Someone is gonna celebrate his/her birthday soon. You have decided to throw a birthday party for the celebrant. You have all the stuff ready: birthday party favors, the food, the birthday gifts and all. But wait, there’s one thing left to be done. You have to invite your friends and family to join the fun. How can you do that? Of course, by sending birthday party invitations.

Birthday Invitations are one of the significant parts of a birthday party. There are some factors to consider when sending out invitations. First, you have to decide for its theme. The theme should be the same as the party’s theme. For example, if it’s a kids birthday party, make sure that you give your invitation of a feel of something your kids like. If you’re throwing a fairytale-themed party, then a princess birthday invitation would be great.

Take a look at these samples of birthday party invitation templates that I’ve gathered for you to get some ideas from:

Birthday Party Invitations


It’s not surprising that most parents would like the best for their kids and would like to throw the best birthday party for them. For most kids, especiallyy girls, they want a fairytale like party. Hence, my first example of birthday party invitation is about a princess with castle in the background. Lovely colors, isn’t it?

You can make it even more fun with cute birthday invitation wording for them. I’ll give you some examples:

We have lots of food and drinks,
And a very large cake.
Games and ice creams too,
So let’s celebrate!

I’m throwing a party for my birthday.
You’re invited to come play with us,
and share the birthday cake.

Big cake, lots of balloons.
Yummy treats and sweet candies.
Want some? Then, you better come.
It’s (name and birthday of the celebrant) birthday!

Image: Impressiveinvitations

Kids Birthday Invitations


Here’s another good sample of birthday invitation for kid’s party. I used to love winnieh the pooh so I choose this template from Etsy. I love the wording too. You may replace them with these:

Announcement: Our baby’s turning seven.
Please come and join us to celebrate her birthday.
This will surely be a lot of fun!

My mommy prepares some treats.
My daddy sets up the place.
There is one more thing that’s left.
That’s for friends and family to come and celebrate.
Party with me as I celebrate my (age) birthday!

Image: Etsy

1st Birthday Invitations


Ohhhh, he’s turning ONE! It’s really time to throw a party! Still can’t decide what theme to use? Choose safer color which is blue and cream. Adding his picture in the invitation would be great too. Some kiddie wording will complete it. Something like this:

We will be preparing a large cake.
Too bad my baby’s tummy is too little to eat them all.
So kindly help her and have some slices.
Please come at (date).
It’s my baby’s (age) birthday!

Image: Soprettyinvitations


And your girl’s turning one too! She’s so cute. Flaunt it and let the world see it by using her photo in the invitation. And since it’s a girl, the safer color to use is pink. You will never go wrong for pink if you have a 1-year-old girl celebrant. Some cute wording to accompany the card would be good.

Mark your calendar as the cutest girl on town
Will be celebrating her (age) birthday.
Friends are all invited.
That’s including YOU.
So please come and join us.

Image: Invitedesigns

2nd Birthday Invitations


Your baby’s turning two? Just like what I suggested in the first birthday invitation, you can choose  theme depending on your baby’s preference. But in above sample from cakechooser, a photo of the celebrant made the invitation looks cuter. It’s simple but cute. not to mention the wording on it. You may replace it with these invitation wording samples:

We are cordially inviting you to our baby’s (age) birthday.
Don’t forget and mark your calendar.
Gifts are welcome but optional.

There will be a lot of food and sweets.
That’s to treat my little sweet.
She’s turning (age) that’s why we will celebrate.
So prepare you outfit and mark the date.

Image: Cakechooser

7th Birthday Invitations


Seventh birthday is another important milestone in one’s life. Celebration is indeed called for for a child who turns in this age. Invitation designs can still be cute, minus the extra cuteness. What I mean is, he/she may start to prefer simpler but still cute designs. And a nice wording for it will complete the invitation:

Let’s get the party started!
Join me for my birthday!

If I promise food, games and lots of fun,
will you come to my birthday party?

You’ve just received a Golden Ticket for my party.
Join me on a tour of the birthday cake and party food factory.
There’ll be plenty of things to eat and drink, and we’ll have loads of fun.
I’m very excited to have you here!


16th Birthday Invitations


Next stop: Sweet 16 Avenue. Oh, I mean another important birthday to celebrate is the 16th birthday. I even remember a line of a birthday song… La la la la la la la, happy birthday sweet sixteen. This is indeed sweet. I remember I celebrated this day with so much fun! And since turning 16 is fun, express it on your invitation. Many people may opt invitations with photo, but I think that neon invitation sample from Etsy would be great.

And some 16th birthday invitation wordings too….

Put on your tie and slip on your dress.
It’s (whoever’s party it is) birthday and we should dress to impress.

The chef is ready to grill and the drinks are ready to be chilled.
All we need is you to get this party started.

The daiquiris are frozen and the theme is set.
We are having a Luau that you’ll never forget.

Image: Etsy

18th Birthday Invitations


Image: Zazzle


Image: Kootation

21st Birthday Invitations


Image: Etsy

21st birthday-party-invitations

Image: Damselindesign

30th Birthday Invitations


Image: Zazzle

40th Birthday Invitations


Image: Orangedik


Image: Gregmaleticwork

50th Birthday Invitations


Image: Zazzle

60th Birthday Invitations


Image: Etsy

70th Birthday Invitations


Image: Flickriver

80th Birthday Invitations


Image: JPcreativedesign

90th Birthday Invitations


Image: Ohsobeautifulpaper

Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations


Image: Etsy

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations


Image: Etsy

Surprise Birthday Invitations


Planning to surprise someone on his/her birthday and you need some accomplices? Invite them to join (and to help) as you guys rock the celebrant’s world on his/her big day!

Image: Aliciadelightfuldesigns


And more shhhhh. Surprise birthday party invitations doesn’t have to be too colorful. A simple black and white, or three-toned invitations would be fine. Just make sure that the important details such as dates, venue and RSVP would be written well on the invitation. Some wordings would be nice too:

The Champagne is poured and the tables are set,
Let give a surprise birthday party (birthday person) will never forget!

You are invited to join a birthday full of surprises
that will give old man like you a heart attack!
Don’t miss it!

Image: Cardsdirect

Elmo Birthday Invitations


Image: Etsy

Princess Birthday Invitations


When I was a kid and was asked what I wanted to be like on my birthday, my answer was: Princess. So I thought most girls would want to be a princess on their birthdays. And this is one of the most popular option for birthday cards and birthday party themes for kids. Here are some birthday party invitation wordings you may use:

Princess (name of the celebrant) will soon celebrate her (age) birthday.
Have a chance to dance and play with the princess on (date of the party).

The kingdom is about to celebrate the princess’s (age) birthday.
Join the celebration and be part of the fun!

It’s (name of the celebrant)’s big day!
Let’s treat her with a full blown party.
Come and join the fun!

Image: Bearriverphotogreetings

Sesame Street Birthday Invitations


Image: Shopchesaid.storenvy

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