Today is the day to be happy because Jesus is alive! Add cheer by giving Easter messages to the people around you! Spread the joy with these funny Easter greetings.

Humorous Easter Wishes

Easter bunny? Easter eggs? I don’t understand? Does a bunny lay eggs? Happy Easter!

I know why you love to receive chocolate bunnies every Easter? You love to eat off their head! Happy Easter!

If you will find an Easter egg with a bunny inside, I’ll double your allowance. Happy Easter!

Are you an Easter egg? You prepared for this day a lot! Your face is full of colors. Happy Easter!

I don’t know why we hide eggs during Easter and let children find it. Can’t we just give it to them instead?

I will look for all the Easter eggs here in the house, just promise me that you will eat them all. Happy Easter!

Poor eggs. They are laid just to be painted during Easter!

I wish to see you in your Easter bunny costume today!

Do you know why Jesus Christ rose from the dead? So that He will see you whenever you secretly eat my chocolates.

Hop around like a bunny. You look like them anyways! Happy Easter!

More Funny Easter Messages


Wear a happy face today. Jesus wants to see the funny face you have!

Eggs, eggs, and eggs! My head will crack looking for them!

Can’t we celebrate Easter with chicken instead of eggs? They taste a lot better.

Chocolate bunnies for Easter. Can we have chocolate Easter eggs too? Happy Easter!

A bunny that lays eggs! That is something I would like to see. Happy Easter!

Do you what children pray for every Easter? It is for them moms to lay eggs. Happy Easter!

One Easter Sunday, the priest preached about how the children understand this day. One child stood up and said, “It is when Jesus Christ woke up after three days to take a bath.” Happy Easter!

Mom, I heard you talked about South Beach Diet with Dad. Shouldn’t it be Easter Beach Diet?

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