God is so good! We have plenty of blessings to be thankful for. Celebrate a Thanksgiving Party with your friends and family and give glory to the One who made it all possible. Here are some samples of thanksgiving party invitation wording that you can use for your party invitation. These thanksgiving invitation wordings can also be used to your electronic thanksgiving invitation cards and ecards.

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Thanksgiving Party Invitation Wording

Nothing is impossible if we hold on to God.
He deserves our heartfelt thanks.
Be with us on the event of expressing our gratitude for Him.

Life has been so wonderful for us.
Blessings overflowed and we greatly felt the love of our Lord.
We will celebrate His goodness through a Thanksgiving Party.
We want you to be here with us!

Our family will be having our Thanksgiving Party.
Lots of stuffs were prepared so come and attend.

Help us reach God through prayers.
We will sing songs of praise while indulging ourselves to treats on the table.
Let us enjoy a Thanksgiving Party!

Thank you is not enough to tell the Lord how grateful we are for all the blessings He gave.
We invite you to dine with us on our Thanksgiving Party.

A Thanksgiving Party is set to give thanks to God.
He deserves it. So come and join.

Join our family as we celebrate a Thanksgiving Party.
Food will be served after a special mass.

All the good things we prepared in exchange for all the god things we received.
We invite you to be here on our Thanksgiving Party.

Be with us as we give thanks to our Lord this Thanksgiving Day.

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Thanksgiving Potluck Invitation Wording

Thanksgiving-Dinner-InvitationThanksgiving is here! Invite your family and closed friends to come and party with you. Celebrate the day of giving thanks to our good Lord. Use these samples of thanksgiving invitation wording to your party invitation. You can also post these thanksgiving potluck invitation wordings to your friend’s facebook timeline, gplus and twitter account.

Our family will have a Thanksgiving Party at our humble home.
Please attend and share the prayers with us.

With all the blessings we have received,
We will celebrate a special Thanksgiving celebration.
We want you to be a part of it.
Come and party with us.

Our family wants to share our blessings with you.
On that note, you are invited to join us on our Thanksgiving Party!

For all the best days of our lives,
For every miracle of waking up each morning,
We want to express how grateful we are to the Lord.
Please come on the Thanksgiving Party we have set for all of us to enjoy!

Our stomachs will be filled with delicious treats we prepared on the Thanksgiving Party we have set. Please come and celebrate the fun!

God is great!
Join us as we thank Him for all the blessings He showered on us.

Everything is beautiful and good.
Our life is enriched with all the blessings He bestowed.
Let us all be thankful by celebrating a Thanksgiving Party for our Lord.

Food and drinks are ready.
Complete it with your presence.
Come and join our Thanksgiving Party.

Your attendance is required this day of giving thanks to our Lord.
Be sure to attend and have a taste of my delish turkey and pumpkin soup.

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Thanks Giving Party Invitations

Below you can find another invitation. You can easily erase the text and create your own thanks giving invitation in that template. Microsoft paint will do the work for you

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thanksgiving potluck invitation wording

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Thanksgiving Invitation Cards

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