Let those closest to you celebrate with the wonderful celebration of your anniversary. A day worth to be remembered and shared with the people you love. Spread the great news of this momentous event through invitation thatcontains words that you have carefully chosen. Here are some samples of anniversary party invitation wording that you can use.


Collection of Anniversary Party Invitation Wording

Come and witness this once in a lifetime event.
We are inviting you come as we celebrate the day of our union.

We have reached this far.
So to celebrate this day, we want to invite you.
Come here with us as we celebrate our Anniversary.

Time flies so fast and now we are counting 1.
It is our Anniversary so come and party with us!

Your support means so much to us!
Please share this day with us.
Our Anniversary will be celebrated with the people we love.

A celebration of love for two people in love.
We are 1 year now and wishing to count more years.
Celebrate with us!

You are important to us and we want to celebrate our Anniversary with you.

On behalf of our family, we greatly wish to invite you to join us in the celebration of our love that reached this far.

Gold will surround us as the couples dance their way on their 50th wedding anniversary. Be part of this grand event!

We are a year old now and excited to celebrate.
We will be happier if you will make it to join our happiness.

Since you’ve played an important part in our union,
We are warmly inviting you to celebrate our nth anniversary.
Your presence is a must.


Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording


Celebrate your wedding anniversary with your closed friends and relatives. Invite them with words especially picked to entice your guests to come over. Here are some samples of anniversary wedding invitation wording that you can use and share.

Collection of Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording

Can you believe we are 10 years now?
We will reminisce and make new memories to cherish.
Share this day with us!

Our heart will be joyful if you will be here to attend our Anniversary Party.
We want to share this special day with you!

25 years of marriage is an achievement. It will be our pleasure if you will come and join us as we renew our vows on this occasion of our Anniversary.

Marriage is like a flower that blooms beautifully when loved and cared for.
We prepared a dinner and you are invited.

It has been a decade now and yet we seem to be newlyweds still. Love never fades. So, we want to let you know that you are invite to witness a celebration of love as we open the 10th year of our lives together!

Your presence is required in the 25th year of our union.
Please come and be a witness as we reminisce the cherishing moments.

Growing old is easy when you are blessed with true love.
Share this special moment with us as we mark as our 15th Anniversary!

Cocktails, dancing and dinner await you.
Come and share with us beautiful golden years of our married life.

We are delighted to announce that
“We’ve come this far”
Celebrate with us.

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