Lift your friend’s spirit with these encouraging words for a friend. Inspire them to make the most out of their character and ability. These encouraging words for friends can be essentially beneficial especially to those who are finding no hope with their life and suffering from difficulties. Cheer your friend up by sending these encouraging messages via SMS or posting these words of encouragement on their facebook wall.


Don’t be discouraged if you see that the road to success is rough. Remember, upon attaining success, everything will be smooth.

Take life easily; don’t overlook at things. Sometimes, the mountain you are climbing is just a twinkling granule of sand.

Don’t let insecure people decline your braveness. Don’t be bothered about them because it will be a waste of your time.

Great depression may attack you, but no matter how great it is, the Lord is so much greater. Just pray! And remember, I’m here. You can always count on me.

you can’t stop the waves


[snip msg]Your journey may be comparable to a rainbow slide. It’s high and so frightening, but at the end of it is a pot of gold. So don’t be afraid! [/snip]


[snip msg]Having troubles? Feeling depressed? Don’t hesitate to call me. I’ll be coming no matter what. Remember, I’m your friend. You can always count me in. [/snip]


[snip msg]You’re not weird, you’re just special. So change that frown into a happy smile and face the world proudly. [/snip]


[snip msg]Quitting are only for losers. If you fail to reach the end, at least you tried. And it served as a lesson: you know what to do next time. [/snip]


[snip msg]Don’t let your life’s difficulties bring you down. You’re stronger and greater than them. Show them who the boss is. [/snip]


[snip msg]You’re the master of your life, they say. Apply it. Implement it. Don’t let others run your life for you. You can do it yourself. I know you can do it. [/snip]


[snip msg]When you feel that nothing goes according to what you want, don’t give up. Soon, everything will be alright. You will finally find your happiness and contentment. Just don’t give up.[/snip]

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