Face book messages are used to keep it as status messages or messages written on your friend’s wall in the face book. Messages on life, love, friends etc can be composed under face book messages section. Messages can be instructive, funny, motivational, cute etc. Below on this section of face book messages you can get good collection messages for fixing it as messages for your face book page.

Believe in yourself and believe in your heart,
Both will never let you go down.

Grow the skill in identifying good and bad,
Have a clear idea in deciding the right and wrong!

Getting done in the first chance is life,
Waiting for the second chance will miss something.

Only we human being has the power to smile,
Please keep smiling and make others smile!

Finding something hard is tough to forget,
Finding something easy is tough to handle.

Eyes speak more perfect than words speak,
Seeing is more effective than speaking.

Crying is not a healthy thing for a brave person like you, smiling is a good thing for cute person like you!

Even stars get defeated before you,
Moon is getting envied on your beauty!

Two great and wonderful things in this world are,
Love and to be loved,
Love means so much to anyone,
Love means everything for me!

The waves leave behind shells,
The friends leave behind friendship,
I leave behind my heart with you!

A garden needs flowers like roses,
My heart needs friends like you!

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