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Why does the day have to end
I wish I can still hold your hand
But till tomorrow I await
Tonight goodnight is our fate.

The sun is gone
The moon has come
The stars have shone
Goodnight and I’m all alone.

How do you say goodnight
After a big and long fight
How can it be right
To just say farewell to the night.

I’ve ran out of words to say goodnight
I just know I have to turn off the light
Get to bed with my pillow and blanket
It’s just you missing, and we’re all set.

Turn off the light
And feel the cold night
It’s me and you tonight
I love you, goodnight.

So long my friend, until we meet
But this is not a long retreat
It’s just goodnight that I have to say
Let’s just call it a wonderful day.

Let this be not the last goodnight
I long to say this to you every night
As I hold you close here in my arms
Until the clock, tomorrow alarms.

One, two, three there goes the sheep
Let’s count a few, until we sleep
Four, five, six there goes some more
Goodnight, goodnight until we snore.

Goodnight it is to you my friend
You’re the star that God has send
Shining bright on the dark sky
Leaving me with a warm smile.

It’s time for bed again
I’ll tuck myself, I know I can
Look Mommy, I’m all grown up
Goodnight mom, please give me a clap.

Where have all the lights gone
Where is the bright and shining sun
Oh, the moon and stars are here
I’ll be alright there’s nothing to fear.

Sweet Good Night Messages romantic good night messages


The moons and stars are smiling.
I hope you do too.
Have a great night.

I will be your fluffy pillow
So don’t feel down and low
Hug me as tight as you can
And just wait for the rising sun.

Rest now, you sleepy head
Come here, so I can tuck you to bed
Give me a goodnight kiss
Close your eyes and make a wish.

Every night reminds us of a job well done for one entire day.
Good night.

Believe in yourself that you’re beautiful,
And you’ll be sleeping with a smile.
Sweetest night!

In our life, this night teaches us that no matter how long the dark could be,
There will be another sunshine tomorrow that you’ll still see.
Appreciate this night!

Leave the past behind.
Make this one a good night.
Tomorrow will be another good life.

Good Night Messages For Friends

Cute good night messages, good night messages in english

Here’s the collection of good night messages for friends to wish your buddies a sweet and good night before they head to bed. These messages can be used as goodnight facebook status or posted to your friend’s twitter and facebook’s wall. Likewise, you can send these goodnight messages for friends as SMS, email or text messages.

A day of fun and sweetness is over.
Looking forward to another day free of sorrow.
Good night, friends!

Thank you God for giving me these precious gifts: my friends.
Look after them while sleeping because I want to spend another day with them.
Good night chums!

Every day of my life is vividly filled with memories because of you,
my lovely friends! Have a good sleep.
Good night!

I used up all my energy in laughing all day!
You’re all fantastic! Let’s recharge for we need more energy tomorrow.
Good night!

Wishing you to have sweet dreams,
as sweet as you are to me.
Good night!

Every night I thank God for blessing me with wonderful people like you.
You’re one-of-a-kind! Sleep well my pals!

Even if I had a bad start with my day,
spending it with you magically turns it into a bright day.
Good night!

The stars in the sky are like you:
shining down to me in the darkness.
Thank you! Good night!


I hope our happy moments for the day will resume up to our dreams.
Good night!

The weirdest but the most amazing packages from heaven: that’s you, friends!
Good night!

I lasted a day without you, but it’s not as happy as those days when I’m with you.
I miss you friends! Hoping to see you tomorrow. Good night!

If a shooting star will fall tonight,
I’ll wish for your happiness and success.
Good night!

Thank you God for giving me people to whom I could seek for help
when I am struggling. Good night, friends!

Guys do not let this day be over without thanking God for the blessings he had showered us upon.
Good night! PRAY!

I will be someone who’ll help you shave the dark clouds
and search for the stars in the darkest of your life.
Good night!

The moon smiles down to the wonderful person reading this right now!
Good night!

Look at the moonlit river,
it’s a wondrous but lonely view,
but don’t be lonely because we’ll sail together.
Good night!

We might have little arguments,
but the day won’t end without them being settled.
Good night!

Effortlessly, you always bring out the best in my day!
Good night, kittens!

My cute little buddies, I’ll see you at dream land
and fill it with enormous amount of glee and joy.
Good night!

