Losing the one we love can be a painful moment for anyone. With these funeral poems, you will be able to express your feelings and emotions. This collection of sad funeral poems include funeral poem for mom, funeral poem for dad and funeral poems for a friend. You can include this poem together with a funeral flower arrangement or write to a condolence card. You may also share these funeral poems via email, facebook and SMS.


Funeral Poem for Mother

Farewell to the Lady

[snip msg]Farewell to the Lady

If the woman that lights the home up flickered and burnt out;
We will be all lost in the dark and fall without a doubt.
We will willow in the mud and we will struggle to crawl;
Troubles will seem to be giants, even if they are small.

Farewell to the lady who had been there through thick and thin;
Wipe all the dirt upon stumbling, until we’re shiny, bright and clean.
Who smiles at all the laughter we made when we succeed;
God, take care of her, to you we hardly plead.

~ 365greetings [/snip]

Funeral Poem for Friend

Goodbye My Friend

[snip msg]Goodbye, My Friend

We’ve done a lot of things that we’ll never regret;
The good ones or the bad ones, moments I’ll never forget.
It’s hard for me to cheer up, because I am feeling blue;
By accepting the fact that, my life’s never the same without you.

You’ve been here with me, through my ups and my downs;
You’ll be willing to walk on by the outskirts of all towns.
Just to help me get through, my problems all along.
Now that you are already gone, I guess I have to be strong.

~ 365greetings [/snip]

Funeral Poem for Dad

Bye, Daddy Dear

[snip msg]Bye, Daddy Dear

The man that enlivens my soul when I’m feeling down;
Has already left me, It feels like I will drown.
I will miss the love that you made me feel, it’s true;
I don’t know how can I move on, and live my life without you.

I hope you’ll still be there to fight my losing battle;
And you’ll help me fight the current of the river while we paddle.
But you are now in heaven, I have to stand and not to bother;
And have to face the music that you are gone my dearest father.

~ 365greetings

Funeral Poems #4: Remember Me

As I leave this worldly place
And a new beginning I face
Please do remember me
For what I am and what I will be.

In death, I fear that I will be lost
If only I can live again at whatever cost
Please do remember me
This is my last and everlasting plea.

Funeral Poems #5: Death

He was here in this room
Waiting for that moment of doom
Ready to take my life away
Death has come this day.

He was the usual dark soul
In the dark place ready to growl
Awaiting for your last hour
The time you lose yourself and pow’r.

Funeral Poems #6: New Haven

Alas, the time has come
For me to leave and become
A walking spirit on this earth
Death is welcome more than birth.

Death is my new haven
There’s no beginning, nor dead end
No pain nor sorrow nor anything else
No life nor soul nor anyone that dwells.

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