New Year Messages for Wife

A wife is one of the most wonderful treasures one can ever find, Even as the Bible puts it that whoever finds a wife gets a good thing. Every day you leave work or your daily chores tired, she’s always there waiting to give you comfort and make you feel home again. A gesture of gratitude is golden in showing a special place she holds in your heart. This is important especially as you enter cheerful seasons as crossing over to the New Year. We’ve therefore made creatively written New Year Messages for Wife.

Happy New Year Wishes for Wife

New Year Messages for Wife

  • Every moment I have been down the valley you’ve been my mountain of hope, Strength and courage to face all that comes my way. I appreciate you and Wish you a Happy New year and a prosperous life a head.
  • Marking the end of the old year entering the day of the New Year, I wish you peace, joy and success my dear wife.
  • I want you to know that if we could rewind time these New Year I still would choose you. Happy New year
  • Indeed God greatly honored me to have handed you over to me. You have always been my strength to keep on and so will you remain to be this New Year.
  • Let us welcome this New Year together, celebrate every joy it holds and get through every sadness it has. Blessed New Year My love.
  • It’s my deepest desire, that this New Year becomes the best of all the years you’ve ever lived in all your life. Happy New Year!New Year wishes for Wife

Romantic New Year Messages for Your Wife

New Year Greetings for Wife

  • Happy New Year my love, let 2017 be the year of colossal happiness, countless victory and wonderful moment to you.
  • God created the sun for the day, the moon for the night and star for the sky. To my day you are my sun, to my night you are my moon and to my sky you are my star. Happy New Year my sweetheart.

  • Your continuous support and encouragement through this year has built my heart to grow in love and joy. This new year it will not only grow but even exceed our affection.
  • You have given me unconditional love and wonderful memories this past year, 2016 and I know these New Year, 2017 more is to come. Happy New Year!
  • I want to let you know that this New Year my love for you is as hot as a lava flow, as new as morning and as strong as an ox.

  • Honey, I know this coming New Year I’ll be luckier, with an avalanche of blessings with you besides me every day. Blessed New Year.

How to Greet Your Wife a Happy New Year

  • I know hours change to days, days to weeks, and weeks to months, months to years, years to decades and, decades to centuries and centuries to millenniums but certainly this New year my love for you won’t change.
  • In the dark nights you’ve always been my guiding star, always holding my hands and walking side of me. When others have walked away you have always stayed and become my warmth in the ice cold life, Happy New year my sweat wife.
  • This past year you have been there for me. Like a wheel spinning for a van to move so have you been and therefore this New Year, it’s my pleasure to assure you of my Love and support. Happy 2017.

  • As a seal upon my heart is My Love this never breathed before, 2017. Happy New Year my sweet heart.
  • May the flowers be full of pungent attar as you cross over into these New Year 2017, My dear Love
  • When your heart faint, tears bubble your eyes or sadness fills your heart, My God be your strength, peace and joy in This New year

Best New Year Greetings for Wife

  • My Darling wife, you coming into my life is the biggest and most wonderful gift GOD gave me this past year. As I cross over into 2017, I still thank GOD for you.
  • It’s my delight to realize that this coming new year, I still get the chance to be the man in your heart. You very blessed creature of God, dear wife.
  • The sight of your face every day, makes my day full of joy and so do I feel joyous to announce to you the pleasure of having you this New year.

  • Honey, this new year it’s my prayer you have special happiness, with no regrets and bitterness. Happy New Year.
  • This New Year wishes from me go to my most beautiful, loving and charming wife
  • With my eyes I behold your laughter; with my ears I hear your tender voice. This New Year let your laughter never stop and your voice never silence in my heart. Happy New year sweat heart
  • This New Year let your smile bring peace, and your laughter make a smile on my face. Happy New Year

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