Anniversary – a time to reflect and reminisce the moments together. With this special occasion, of course, special present is a must. Anniversary poems are great expressions of love and language of feelings. With this special literature piece, you should be able to convey how much you love and care for your partner.

Wedding anniversary and anniversary of being boyfriends/girlfriends are some of the best highlights in one’s person. Renew the feelings and emotions you two once felt during those moments. With poems about anniversary, you can make it even more special.

Anniversary Poem #1

Years of Loving

All these years of kissing and caring and sharing;
Nothing ever changes, time intensifies my loving.
At the middle of the night, you are the moonlight that is shining;
In good times and in bad times, we will always keep on holding.

All these years of affection and love and embraces;
I have seen you at your worst, see your very different faces.
We’ve gone through a lot, been in different kinds of places;
More years of loving for us, let us tighten more the laces.

Anniversary Poem #2

Still Together

The rain pours longer and the wind blow harder;
But we are still together— they just only bring us farther.
Things are still the same— aside from we are much stronger;
We can stand tall and firm, no matter how harmful the disaster.

The sun shines hotter and the land gets drier;
But we are still together— they just only keep us warmer.
The world may bring us peril— I will always keep you safer;
If the storm breaks us apart, promise I will leave you never.

Anniversary Poem #3

We Sing In Harmony

We sing the notes on keys, we sing in harmony;
We sing in lovely tunes, we are really destiny.
We sing for all these years, we sing the melody;
More years of singing for us, until we reach eternity.

We sing with love in our hearts, we sing in harmony;
We sing the same old songs, but we are still in melody.
We sing for all these years, this is up to infinity;
More years of singing for us, to hear you sing is just so lovely.

Anniversary Poem #4

The Silver Cheer

Looking back he remembers it all,
That first night he amiably recalls;
With all the stars hanging in the sky,
As she passes before his very eyes.

Then she replied his stares with an exquisite smile,
They were strangers no more on that starry night;
Funny how time swiftly flew by,
She vowed for eternity looking at his eyes.

Seasons come and seasons change,
God wrote their love story page by page;
They shared a home built with trust and love,
Edified by their faith in God above.

Fruitful years of sharing laughter and tears,
Are worth the shout of a sweet good cheer!;
Yesterday seems like they were eighteen,
Hurray! For a quarter of century and still counting…

Anniversary Poem #5

On this Day

Golden years of felicity together,
Could never sum up those memoirs of love;
Shared under an oath of a sweet surrender,
An unbreakable vow is what you surely have.

Decades of trust between two dedicated hearts,
Once again rekindle their flaming commitments;
It was never that easy right from the start,
But you stood victorious over those predicaments.

On this day your banner of love flies high in the air,
A solid foundation of love and faith will never fail;
That the whole world may be made aware,
That true love doesn’t just exist in fairy tales.

Anniversary Poem #6

Celebrating Our Love

I’m grateful for sharing your life with me,
You are the only beauty that I see;
I’ll take time to cherish you day by day,
Rejoicing with your love in such a special way.

It has been a tough ride I surely know,
But you’ve stood with me to fight against the foes;
Counting sweet victories from one to three,
Together we danced as lovers in life’s melody.

Tell me how could I possibly forget?
That day you said yes without a trace of regret;
This first year of memories that we have shed,
Is worth painting the whole town red.

I’ll count the days when you are in my arms,
I’ll relish the years of our love to come;
From decade to decades we’ll bind our hearts,
To celebrate a love that death can’t even part.

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