Friendship is perhaps one of the most treasured relationships between two or more people. Friends are considered as family, not by blood, but by heart. The bond between friends can be even tighter than any other form of bonds. It’s really nice to have friends. They are there for you to laugh with, share happiness and blessings with, and enjoy precious moment together. Friends are truly God sent.

And for friendship to thrive and become stronger, communication, care and love are some of the ingredients both parties should keep. There will be no strong friendship for those who lack communication and love. Therefore, make your friends feel loved and remind them how important they are to you once in a while. You can do this even during Friendship day, which occurs on August 5. And even there’s no special occasion, you can let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Here are some of the best friendship messages and friendship notes that you can express to your beloved friends. Using your mobile phone, you can even send these friendship sms and quotes to their number to remind them that they are remembered even in your busiest day.

Friendship Day Messages

Friendship Text Messages, Sweet Friendship Messages


Walking in front of you means protecting you.
Walking beside you means being there for you.
Walking behind you means looking after you.
Letting you know that I am you friend and will always be there for you.

I may not always tell you,
but you’re the most important person in my life,
aside from my family and I know life would be so hard without you.

Friends are like stars on a sky,
They stay there even during the day,
Hiding themselves under the sky,
Friends are to be treasured!

If you slip and fall down in the mud,
a mere friend will help you get up
but a true friend will intentionally slip to join you.

Some people hate to study but love to go to school.
That’s because their day won’t be complete
without bonding with their friends.

Day or Night, Sunday or Monday,
friendship doesn’t know any difference in showing friendship!

If you need advice, text me…
If you need a friend, call me …
If you need me, come to me…
If you need money……..
Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship Card Messages

Friendship Messages for Cards, What to Write in Friendship Cards

If you’re giving your friend a card on friendship day and don’t know what to write in it, don’t worry. Here are some of friendship messages that you can write in a card. Don’t forget to include your own personal friendship thank you letter with these messages. Remember, words coming from the heart are the best message you can include to any kind of card.


You are the uplifting and inspiring music
that gives the right rhythm, melody
and beat to my whole day.

I am having a hard time to fit in until I met you
and you told me that I shouldn’t fit in;
I should stand out.

When my lover broke my heart,
I was too emotional to pick it up and mend it.
But you did that for me and I felt loved once again.

I’ll be a trampoline; you could play with me in your joyful times.
But in your hard times and you are about to fall,
I’ll be here to catch you.

If you are excessively tired to speak out,
I’ll be your voice.

If you are blinded by the dark,
I’ll be your eyes.

I had been looking on the bad things behind me
until you gave me positive energy.
Now, I can see clearly the good things ahead of me.

I had been not looking forward until you encouraged me to do it.
Now, I am brave enough to face the future.

Friends will always be there
Even the whole world walk against you
They will be there to protect and support
That’s what friends are for.

I may not be the best friend you could ever have
We may have silly fights and arguments
One thing is for sure, I’ll put my life at stake
To keep this friendship and I’ll always be with you
Whenever you need me.
Coz you are my special friend.

Friendship Messages for Friends

Cute Friendship Messages, True Friendship Messages

True friendship is really hard to find. And when you have found it, you should know how to care for it and cherish it. A friendship vanishes when someone doesn’t know how to keep or care for it. An act of reminding them that you remember and care for them is one way to keep a friendship. Sending them some friendship messages occasionally tighten the bond.

The river won’t cease in flowing,
the sun won’t stop in shining,
and the same as our friendship will never halt in growing.

A friend will help you get out of the pit by handing you a rope;
a true friend will jump into the pit
And will lend his back for you to step on.

One of the best feelings in this world is crying so hard
because of intense laughter while with your friends.

Friendship has no stains of bias or prejudice,
just pure love and acceptance despite the differences.

Friendship is the only thing in this world
that could make you lose your mind
without ending up in the mental hospital.

Friends: we hold hands and we won’t let go;
fly and won’t fall off;
smile and won’t lose hope;
cry and won’t let it show.

Being friends is the most crucial status:
it is the thin line between being strangers and being lovers.

Real friends are like real gems;
radiant under the light but still shimmering in the dark.

A mere friend will talk to you respectfully
but your real friends will insult you in every way possible
without getting offended.

Best Friendship Messages

Good Friendship Messages, Love Friendship Messages


I wish you to have the nicest among the days
and the luckiest among the persons.
Thanks for your lovely friendship!

