Rangoli is one of the unavoidable part of Hindu culture and in some states people do Rangoli every day where as some other states it is an unavoidable part of special occasions and festivals like Diwali, Pongal and Onam. So it is a good idea to create a greeting card with Rangoli on to wish them special occasion like Diwali, wedding and other festival. Diwali is the also called the festival of Light and as it is celebrated to remember the victory or Lord Rama over the evil king Ravana. So I am here by giving some Rangoli Designs which I am sure that you will like. Image Credit: blogspot

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1. Rangoli With Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the lord of blessings and Happiness. So Let me present the First Rangoli as Lord Ganesha May Lord Ganesha Shower his choisest blessings on you and your family Image Credt:”unknown”

2.Unique Rangoli Design Rangoli Images

The Below design of Rangoli is attractive but simple. Which makes it a unique Design.

May this Diwali Brings Happiness and Joy to your life like the lights of this Rangoli

Image Credit: coloring sheet

3.Peacock rangoli designs

Peacock Rangoli design is one of the greatest and most attractive design in the web we can see lot of Peacock Rangoli Dsigns

May this Diwali make your life as colorful as this Rangoli

Image Credt:”unknown”

4.Sanskar bharti rangoli

Sanskar bharti rangoli is very Famours Simple Rangoli in Maharashtra and it is done with free hand. Rangoli design is made with three or five fingers. Now special funnel is available in Indian Market to do the same. Rangoli is known as paach boti in marati. Traditionally Sankar Bharathi Rangoli design is in Round bu you can also Find it in square shapeMay this Diwali make your life colorful and happy

Image Credit:”public”

5. Rangoli Designs for Competitions

People conduct Rangoli competitions along with Diwali festival, college ceremonies. Lot of non resident Indians also conduct Rangoli competitions. See the image of a Rangoli competitions Image Credit: Deepti Sharma

6. More Design For Rangoli Competition

See one Beautiful Rangoli designs from Rangoli competiton. Image Credt:blogspot 7. Simple Rangoli Designs Below you can find some simple rangoli Designs. These rangoli design is easy to make and good for those who does not have more experience in rangoli and kolams

Happy Diwali Wishes to you and Your Family

Image Credt:”unknown”

8. More Simple Rangoli Design

The below design is very simple and any body can do it Image Credit:rangolidesign

9.Rangoli Design For Diwali

Diwali is the most famous festival for Hindus. Hindu culture is a mixture of local cultures spread across Pakistan, south India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand. So the festival also has very high variation and most of the festival is local. However Diwali is the universal festival for indians. You can find Some Rangoli designs and patterns from Diwali Festival Image Credt:”public-wiki”

10. More Diwali Rangoli Design

You can find another beautiful Rangoli below. The color are really blends with the tile of the floor. Even the divas gives a charm to the rangoli Image Credit: rashmi

11. Beautiful Rangoli For Diwali

Another Rangoli design which blends with the flooring. This is really marvolous May Lights of this Diwali Lamp spread Happiness and Joy in your life, Happy Diwali Photo Credit: Abinaba

12. Rangoli for diwali

Diwali is the biggest festival for Hindus. So make a Rangoli on Diwali to invite the gods to your house. Let the new year begin with the blessings of Gods Image Credt:”unknown”

13. Rangoli with dots

Rangoli with dots are another beautiful variation of Rangoli. It is really Intersting and very simple to see. Yet it is attractive to watch. When you see these Rangoli kolam is made my normal house wife with quick moments of their hand you will be amazed. Please find the beautiful rangoli with dots below May this Rangoli Brings you happiness and Joy into your life

14- Rangoli Design With Dots

You Can see another Rangoli with dots. This Rangoli is very simple and clean

15-Easy rangoli designs

In the modern world we do not have time to make Rangoli every day. Morning we have to get up, make kids ready for school, get our self ready for work. So our skills will not be so high. Easy Rangoli Design is one solution for that Image Credt:”unknown”

16 Easy Rangoli Designs

Another easy rangoli with repeating patterns May the colors of these Diwali Rangoli Bring Colors to to your life that stay for ever Image Credt:”unknown”

17. Rangoli On Youtube

A Tmail Girl Making Diwali Rangoli with bare hand and without using any stencils. You can send this video as your Diwali Message to your friends and relatives on this diwali

18 Tamil Kolam

In Tamil Nadu Rangoli is known as Kolam and it is a everyday affair for women. It mostly done with white powder Image Src: anappaiah

19.Latest rangoli designs

As the days pass by we are looking for new new things. What we were in 1980 is a funny dress for us now. Except some all old cinema looks like comedy to us, not because of the story but because of the action, set up and dialogue delivery. Rangoli is also same. So you may be looking some latest Rangoli designs. Look Below Image Credt:”unknown” 20. Latest Rangoli Patterns

21. Kundan Rangoli

Kundan Rangoli is another modern way for Rangoli. It is easy to make and you can buy the material as a set so that no need to shop around. You can get lot kundan Rangoli materials in amazon.com

22. best rangoli designs

Another kundan Rangoli with attractive designs Diwali Message: May the color and flowers of this Rangoli Brings Color and flowers to your life Image Credit: Nirmancreations

22 A beautiful Kundan Rangoli

The below image shows a beautiful kundan Rangoli. It is very colorful and attractive Image Credit: craftsvilla.com

23 Peacock Kundan Rangoli

Image credit:  Pavan Ratnakar

24.Rangoli on water

Another Beautiful Rangoli is Rangoli on water. rangoli Designs on water is really Intersting and appealing  Please Find some For you. Making this designs on top of water require a special skills and ability

25. Floral Rangoli on Water

See another floral rangoli on water

26.Rangoli Design On Water

I have seen another beautiful Rangoli on water flkr. Thanks for Ankit metha for this. There lot of other good photos which make it worth for visiting

27. Flower Rangoli In water

Image Src:keyurc

28.Beautiful Rangoli Design

I have seen this Rangoli design on the web. In-fact I really liked it. It is more colorful and dynamic

29. Hindu Rangoli Designs

As I have mentioned in my opening paragraph, Rangoli is not only a Diwali coloring or Diwali Kolam. It is more to Hindus. It is the symbol of Divine Culture. People believe Rangoli is like welcome board for Gods. as It declare Gods presence the whole function become holy and divine. Below you can see one rangoli kolam made by students for their Convocation. May God bless all these students in their future endeavours Photo Credit :Vasantha Kumar

30.Beautiful Rangoli Patterns

Below you can find some beautiful Images for Rangoli. I could not identify the original photo owner as the image is available with multiple websites

31.Diwali Rangoli Photo

Please find one good photo of Diwali Rangoli. This Rangoli photo stand out as it color selection is suprior

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