Friendship SMS


Friendship is the most noble of all relations, which comprises of the sweetness of all other relations but is often stronger than even the closest blood relations. This is the relation which is formed by the bonding between two hearts, so this special bonding needs to be nurtured over the times, so that rust of distance and time can never break this God-gifted link.


Hence the friends should be sent some special friendship SMS now and then, so that they can know that you still remember them fondly. Normally some nice messages or thoughts are shared with the friends through these SMSs that will touch their hearts and make them happy and proud for having such true friends.


Friendship SMS text:


  1. Friendship is like a zero, which cannot be subtracted or divided. It always remains the same throughout the life of the friends…………..
  2. I always thank God for giving a best gift in life – a devoted friend like you!!
  3. God created us to be the best friends – inseparable by any obstacle of distance or time.
  4. You are as precious to me as Ron or Hermione, his best buddies were to Harry Potter!!!!
  5. It is said that a book can be a very good friend, but a real friend definitely equals to a whole library!!!!!!
  6. A life-long friendship is much valuable than any amount of riches earned in life……………..
  7. Need a helping hand in life? What is a friend is for? Just call up and see, will find your friend instantly with you………..
  8. My friends are causes of my living this life; they are links to my sweet childhood and lead me to a brighter future…
  9. Only a friend can help you in learning from your mistakes in life, rather than poking fun at you for them.
  10. Friendship is not only an emotional relationship; it comes out from the depth of your heart. That is why a friend can feel the heartbeats of another friend properly!!!
  11. If one day I find I have nowhere to go, one place I will be surely going to – that is to YOU my friend!!!
  12. I will never be able to thank you enough for being such a good friend of mine!!!!!
  13. My friend, you are a shining beacon for me in my dark life, showing me the correct way forward!!! Friendship is so sweet to me only for you………..
  14. The importance of a friend is more appreciated, when they are physically far from us. We can feel the fragrance of their friendship even in their absence!!!!!!
  15. One can cross even the darkest path of life, by holding the hand of a friend!!



Funny friendship SMS:


  1. Do not say Sorry or Thanks in friendship; just get hold of your friend and say ‘I am taking your stuff as I need it now. Just do not think of getting it back!!’ : D
  2. Friend is that person who knows well how much crazy you are, but still that friend loves you so dearly!!!!!
  3. Only a friend can keep you sane in life, among all the insanities of this realistic world!!!! So better get in touch with your friend at the end of all your odd activities of the day……..
  4. No one except your best friend will listen to all your stupid complains at any time of day or night, without complaining of a headache!!!
  5. Friends are the only people who can pull your legs at ease!!!  Those who have never teased you in life, cannot be your real friends!!!!
  6. The real fun of life can only be enjoyed when you are with your close friends; they make you wear off your regular stress!!!
  7. It is not necessary for you to reply my message, but it is my duty to disturb you regularly and remind that your friend is here!!!!! 😀
  8. Friends could be trusted with all naughty secrets in our childhood, which if known to anyone else, we would have been told off for sure!!!!!




Friendship quotes SMS:


  1. Your friendship is a treasure which I value above all the riches of the world, so I am the richest person of the world my friend….
  2. The person whom one can trust blindly is a friend.  If not, then definitely that friendship is as fake as a false currency note!
  3. Friend is a person whom you are sure to remember at least once in a day, in spite of all your busy schedules!! Hope I am one such friend of yours…….
  4. Promise to be your friend till the end, in all joy and tears, among all hopes and your fears of life…………
  5. If life is a tasty recipe comprising of many ingredients and spices, friends are the most important ingredient without whom life would have been too dull!!!
  6. A friend is just like gold; was valuable in past, valuable now and will remain so forever………….
  7. However we may fight, our friendship remains tight, so we will be friends always, as nothing will ever change among us!!!!
  8. If I am not walking beside you at times, it does not mean that I have left you alone. Be sure to get me behind you, ensuring your protection from all oddities.
  9. Ordinary friends are like snowballs; they are easy to build up and melt away too easily. But real friends are like diamonds, shining brightly all through in your life.
  10. A friend is supposed to be honest and sincere to their relationship, so I can rely completely on you in times when my life goes downhill!!
  11. Ideal friends behave as if a single soul living in two bodies!!!! So they are inseparable from each other in all ups and downs of life, as we are…………
  12. Friendship is greater than romantic love, as love grows on the trust between the couple but friendship grows unconditionally………. So love may give tears in your eyes, but friendship will be there to wipe your tears away.




True friendship SMS:


  1. Friendship is tested over difficult times and situations, but true friends never deviate from their virtue of friendship….
  2. True friends stand by like pillar in difficult times, not accompany the friend only in happy situations.
  3. If I am asked ‘how long your friendship will last’, my answer will be – ‘forever………………’
  4. Friends – you will get many while you walk on through your life, but they will come and go like a passing phase. True friend – rare to find but stay on throughout your life, once luckily you find one…..
  5. As the necessity of water is more appreciated when we are thirsty; the value of a true friend is more appreciated when you find yourself alone in any stand of life……..
  6. A real friend is the one who accepts you as a friend with all your flaws and change you for the better, if needed; rather than flattering you or leaving you totally!
  7. You can always sure to get your friend beside you in case of any problem in life……. Just need to call me up!
  8. The world changes every day, so do the inhabitants of this planet….. Only one thing remains unchanged all through – true friendship of a friend!!!!
  9. You cannot be sure of their sincerity in friendship who only enjoy with you in your good times; they may not stay with you in your worse time too. So look out only for real friends in life!!
  10.  When you sow a little seed of friendship in your life, a huge tree will evolve from it to give shade from all sorrows of life – this tree is your dear friend!!!!!
  11. Friends touch each other’s hearts by holding each other’s hands!!!!
  12. Time may take us far apart from each other, but nothing can ever remove us from each other’s hearts, my dear friend!!!


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