Diwali is the auspicious Hindu festival day in India celebrating the victory over evil. Diwali gift ideas article suggests you gifting ideas for your friends, relatives, colleagues etc. on the very special day Diwali celebrations. Diwali is the day of lights. The diwali day is lighted with diyas and candles all over the home and makes the occasion a bright and sweet occasion. We find very difficult to decide what to gift your loved ones on some occasions and festivals and it is very confusing to select among the very few choices. Even though we knows that a perfect diwali gift with a perfect Diwali messages  But Diwali gift choices are many and we find the difficulty in deciding what to gift among those big lists of gifts. We are here to help you in deciding the gifts taking away the confusions. Here are our diwali gift ideas

Diwali sweets
Diwali festival is closely related with the term sweets and there is no festival without sweets. The first and the foremost gift comes into our mind would be the sweets on any occasion or festival. So sweets would be the most ideal and perfect gift on Diwali. Gift pack assorted sweets like laddus, jamuns, barfis, pedas, kajoos, kachoris etc. and gift them as your diwali gift. The quick and best gift would be the sweets rather than confusing with the other gifts. Sweets are everyone’s favorite from kids to elders so let your heart’s sweetness expressed through your diwali sweet gifts to your friends, colleagues and relatives. You can send these sweets along with a Diwali greeting card featuring a great Diwali messages to make it a wonderful gift.

Lakshmi or Lord Ganesh Idols
Lakshmi is the Goddess for wealth and prosperity and Lord Ganesha the God of success and destroyer of obstacles in your life. They both are worshipped among the Hindu families during the light festival of diwali as they believe both these Gods bring wealth and prosperity along with long lasting success. This makes your diwali gifting idea more easier and you can gift them the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha as they would feel so happy to receive it treating it as a luck coming into their life with your idol gifts.

Diwali diyas
Diwali is the festival of lights and diyas are lit all over their homes and the whole city and country is lit with lights, candles and diyas. So it is crystal clear in deciding the best gift for diwali occasion and that would be the diwali diyas. Colorful and decorative diyas are available and you can get a set of diyas among them and gift them as your diwali gift. You can also browse diwalidiyas.in website to go through varied ranges of diyas and you can also make an online purchase for your convenience. Let this diwali gives them happiness and let their life shine with your diwali diyas gift.

Diwali crackers

In a family kids are always the centre of attraction and kids enjoy diwali the most than the elders as the diwali day gives them happiness in bursting crackers. So in order to make the kids happy you can gift them crackers gift boxes. kids enjoyment make the elders in the family to feel happy and there your diwali gifts makes the whole family excited.

Diwali clothes
Women, men and kids all love to receive clothes as gifts. Wide range of clothes and wide choice of varieties are available to choose from. You can win their hearts with your apparel gifts. Let your love and affection speak through your apparel gift and let them enjoy the colorful festival of diwali with your wishes.

Dry fruits
A box full of dry fruits will be an attractive and healthy gift for any family. Get assorted dry fruits gift packed and present them as your diwali gift. The assorted fruits can have a combination of raisins, cashews, almonds, pistachios.

Diwali home decors
Diwali is the festival where people would like to decorate their homes and celebrate it in a very grand way. So if your diwali gift is going to be a home décor item they would feel so excited to receive it as your décor will add more beauty to their home decorations. They would preserve your lovey home décor gift and will treasure them in their life. Home décor items include wall hangings, paintings, decorated statues etc.

Diwali gift hampers
Festival and celebrations are two closely connected terms as that of the terms diwali and happiness. Celebrations end up in happiness and happiness stays forever with wonderful gifts. Diwali gift hampers is one among the wonderful gifts. Make a wise choice in selecting the gift hamper products and it consists of greeting card and sweets, flowers and cake, sweet gift hampers, diyas gift hampers, crackers gift hampers etc.

Silver or gold ornaments
Auspicious festival days are celebrated with fun and happiness among the families along with the blessings of God. A true hearts wishes too makes the occasion a happier occasion. If the wishes goes with a gift there is more happiness added up to the occasion. And if the gift is of silver or gold ornaments it fills the hearts with more excitement. Choose a silver or golden pendants or bangles or studs or bracelets or rings or thalis etc. Diwali is the festival related with silver and golden ornaments so your silver or gold ornament gift will be an apt gift.

Diwali lamps
Lamps are the best gift on a festival and diwali is the festival celebrated with lights so definitely lamps are the ideal gift on a diwali day. There are lots of lamps and lanterns with wide range to select from. Choose the best among them and celebrate this diwali day with your loved ones.

Diwali pooja thalis
The auspicious day of diwali is celebrated with all its fun and happiness by getting the wishes and blessings from God and the others among friends and family. Diwali rituals are followed very keenly and carefully. The diyas, the idols, the crackers, the clothes, everything is celebrated with a purpose and significance on the festive day of diwali. Thali is a ritual product where spiritual items are placed on it during the pooja. The thali is made of silver, gold or brass and if this thali is gifted as your diwali gift it would be an apt and perfect gift for them.

Diwali chocolates
Kids or grownups anyone would love to eat chocolates and chocolates are one of the best diwali gift. Assorted chocolates can be gift wrapped and gifted as a diwali gift.

Diwali greeting cards
Your love and affection can be well expressed in words and written on a diwali greeting card and presented as a diwali gift. Ast Diwali greetings will warm your relation with friends and relatives. It would be the simple but very effective and perfect gift among the other diwali gifts.

Anyone would love to get an electronic item as a gift and if it happening on diwali it adds more excitement. It includes mobile phones, cameras, ipods, ipads, mp3s, play stations, pen drives, blenders etc. The choosing of product depends upon your budget and the person’s likes.

Home and kitchen appliances
Diwali is a family festival and any gift useful to home and kitchen would be a perfect diwali gift. Home appliances include toasters, coffee makers, juicers, food processors, cooker, iron box etc and kitchen appliances include non stick pans, dinnerware, cookware, storage containers, induction and electric stoves etc.

Colorful and bright flowers makes the diwali day more colorful and it becomes one among the best gifts for diwali occasion. Either a bouquet or a basket of flowers would be perfect to be gifted.

Diwali candles
Diwali is the festival where lights brighten up the day and the hearts. Your diwali candles gift can bring up the brightness to the families of your dear and near ones. Colorful and varied designs are available in the diwali candles for you to choose.

Diwali gift vouchers
Gift vouchers to buy gift products of your loved ones choice would be the best diwali gift you can give them. Gift vouchers to buy sweets, apparels and accessories, electronic gifts, crackers etc are range of gift vouchers.

A sweet home’s happiness is in its happiness of the hearts of the family members and their happiness dwells in many happenings and on many happy occasions. Their happiness doubles when they receive gifts from their loved ones. And if the gift is one of their favorite gifts their happiness has no words to describe. Make your diwali gift remain in their hearts ever and forever with your best choice of gifts. Let this diwali brings happiness and prosperity and luck to you and everyone around you. Happy Diwali!


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