A religious way of welcoming a baby into Christianity is a christening ceremony. Christening gift ideas gives you suggestions for gifting a baby on a christening day. Christening gifts makes the baby and its family remembers the day and makes it an unforgettable day in their life. The christening gift will be the baby’s first gift in its life and it would be treasured by the baby’s family. Make the occasion a happy occasion with your christening gifts. Here are some christening gift ideas

Bible is the symbol of spirituality and purity. The christening baby needs wishes and blessings from Christ and bible reading makes one’s life perfect and pure. Holy bible with colorful illustrations and stories can be given as a christening gift for the baby. The holy bible would be the greatest gift a baby can get on its christening day as it holds the purity and showers the blessings of the Christ.

Photo frame
Present a photo frame either with a cross and nice quotes or with a photograph of the baby with the baby’s name on it. There are also frames available with christening words imprinted on it. The christening day would be remembered as a sweet day with your photo frame gift for the baby.

Christening pendants
A christening pendant is an ideal gift for christening gifts. A silver or gold pendant would be nice depending on your budget.

Gift box
Gift box contains a piggy bank, silver or personalized crosses digital photo frame, child holy bible, baby shawl etc. Collection of gifts wrapped in a beautifully decorated gift box would be a perfect gift as it fulfills several needs of the baby and would make both the baby and mum to feel so excited. Useful baby care products like body massage oil, moisturizing lotion or cream, hair oil can also be wrapped in a gift box and gifted as a christening gift.

Bedroom wall decors
The baby and mother’s bedroom needs special decoration as it will have impact on the baby. The baby will start looking at colors and object movements. So a bedroom décor item would be an ideal christening gift. Colorful stickers to be stick on the walls of the room are available to make the baby smile seeing the bright colors. Night glow stars and moons are available which they stick it on the ceiling can also be given as a bedroom décor gift.

A young sapling
As a remembrance gift on the day of baby’s christening a young sapling can be gifted so as the sapling will grow along with the baby. It would be different and interesting christening gift.

Silver bangle
The girl baby can be given a silver bangle with a cross hanging in it and it is an excellent gift for a christening girl baby.

Clothes gift box
Go for clothes gift as it will be an apt gift on a christening day for the baby. Pure cotton dresses for the little baby can be wrapped up as christening gift.

Christening gift card
Present them a gift card on the day of christening as it would be used by the baby’s parents as per their likes and as per the baby’s requirements.

Christening shawl
A beautifully spun white shawl can be gifted as a christening gift to the baby. Make sure the shawl material is very soft to make the baby feel so comfortable and soft.

Funky height chart
Every parent would love to see its baby growing day by day. Measuring height charts as a christening gift would add more joy for the parents. Lots of funky height charts are available buy them and gift it as a christening gift.

Baby serving set
A silver spoon and a bowl or cup can be marked as a good christening gift. The mother can feed the baby with your serving set gift.

Personalized cross
Cross is the symbol of Christianity and purity of the religion. A perfect christening gift would be a cross. A wooden cross or a silver cross or a crystal cross with God’s blessing words can be chosen as a christening gift. You can also engrave personalized blessing message on the cross.

Musical CD
Babies love to listen to music and a musical CD would be an ideal gift for a baby on a christening day. Lullabies or a mild soothing music would be chosen.

Silver or a golden ring or bracelet or a bangle or a neck chain can also be given as a perfect christening gift for a baby. Jewelry gift depends upon your budget either it can go with silver or gold.

Christening ceremony is mainly for getting the blessings of Christ and members in the family and from friends. Gifting idea on a christening ceremony is based on the needs of the baby and it would be a remembrance gift for the christening day. Gift the baby with all your heartfelt blessings and make the christening day a memorable in the life of both the parents and for the baby.

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