Wish your loved ones good night in a special way


Night is the time when people can wear off all their tensions and stress of the day and allow themselves to be drowned in deep slumber. Normally nights are meant to be lost in the world of dreams and all our energy are rejuvenated through peaceful rest. Mostly people look forward for the night to slip in, after going through very busy and hectic day which tire them both physically and mentally.


Hence a sweet SMS containing a wish for having a good night is desirable to many people. This type of messages can make the mind of the receiver lot calmer and he/she understands that someone is thinking about him/her on that late hour of night, which is indeed a happy feeling for that person and helps him/her to have a more peaceful sleep.

Best good night SMS:


  1. Good night and sweet dreams which may come true tomorrow……………
  2. May the darkness of this night blot away all the darkness of your life, to fill your life with new light tomorrow….. Good night and see you tomorrow on a fresh day!!!!!
  3. May sleep help you to forget all the problems of life for these hours of night and see the best dreams…… Good night for lovely dreams!!!!!
  4. Open your heart for dreams which will show your hopes for a better tomorrow…. Good night and wish for a better tomorrow!!!!
  5. Night is to wipe out the worries of today, which will become ‘yesterday’ at the break of dawn tomorrow….. So Good Night for starting a fresh day tomorrow!!!!!
  6. Today’s stormy day is over with this night, so let’s hope to face a better sunny day tomorrow as rains do not go on forever……… With this hope I wish you Good Night!!!!!
  7. Do not cry over whatever or whoever you have lost, tomorrow may bring new happiness that you have never even imagined…….. So Good night and get ready for a happier tomorrow!!!!!
  8. When the sun has gone for rest in the west, birds have returned to their nests, you should rest at peace now…… Good Night for a peaceful rest at this lovely weather!!!!
  9. Dreams show you the way of your life, so just need to follow them after you wake up next morning…… Good Night!!!
  10. A good sleep is answer to many ailments, so Good Night with a long and sound sleep!!!!!

Cool good night SMS:

  1. Good night and sweet sleep, so that you may enter a fantasy world of dreams of your very own!!!!!!!!
  2. Some may say that dreams are worthless, but life goes ahead rolling on dreams only. So Good night and the best dreams for you!!!!!
  3. Dream fairies will visit me faster, after I wish you very Good Night with best sleep and happiest dreams………..
  4. May magical dreams unite fantasy and reality for you, which will fill up your mind and soul with new energy for tomorrow……… So Good Night!!!!!!!!
  5. Night gives you a chance to explore a new world – the dream world where you do whatever you want, unlike the reality!!! Good night and best wishes for your new adventure in dreams………: D
  6. It’s a Good Night message from your good friend at this good time, which will put you in a good mood…….. Ready for a good sleep now?
  7. May the angels listen to your wishes and fulfill them by stealth this night……. Good night and wish you  a fulfilled new day!!!!

Cute good night SMS:


  1. Though the light of day has died out, but darkness of this night will bring more lighted and colorful dreams for you….. Good Night!!!!!
  2. Enjoy a movie in your dreams which is directed by God and acted by the fairies who know your mind better than yourself, you may even find yourself as a hero there!!!!!! So Good Night and sleep fast…………………..
  3. So finally night is here to give rest to your tired eyes, better retire to your soft bed now and prepare to enter the world of soothing dreams……… Good Night for a good rest now!!!!
  4. See a special face in your dreams, with special smile for you……… So Good Night with this especially sweet dream!!!!!
  5. See the moon sailing through the night sky to shower its silvery rays on you, it will shine brighter in your dreams to fill you with more light……… Good night for a sweet moony experience!!!!
  6. Close your eyes and wait for a surprise now! GOOD NIGHT…….. this is the special surprise – of me wishing you at this late hour of night!!!!!!!
  7. The fairies of dreamland are ready to take you to their wonderland, just board on the flight of sleep and there you go…………. Good Night for a fun-filled tour of dreamland!!!!

Good night poems SMS:

  1. Good night!!

Sleep you tight

Wake up early right

Tomorrow morning with fresh might……….

  1. May your sleep be sweet,

Songbirds in dreams may tweet

Tomorrow life may be more cute

All your critics may be mute…………

  1. Moon and the stars are shining bright

All are telling you very Good Night!!!!

  1. A whole day is finally through

The night will lead to a day new.

So now go to bed

And on soft pillows rest your head.

Good Night!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Good night dear!!

Have no fear

For a sweet dream world is here

To give you delight sheer!!!!

  1. As candles give out light

Moon enlightens the dark night

My heart glows up when I wish you GOOD NIGHT!!!!


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