Mind and heart all together accepts a friendship
that is the reason friendship comes all through the life
and stays there forever!

Friendship don’t care about seasons,
friendship don’t care about years,
friendship is friendship until it is taken care of well!

Friendship is like God taking care of all our day to day happenings,
friendship participates in your every day happenings without any expectations!

Friendship is like a tree giving you shelter when needed,
Friendship is like a river giving you water when you are thirsty!

Among the people who you meet daily in your life
who comes and leaves you just like that
friends are the ones who always be your side
and supports you until the end of your life!

Choosing friends plays crucial role in
who is going to stay forever and
who is going to leave you in the middle.

There may be any reason for a love breakup,
there is only one reason for a friendship breakup that is breaking of trust,
if trust is lost everything is lost in friendship.

Friendship Notes

Friendship Thank You Notes, Thank You Notes for Friendship

When was the last time you thank your friend? Long time ago? Then now is the right time to express your gratitude towards them. A simple “thank you” with some token of friendship is enough to do it. And if you’re busy and can’t grab any items to go with your thanks, a thank you note or thank you letter for friendship is enough.

I would not be who I am today without you.
My warmest thanks to you my friend.

Friend is the rarest and most precious gift you could not ever buy.
Hence, I thank God for giving me such a wonderful gift – You.

You were there for me through the odds of life.
I thank God for giving me such a wonderful friend like you.
And thank you for being my friend.

Together, life is so much easier and happier.
I hope we stay this way.
Thank you, my friend.

Our friendship is the best thing that ever happened to me.
You just made my life worth living.
For that, I’m so thankful.
You are one of the most wonderful things
That happened to me
I may not have always said this to you
But I’m grateful, and always will be,
For the friendship you have given me

I couldn’t thank you enough for making my life happier
You’re one of the most precious gift that God has blessed me
Thank you for being my friend.

I may be hard headed
There are times that we fight, we argue
But I know that our friendship is stronger than that
For that, I’m thankful.

I’ve found a best friend in you
You are wonderful and kind
You’re really an angel-in-disguise
I love you and thank you!

Friendship SMS

Friendship SMS Messages, Best Friendship SMS

Like I said earlier, text messaging is one of the most popular ways of expressing greetings and reminders to loved ones and dear ones. Through SMS services, you can now let them know that you remember your friends even they are miles away. Since this service is instant, you can send as many sms as you want. Friendship sms quotes can also be used in sending text messages for friends.

If you declare that a particular girl is a close friend,
you automatically allow yourself to be hit solid on the arms
when she sees her crush.

If you’ve got brand new shoes,
prepare yourself for cleaning the dirt
because surely your friends will step on it.
Weird sign of friendship, I know.

If you’re passing through a wide door,
friends will enter with you.
But if you’re getting through the eye of a needle,
only your true friends will join you.

One of the mental effects brought by friendship
is laughing alone in a public place.
Do I really have to recall those funny memories?
These people think I’m insane.

Choose friends that will influence your life well
and will lead you to the right direction.

Beware of your fake friends, they are worse that your enemies.
At least your enemies will push you to fall at the edge of the cliff
while you are facing them while your fake friends
will push you while your back is turned.

Despite the imperfections,
real friends love you anyway so you don’t have to conceal those.

Real friends are a vault of gold and silver that protects
your fragile heart from falling and breaking.

You were the one attacked, but your friends are more furious than you,
then you forgot your anger because you were touched by their concern.

Friendship is put in a test during rough times.
This is where you’ll realize who your true friends are.

New Friendship Messages

Friendship Messages for Her, Friendship Messages for Him

Friendship is like wine;
it gets sweeter with the age.

Feeling down? Feeling lonely?
Those are the symptoms of sickness called “lack-of-ME”.
So what are you waiting for? I’m just a phone away.

In life, we lose some, we win some.
But there is one thing I can’t afford to lose’ that’s our Friendship!

Someone I am happy with, someone I share joy and laughter with,
someone I care for and care for me in return.
I call that someone “friend”.

True friends are those who stay even the whole world walks out.

I’d rather have one true friend than to have thousands of fake ones.

It’s tough to be away from your friend.
But thinking about those happy moments can put a smile on one’s face.

You are as precious as rubies and emeralds;
I can’t afford to lose you.

Just a Hi! is more than enough to keep the friendship going!

My thanks are always will be there for you for being a great friend for me!

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