the go with his car. It has enhanced GPS and firm docking onto the dashboard. Dad may now take calls from his iPhone 4, or listen to the tunes that he loves, without interrupting his driving.
  • Barbeque tools with LED lights – Some dads may hate cooking, but gadgets really never disappoints; even if it is a kitchen gadget. These BBQ tools—fork; spatula; and tongs— have a built-in torchlight, so dad will not mess up again with grilling.
  • Reusable coffee cup – You can consider the eco-friendliness of an item in giving gifts; a way to help the environment. Variety of silicon coffee cups will not let dad’s hand feel the heat, and are also dishwasher safe.
  • Car Accessories – Another good Christmas gift for your dad is accessories for his car. That is especially if he’s spending most of his time driving. Let’s say, driving to the office, trips, etc. This is something he would always use.
  • Quad headlamp– Another gadget suggestion! Tech devices with good specs are surely attractive to the male populace. This waterproof and lightweight headlamp (less than a hundred grams) instilled with 4 LED ultra-bright lights, may be a good gift idea as well.

By considering above tips and Christmas gift ideas for dad, you will be able to get the best present for your dad this Christmas. Don’t forget to know what your dad really want before you go on your Christmas gift shopping.

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