Onam is the festival of flowers and festival of colorful celebrations. People celebrate onam by exchanging wishes, sweets and gifts. Exchanging gifts? Anyone can get confused with what has to be gifted on a special occasion like Onam. To get away from this confusion we are suggesting you onam gift ideas. Children, elders and loved ones all receive gifts on this wonderful festive occasion of onam. Family members get together and celebrate the function by sharing gifts. Here are our onam gifting ideas for everyone in the family and among the friends.

Onam in all ways related with flowers and flowers would be the ideal onam gift. Make a combination of fresh beautiful flowers and gather them into a nicely wrapped bouquet and present them as a onam gift.

A festival celebration never goes without sweets and sweets fill everyone’s heart with happiness. You can gift assorted sweets for your friends and family and see them happy. If your own handmade sweets are given as onam gift there is nothing comparable to such happiness. A festival gets its fulfillment only with sweets and sweets gift would be the best gift idea for onam.

Combo gifts
Wish your dear and near ones with a great combo gift. A combo gift may contain different combinations of gifts such as chocolates combined with flowers or sweets combined with flowers or a big combo gift of combining sweets, flowers and a teddy or home decors can be also given. Your lover girl can be presented with a combo gift containing chocolates and a cute looking teddy which will surely make your girl fly in air in happiness for this festive occasion of onam.

Festivals are meant to celebrate it with new clothes. Apparels would be another ideal gift to give it to your friends and relatives. Traditional onam dresses can be presented to the members if the family and it would make them feel your love and affection. Also you can get to know the choice of your loved ones and gift them their preferred clothing as onam gift.

Jewelry the most likeable gift by everyone and the best suited gifts for anyone either be one among your family or among your friends. The jewelry may be of gold, silver or fashion jewelry. A sure gift which will make your loved ones happy will be the jewel gift. The festive occasion of onam becomes happy occasion with your jewelry gift. From little ones to elder ones everyone will like jewelry gift so make a wise choice of gifting a jewel on this onam festival and make their festival an unforgettable day.

Home décor items
Everyone’s favorite and all time famous gift for any occasion are home décor items. It gives a fulfillment of gifting as everyone would like to possess a home décor item. Even your home décor gift may decorate their onam festival. Wall hangings, traditional looking statues, decorative statues, show pieces, handmade craft works, paintings etc are all goes under home décor items. Any home décor item selected as onam gift is for sure going to decorate your friends or relatives home.

Gift vouchers
One of the best and preferred festival gifts would be gift vouchers. Gift vouchers can be exchanged into gifts and it can choose as per your loved one’s likes which makes them happier.

Statues of God and pooja decors
Another interesting and beautiful onam gift would be God statue and pooja décor items. Lord Ganesh’s statue can be given as an onam gift. Pooja décor items like pooja bell, pooja plates, wooden or silver agar stand, pooja room wall hangings, pooja thali, pooja lamps etc.

Silver or gold coins
Gold or silver coins can also be given as an onam gift. The coins can be added to their ornament collections and it would make them feel happy.

Onam greeting cards
Greeting cards are the simple and quick gift for onam. You can express your wishes and love through the words on the card. It would be an ideal onam festival gift.

Make this Onam festival the best festival for your loved ones in your family and friends circle with the onam gifts. Just knowing the festive mood and your loved ones’ likes you can choose the gifts. Even a small gift would make them happier. Your gifts are going to make them celebrate the onam day with more and more fun and happiness.

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