Even in your later years, you can still have a nice birthday party. Here are some 80th birthday invitation wording ideas to make sure your friends and family turn up. These samples of birthday party invitation wording are a good choice for those who want funny birthday invitations and humorous wordings for it.

Collection of 70th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

I invite you to join me on my 70th birthday. To share the love in my heart and a nice slice of cake.

You only grow old when you stop laughing. Come to my birthday party, so we can make sure it doesn’t happen to any of us!

Let my birthday cake’s candle lights bring you safely to me, To share the many delights Of my birthday party!

I’m inviting you to spend a few hours with me. We’ll have lots of birthday cake, Maybe even some milk shake, and drive our parents crazy!

I’m looking for adventurers to take part in a birthday expedition. We’ll be looking for treasure, might even find some cake. Bring fun and laughter. A present is appreciated, but not mandatory.

The king needs some brave birthday knights to go rescue a princess. We’ll give you swords and horses, just come prepared to have lots of birthday fun.

A special someone wants you here for his birthday. We got cake and drinks. The only thing missing is you!

We will be celebrating grandma’s/grandpa’s 70th birthday. She/he wants us to be together. So please come and be part of the celebration.

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