Are you looking for New Year messages for daughter? You want to let your daughter know how much you love her but couldn’t come up with a perfect set of New Year greetings to say so? Don’t worry. You don’t have to go further as we might have what you’re looking for. Below, we have written some of the best and most heartfelt New Year wishes and messages for your daughter or daughter-in-law.

New Year Wishes for Daughter

New Year Messages for Daughter

You may choose some of our sample messages and edit them as necessary. You can also send these messages as New Year SMS for your daughter on New Year’s Eve. This is perfect if you’re daughter is miles away. Another way to convey your greetings is thru Facebook timeline status. You can post your New Messages on your daughter’s social media site.Browse through the heartwarming new year greetings which you can use you wish your princess a happy new year.

  1. You will always be the angel that God sent us to be our baby.
    Happy New Year to you.
  2. You are spending more time with your friends than with us.
    I want you to know that we miss you a lot!
    Hope this year we can have more time together just like before.
    Happy New Year honey!
  3. Looking at you made me realize that we have been good parents for you.
    Thank you for making us proud.
    Happy New Year!
  4. We will not be called a family if you didn’t come to our life.
    You made our life complete and happier.
    Happy New Year!
  5. Stay to be a blessing to us.
    May this year give you everything that you wish for.
  6. Do not feel bad if at times I scold you.
    I just love you so much and I do not want you to be bad.
    I hope you understand.
    Happy New Year to you!
  7. As the New Year begins, may you be able to forgive all of those who hurt you in the past, erase all the bruises from your heart and fill your heart with happiness and peace.
  8. This New Year my wish for you is to be enveloped by a thick padding of love where no sorrow can ever touch you.
  9. I wish that this New Year may the sunshine of happiness always be radiant in your heart and the dove of peace find a nest in your hearth.
  10. The New Year gives you a blank canvas to pour in all the colors of your heart, and may the days get filled up with pleasant surprises coming your way.
  11. May the future hold many delights for you to uncover this New Year.
  12. As the New Year commences, let the family join hands to pray for one another and also promise to be by each other’s side in sickness and in health.

Happy New Year Messages for Your Daughter

I am not being hard on you.
Your Dad and I just wanted you to travel on the right path.
Believe us because we’ve been there before. Happy New Year!

You will always be our baby, sweetie.
Thank you for making us a proud parent.
We wish that all of your dreams come true.
I love you!

There are times that you may feel unloved.
But trust me baby, we always love and care for you.
And we always wanted the best for you.
May you have a joyous and wonderful New Year.

Thank you for being a good daughter,
We will always be here to guide you on the path you choose.
I love you sweetie!
Happy New Year!

To our cute little girl, who’s not so little any longer….
May God grants all of your dreams to be true
for today, tomorrow, and for the whole year ahead
Happy New Year my best daughter

New Year Wishes For Daughter

You wrapped our hearts with joy and peace the day you were born
and have kept it captured as the days roll on:
Wish you a very happy New Year dear daughter from your Mom and Dad.

We could not be form a family unless you were present into our life.
You shaped our life in complete circle and made it happier.
Happy New Year wishes from your Mom and Dad

You are the angel that God sent to earth in our hand as His blessing.
Happy New Year to you my dear daughter
may you feel heavenly bliss in your life too..

You were a blessing in our life and we wish you will stay being a blessing for us.
May this New Year bring heaps of joy and bulk of pleasure for you…
Happy New Year my beautiful daughter.

You will be part of our heart, honey and
we wish that may all your aspirations and dreams come true
and you live happily in the years ahead.
We wish Happy New Year for our dear daughter.

We wish you a wealthy, peaceful, amazing, lively, and jolly new year.
Live well and smile lot. Cheers my daughter…. Happy New Year!

New Year Wishes Messages for Daughter

Have the smile on, run off the tears, think of delight and stop thinking about fears,
Here Mom and Dad are wishing you a very happy prosperous New Year.

We are sending you a gift wrapped with blessing, sealed with affection, and surrounded by care and concern. May God bless you, and mom dad wishes you Happy New Year.

Oh my daughter Dear, shun off your fear, no worry all your dreams will come out clear,
Never allow your eyes to have tear, and one thing we wish to tell in your ears.

You are our best daughter, and we are wishing you a gala happy new year.

Just as a flower spreads its fragrance and brightness around,
may the coming new year adds a new loveliness and sparkle into your life.

 New Year Card Messages and Greetings For Daughter

New Year Messages for Daughter

Family is a big blessing.
They always stick by your side.
In fact, when everything fails, there’s family to turn to.
This year, wish your family another year filled with happiness.

May this New Year bring the happiest and the most memorable times
that we get to spend as a family to be framed in gold in our minds forever.

The year gone by has been bitter sweet for our family –
but let this New Year bring only joyful memories and ringing of laughter our way,
and let us continue being each other’s pillar of support even in the times to come.

May the start of the New Year be as sweet as you are,
and may the days keep getting better with every passing month.

This New Years may you be able to dump all your worries
and get a refill of happiness for a person as nice as you deserves nothing less than that.

As people get busy making New Year resolutions,
here is a quick wish for our family so that it stays united
especially in trying times no matter how many external forces try to alienate us.


New Year Messages for Daughter from Mom

Here is wishing a very happy and prosperous New Year to a person who brings sunshine to the family always.

Let this approaching year fetch best delight in your life and let all unconvinced dreams and needs you had in past get fulfilled. May God retain the smile on your face, glow on your cheeks, and friendly, great words on your lips.

Mom and Dad wish to convey you their best wishes on the New Year Eve so that you remain healthy, be in comfort, peace at heart, love at your side, and generosity all around.

Your each day will be that prosperous that you may share all good things coming on your way. Mom and Dad are wishing you a very happy New Year in advance.

New Year Eve is a gala moment to forget the dull past, relish tasty memories, feel the ecstasy of a new approaching year, and do new things for the bright future. Mom and Dad wish you a bright and prosperous new year ahead.

New year Messages for Daughter from Dad


Cuddle the New Year with a new look, new vision, and new positive approach It will not only make your life simple, you will emerge like a winner. A grand wish from Dad and Mom for the coming New Year.

You must make every moment worth recall so that the moments remain as tasty memory for ever. May the new year is filled with such tasty memory. Happy New Year 2014!

Dad and Mom wish that you be blessed with sunshine like smile, powerful beam of energy and drenched in happiness as you will step into the realm of the approaching New Year.

On the New Year eve we hope that our daughter is blessed with bravery to fight against prejudice and stand up for her values: Happy New Year dear daughter from your Dad and Mom…we love you very much.

Thank you for being the best daughter,
We will love to guide you all through our life as you are our best success.
Happy New Year and wish you a gala success in your life.

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