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As youths of this great country, let us take the oath,
Till our last breath, we will protect our mother India
And will protect her integrity and pride
Happy Republic Day

As a citizen of India, we must pledge that
we will work for our fellow citizens and
make our country to a developed nation

Let us pledge that we will protect our integrity and security
till the last breath. Vande Matharam

On this Republic Day, let us
Remember our for-fathers who has struggled
to bring freedom and dignity to us
Vande Matheram

Let us use the freedom to develop and prosper
Happy Independance day

One nation, one vision, one identity
Let us work for that
Happy Independance day

As our Prime minister salute our soldiers from red fort
For protecting our nation and integrity,
let each of us take a pledge that
we will also put our maximum effort
to make our nation a developed country
Happy Republic Day

AS the soldiers March through our capital,
To show the world our strength and commitment,
Let us pledge our royalty once again to Mother India
jai Bharat Mata

As the world look at us on this republic day
Let us look at them and learn
Make our nation a developed country
Happy Republic Day

 Republic Day Quotes


As Prime Minister of our country raise our flag
to decalre the strength of the democracy of our country
let us pledge our commitment and love to Our Maa
Jai Bharat Mata!!!

On this auspicious occasion of our country,
Let us reaffirm our commitment and pledge
to protect our nation from enemy
Happy Republic day

As our soldiers march through our capital,
By saluting their fellow citizens for the faith
and belief we kept on them!!!
Let us shout “Ma thuje Pranam”

Happy Republic Day my friends

Ma Tuje Pranam, Ma Thuje Pranam
Let us shout again and again
as our soldiers salute our prime minsiter

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