Halloween is just around the corner. Instead of hiding and feeling afraid, go out and join the fun of Halloween parties around. Wear your scariest attire while you dance and dine until you drop! Here are some samples of Halloween invitation wording that you can use to scare and invite your guests. Just copy these wording for Halloween party invitation and don’t forget to include the details of the Halloween party. Enjoy!


Collection of Halloween Party Invitation Wording


Join the Horror Party set at 12 midnight in the nearest cemetery.
Just be sure you have a healthy heart because we prepared the scariest stuffs for us to enjoy.



Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Adams Family will attend.
So what are you waiting?
Get dressed and be prepared because we will celebrate Halloween!



We will not frighten you, nor scare you to death. But the Halloween Party we prepared will definitely lose your voice screaming all night with the good stuffs we prepared. So come and be sure not to miss this thing!



“Boo!” It is Halloween and we invite you to party with us!
Dress like a ghost to frighten the hosts!



Be in our Halloween Party in your healthiest condition.
We do not want to disappoint the vampires and the wolves that will attend.
See you!



Before you attend our Halloween Party,
we require that you bring with you a certificate from your doctor
that says you are in your excellent condition.
You might get a heart attack along the way!
This is the scariest party of the year!



You will definitely not get over the Halloween Party even if it is over.
You will still be haunted with ghosts of the joyful and scary activities we created.
So come because all the ghosts will welcome you!



You are wanted to join the Halloween Party that invites folks who looks scary even without the effort. See you!

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